Lyoto Machida Considers Move to the 170-Pound Division (Video)

July 2, 2014
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Former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida spoke with the media on Wednesday about his upcoming middleweight title fight against champion Chris Weidman and mentioned the possibility of fighting in the 170-pound division in the future.

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  • fsunoles10

    that would be nuts to see but considering he weighed in at like 190 something his last fight at 205 and a lot of ww walk around 190 or so i dont think it would be that far of a stretch. would be sorta weird to see the former 205 champ fighting at ww.

    • Ryan Marvell

      the former welterweight champ is fighting at 145 on sunday too… kind of weird

      • Supaman

        yeah, i’m starting to think this is just BJ’s plan to get 3rd title in 3rd weightclass

        • Ian Price

          He can do it. He just has to be really diligent with his diet, so he doesn’t have to cut a ton of weight during fight week

          • deepgrim

            bj may be left behind in mma, he always had the technique but was lazy at the gym, now i think most of the fighters have caught up in technique and train harder. that being said 145 isnt that strong at the minute so a win over frankie and another top 5 could get him a title shot.

      • Maddawgmar

        That’s a difference of only 25 lbs though. Machida is talking about a 35 lb difference which is more impressive. But I hate this let me conquer a division then go conquer a lower weight division. I think his natural weight class is 185, no need to fight smaller people.

        • asd

          There’s not much difference. From 205 down to 170 it’s a 17% weight drop. From 170 to 145 it’s a 15% weight drop.

    • robc

      Joe Riggs…. Fought at close to 250 pounds as a heavyweight. Currently fighting as a welterweight. Penn fought Machida at LHW and now is fighting at 145. Rumble Johnson fought at heavyweight against Arlovski recently (although it looks like he is staying at 205) and fought at WW for many years. Plenty of guys start heavy and gradually move down if they can.


    It would be amazing to see machida win a belt in 3 weight classes.

  • geronimo

    He already looks starved why move to welterweight?

  • Solomon King

    Woow! It would be a very spectacular move, considering that he eventually fought in the HW. Fighting in 4 weight classes and possibly winning 3 titles, that would be just crazy!

  • lowlb

    Machida didn’t ask me but I’d rather see him get a belt and hold it for while. Wrestling is his only weakness. We’ll see if his skills have improved this weekend.
    Is he just looking for an easier devision?

    • Bucket of Chicken

      How can we take your analysis seriously when you cannot even spell ‘division’ properly?

      • lowlb

        I’m just an ideas guy and I don’t take this stuff too seriously.

        • Bucket of Chicken

          I’m still devided….

          • lowlb

            Seriously though, solid constructive criticism, spelling is important

    • daddyghi

      sory mate, machida front kicked and knocked off a wrestlers teeth before… he even round-housed a wrestler on the way to winning his first middle weight fight.. how can you say that his weakness is wrestling?

      • deepgrim

        i think what he means is his wrestling skills arent top level, he has beat good wrestlers with striking, but when jon was grappling with machida he stuggled big time. but in fairness that is a rare example, he has good takedown defense and excellant balance. i always felt he was a small LHW and that middleweight was the right division for him but his friend anderson was ruling that division so he never made the move down. His wrestling may better against fighters with a similar frame to him

      • Sean Ross Sapp

        Because he’s been taken down by 11 fighters.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    I think Weidman will be fighting the best Machida we have seen. He looked really good in his last fight.

  • daddyghi

    Joe Rogan: ooowww!! he front kicked him! it is all over!!