Lyoto Machida Confirmed to Get Next Title Shot

February 24, 2013
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Lyoto Machida UFC 157 Pre 6-478x270Lyoto Machida defeated Dan Henderson at UFC 157: Rousey vs. Carmouche on Saturday, earning a title shot against the winner of Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen.

Prior to the bout, UFC president Dana White announced that the winner would be the number one contender, but the fight wasn’t exactly in the running for Fight of the Night honors.  Plus, Alexander Gustafsson is matched up against former Strikeforce champion Gegard Mousasi on April 6.  With a win, Gustafsson wouldn’t be a hard sell as the next challenger for the light heavyweight belt.

White, however, confirmed his earlier stance during the UFC 157 post-fight press conference that Machida will indeed get the next title shot.

“He just beat the number one contender, which would make him the number one contender,” said White.

“Dan Henderson is one of the toughest guys in the sport.  You don’t knock Dan Henderson out.  Lyoto took some big shots from Dan.  Dan took some big shots from Lyoto.  It wasn’t a barnburner.  It wasn’t the most exciting fight you’ve ever seen.  You won’t be writing stories about this fight until the end of time, but Lyoto won the fight.  He beat the number one contender. He beat Dan Henderson.”

Leading up to the bout with Henderson, Machida expressed an interest in dropping down to the middleweight division.  Those plans are now put on hold.

“With this opportunity, I want to stay at 205.  I want to fight for the belt,” said Machida.

Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen will determine whom Machida faces next at UFC 159 on April 27 at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., when the two clash in the main event with the light heavyweight title on the line.

“I have to see the match-up between Cheal Sonnen and Jon Jones,” added Machida. “And then we’ll see what happens.”

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  • kyle

    That decision was such a joke, Machida running the whole time and throwing a kick once in a while. The UFC will start loosing fans if they keep rewarding this behavior I am disgusted by that decision.

    • Joe Swanson

      I don’t care if they lose fans. If you watch Lyoto fight and you come away with the impression he is running away and not being elusive then you fall in line with mainstream fans that boo all the time and I would rather you go away anyways.

      • kyle

        Yah and I am sure the ufc would agree with you smart guy they want people watching to go away. I will quit paying 50 dollar ppv to watch somebody fight not to lose or be “elusive”. This type of fighting has been going on way to much last few years with alot of fighter’s and is getting old. Not a fan a machida for sure or anybody else who does it.

    • Winning a fight isn’t as easy as finishing somebody or dominating every aspect. Hendo is dangerous everywhere the fight goes. You may not like the fight b/c you wanted to see Machida stand in front of Hendo but that wouldn’t have won him the fight. Winning this fight was about taking the least damage as possible landing some clean shots and making out the way. Who would you like to see Machida face to make up for this fight? Mousasi/Gustaf I’m guessing? Or Glover Tex?

      • marcus miles

        I think it would be fair to see Machida fight the winner of Mousasi/Gustaf. If Machida would have without a doubt beat Hendo in a dominating fashion, i would say hands down give Lyoto the shot. But since it was a lack luster on both fighters part, and if the winner of Mousasi/Gustaf does win in a way that brings a lot of hype to their name, it would make more sense to have Lyoto fight one of them in my opinion.

        • It would surely make a clear contender for the title. I’d like to see him take on Glover Tex. Gustaf for sure deserves a shot if he wins against Mousasi.

        • Mark McDowall

          I agree. I think that alot of people would rather see that fight than Jones/Machida 2. Especially after what happened with this fight.

          I would even rather see the winner of Mousasi/Gustaf get the #1 spot if it ends in spectacular fashion.

    • kbroesq

      It really bothers me when people talk like this. Machida is actually very entertaining and aggressive. He’s had some of the most spectacular KO’s in the UFC. Machida landed a decent amount of shots on Henderson, and Henderson missed Machida every time.

      They’re in a cage – Henderson could have went and got Machida like Jones and Shogun did, but he decided not to. He didn’t rush Machida, because he knew he would get KO’d. Why aren’t you mad at Henderson? Because you got the impression from Henderson that he was pressing the action? I can assure you, Henderson could have done more and didn’t. I love how Machida’s opponent gets to leave the fight with this halo around his head like he did everything possible to win, but Machida just kept running away. Give me a break. As far as I’m concerned, Henderson was afraid of Machida.

    • Mark McDowall

      I agree it was a terrible fight. But you have to ask yourself this…did Hendo do enough to win? According to the stats he didn’t.

      Also remember the UFC isn’t deciding the fights, thats in the judges hands.

  • What about the Mousasi/Gustafson winner?

    • The winner of that could be a backup in case anything happens to Machida. Then we have Glover Tex moving up in the rankings as another possible challenger. I guess they figure Machida has been around for a while and is a former champion so winning this fight they’ll give it to him b/c if he losses it’s a long way back into contention for him.

  • Collideoverme

    While I think Gustafson is very close, I think he’s still a fight or two away. When I see or hear about Mousasi, I think of the guy who fought to a draw with Jardine. He’s very hit or miss when it comes to a good fight and I have never been a fan.
    I also thought Dan Henderson won that fight last night, albeit barely. What happened to the guy that beat Fedor. No aggression at all from him.

  • Supaman

    this is mixed MARTIAL ARTS, not backyard brawls.

    Unbelievable how underappreciated Machida is by people claiming to be fans. They’d rather see Tank Abbott in there.

    • shakejunt

      fight was boring, to be fair

  • GoNoles

    hopefully they give henderson a winnable fight and get em that title shot as soon as they can, he deserved a title shot and to see him lose that chance off of that fight just doesnt seem right. i know he lost but literally the only reason was because machida is faster than henderson. i dont disagree with the decision but that fight was such a joke it shouldnt hurt henderson when it comes to being in the hunt for a title shot.

  • machida wasn’t impressive at all, but hernderson did the same as him, both guys are extremely dangerous, the win is more important than the show & that’s what both guys worked for & machida won that’s it