Lyoto Machida Believes Jon Jones has a Weak Point, the Key is Finding It

August 5, 2012
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Lyoto MachidaFollowing a knockout win over Ryan Bader at UFC on Fox 4, Lyoto Machida was granted the next shot at the UFC light heavyweight title.

The former champion last fought for the belt in December 2011 when he was choked out by current titleholder Jon Jones at UFC 140 in Toronto.

Win, lose or draw on Saturday night, however, there was some question if Machida would even stick around the weight class long enough to compete for the belt at 205 pounds. When Machida hit the scales during Friday’s weigh-ins, he came in at only 201 pounds, well below the light heavyweight cut off.

While he did say after making weight that he may one day consider a move to middleweight, Machida assured everyone that his goal right now is to once again become the UFC light heavyweight champion of the world.

That doesn’t mean, however, that the door to middleweight it closed.

“I want this opportunity to fight at 205, but in the future who knows, maybe I can drop my weight to 185,” said Machida when speaking to Fuel TV.

While Machida has been handed the keys to the kingdom when it comes to the next shot at the 205-pound strap, the question of who he will fight remains open until after UFC 151.

At that card on Sept. 1 in Las Vegas, current champion Jon “Bones” Jones will defend his belt against former Pride and Strikeforce champion Dan Henderson. Jones enters the fight as a sizable favorite for obvious reasons.

Jones won the title and has since defended it successfully on three occasions, including his submission victory over Machida.

Machida holds no ill will towards Jones because of the loss, but of course he’d love the chance to do it over again, hopefully this time with better results.

There’s no guarantee at this point that he’ll even face Jones, but if that fight does come to pass, has Machida already started to strategize what he could do in a rematch to walk away victorious this time?

“It’s very, very hard to say because Jon is a very elusive fighter, very unpredictable fighter; you can’t predict what he’s (going to do). I think I’d keep the same training, try to keep my distance and my timing, maybe have to train a little more wrestling to avoid his techniques from wrestling,” said Machida.

“Of course he has a weak point, but because Jon is a very elusive fighter, all the time he changes his style, sometimes he kicks, sometimes he punches, he’s very good with wrestling, but maybe I have to train more wrestling to avoid his takedown.”

Now it’s just a waiting game because Machida will first need to watch the upcoming UFC 151 fight card in Las Vegas to find out who he will challenge for the belt. Then he can start to game plan and put together a training camp to hopefully once again capture the UFC light heavyweight belt.

  • bajafox

    If that H bomb lands he’s gonna have to figure out how to beat Hendo. Hendo’s chin is a fortress compared to Baders.

    • sc_0040a37d091ddc263016fff5f3e21207

      Bader was over-matched from the get go. He’s not a top LHW by a long shot.

    • Cptmats

      Bahaha what are you brand new ? H bomb lol ! Henderson may be the most over rated fighter in history. Good fighter sure, but has many losses to sub par opponents. Hell Shields took several of the so called “h bombs” and went on to out wrestle the Olympic wrestler. and if for some reason Hendo did by some miracle get past bones (which i would love to see but doubt i will) Machida will make Hendo look like an Amateur !

      • youdosuck

        8 losses including both Nogs, Both Wanderlei Silva and Anderson Silva, and Rampage. yeah sub par at best. Machida should have to fight Shogun again but he is way too scared.

        • gnodeb

          I think we all saw who turned fights down and who is asking for fights. I’m not saying that Shogun is scared, just a bit lazy to get prepared for real fight.

        • Lesnardo

          About a year ago I would agree with you. Hendo has looked impressive as of late. Back in the Pride days he didn’t really develop that right hand of his.

          I agree that Hendo has subpar overall records. But he has beaten some good guys as of late in an impressive fashion.

          • MaritalArtist

            The shields loss is easily explainable. 1. Shields is that good, 2. Shields has an iron chin, 3. Hendo didn’t cut weight too well and/or MW is too light for him, and 4. He underestimated shields. 5. Crazier things have happened in the UFC. Fitch is “boring” to some too, but he sure has won a lot of fights. I wouldn’t wanna meet him in an alley, that’s for sure.

            Hendo should be fighting jones, absolutely.

  • rafaelpnto


  • atmosphere

    Jon’s weak point: phone poles

  • Wow did somebody say Dan Henderson is the most over rated fighter ever? Are you kidding me. Man, this sport has to many uneducated “fans”. Henderson has accomplished so much as an athlete and pro fighter. He’s only been submitted by three guys ever. I would love to see Henderson VS Machida for the title.

    • RubeKegal

      CPTMats, saying dumb sh*t since 2003. Hendo could possibly be most accomplished MMA fighter ever.

      • MaritalArtist

        If he wins, hendo should defend the belt once, then move down for a rematch with Anderson.

    • gnodeb

      Hendo is one of a kind for sure. Legend and HOF. But it looks like he got this title shot as a part of retirement program. He was UFC agent in SF on a secret mission. He let Shields win on purpose then he got LHW title and KO Fedor at HW, just to go back to the UFC. I can imagine UFC owes him for that… big time…
      Nobody expect him to win against JJ, but we know he will put a fight…

      • MaritalArtist

        I expect him to win against jones. How many Olympic wrestlers has jones faced? He ko’ed fedor, and it’s not like fedor was 45 at the time. Plus, only 1 fighter in the UFC has a type of nuke named after him!!

    • dgs

      I agree, saying Henderson is over rated is one of the most assine things I have ever read on an MMA message board. I generally never like to start name calling on the Internet, but only an idiot or someone who just started watching the sport would make such a ridiculous statement.

  • I hope hendo wins

  • mark-31

    Machida is going to get wrecked again if he fights Jones. He got lucky Bader is an idiot an ran right into his punch. Hahaahaha!