Lyoto Machida Banking that Technique Beats Athleticism Against Jon Jones

October 14, 2011
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Lyoto Machida

Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida was a bit surprised when he got the call to headline UFC 140 in a title bout against Jon Jones, but feels his technique can overcome the champion’s athleticism.

“It really caught me by surprise, but I’m a guy that believes that everything happens for a reason,” Machida said about getting the title shot at a press conference promoting the UFC 140 event in Toronto on Wednesday.

Machida was offered to step in on short notice for the injured Phil Davis at UFC 133 on Aug. 6 in a rematch with Rashad Evans. He didn’t accept the match and UFC president Dana White said it was because Machida “wanted Anderson Silva money” to take the bout.

Some felt Machida’s negotiating may have left him on the outs with the UFC brass, but getting offered to fight for the title at UFC 140 put that speculation to rest.

“This is a business,” said the former light heavyweight titleholder. “I don’t feel at all that the UFC had anything against me about anything that happened and I knew my time would come.”

Jones has skyrocketed through the 205-pound division, leaving bloodied bodies in his wake to the title. Some of the names on his hit list include: Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Ryan Bader, Brandon Vera, and Vladimir Matyushenko, just to name a few.

Machida was asked what advantages he might have against Jones.

“It’s hard to say,” said Machida. “Maybe my experience will speak louder in this fight, but I’m not sure.”

Stylistically the match up is intriguing. Jones has youth, athleticism, takedowns, and a big reach advantage, but Machida is difficult to take down, difficult to hit, and is a precision striker with an incredible ratio of strikes landed versus strikes thrown inside the Octagon.

“I guarantee that on Dec. 10 I’ll be very well prepared, and I can overcome his athleticism with my technique,” stated Machida.

He will be the third former champion Jones will face in a row, and the fight with be the fourth time he’s competed in 2011.

UFC 140 takes places place that the Air Canada Center in Toronto on Dec. 10.

  • gm256

    What technique?

    Jones has the same technique Machida has.
    Machidas technique didnt work against Rua on both fights and on the second one he lost.

    Anyone who believes machida claim on technique is stupid. Technique only applies with one specific form. We are talking MMA and put together with athleticism, you get an ass whippin like what Rua received…

    • locobro

      You have to be more than strong. If he used a lot more leg kicks to level the feild. Jones has nine month MMA Rua has Blacks in several styles.

    • lonniebatt

      I totally agree Machida will not be able to handle Jones’length just like everyone else that he has fought and I believe that jone will be able to get him down and beat Machida UP on the ground….No way machida wins this fight

  • BigGuy

    I’d like to know what happens to Machida when he loses to Jones. He will essentially be irrelevant at that point.

  • thegreat

    as i watched jones fights he is not as unstoppable as people make him out to be. machida will also be training with silva for this fight. and i myself think he will be champ again when that night is over.

    • BigGuy

      I don’t believe anyone is unbeatable in MMA. But I don’t think Machida will be the one to beat Jones. I also don’t think Retard Evans will be the one either.

      • wonggfan

        Agree. Jones has just changed the makeup of the division. It’s going to be his kingdom for the next few years.

        If Jones weren’t in the LHW division, I could see Machida vs Rua III in the near future for the undisputed championship. But with Jones in the picture, I don’t see any LHW fighter shining.

        I guess once Jones beats Retard Evans and Lyoto he will go up to HW??? I hope he does. I see so many more interesting matches for him in HW.

  • DarkRenaissance

    This fight could seriously go either way…
    Lyoto is my favorite mma fighter though, in all his karateka glory and could pull this off if his evasiveness is up to par.
    Having said that, If Bones defeats him then he will go unbeaten for a WHILE…

    • locobro

      He has to change his attack and take out Jones legs with lots and lots of leg kicks then fight,

  • bajafox

    I’m curious to see what Steven Segal has in store for Jones, haha

  • lonniebatt

    Personally I do not think Lyoto has a chance Jones length is just too much for anyone in this division I think the only way Jones gets beat is by a fighter who is just so strong that he is able to get inside and ruff him up and get him down and overpower him and there is nobody that I have seen that has this ability……

  • Mario

    Jones vs. Machida is a VERY interesting fight. I feel people are forgetting who Lyoto is.

    Jones may be the guy with all the hype, but Machida is certainly no rusty Shogun, or a timid Rampage Jackson.

    With all of that said: I see Jones taking it via a TKO or maybe even a KO. He has the reach, and he has a finishers instinct. Ever since he smashed Hamill, he hasn’t looked bad in a fight. The guy is champion, let’s see where he truly stands.

    If he can defeat Machida – then wow!

    But you better believe Steven Seagal will have something to say about that. Especially after the way Jones dissed and rejected his offer 😉

    This one is going to be great!

    • wonggfan

      No one is forgetting the Machida Era. Seriously, I thought Rua and Lyoto will run the division. But we have to be realistic. Jones has been NOT JUST BEATING but CLOWING people in the LHW division.

      Jones simply belongs in HW. I see Jones vs Cain/JDS/Brock/Overeem as being way more interesting fights than Jones vs any of the LHW midgets.

  • sirreadsalot10

    I think this is going to be a more competitive fight than people think. Style wise it is a very interesting match up. Shogun and Rampage are in your face fighters. They met Jones head on and were unable to overcome Jones’s athleticism. Machida is a more allusive and a great counter striker. Jones has not faced anyone like him yet. Having said that, I still think that Jone’s youth and freaky athleticism will carry the day. I won’t be surprised though if Machida pulls off the upset. On a side note, I believe Machida won the fight against Rampage.

    • wonggfan

      Yes Machida beat Rampage and Rashad. He should be ranked #3.

      But Jones is on a different level. And it’s not all UFC hype. This is not Rua vs Lyoto I, where UFC fanboys who have never watched Pride thought Lyoto would destroy Shogun.

  • All these MMA champs haven’t had the ultimate test – Chuck Norris. After all, we all know that when Chuck visited the Virgin Islands their name got changed to the Islands…