Luke Rockhold Was on ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ and Says They Tried to Make Him Look Bad

January 27, 2015
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Reality TV is a giant waste of time. It’s mostly filled with people who aren’t the greatest actors and are sold to the viewing public as real-life people who face dramatic situations. But don’t get it twisted, it’s mostly scripted and the drama is largely made up, and watching it at great lengths probably rots your brain to the point of having a -50 IQ so for [expletive] sake stop watching it.

That being said, we’ll make a small exception for an episode of *takes deep breath* “Millionaire Matchmaker” *exhales in pain* because UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold was on the show. Yeah, really.

Luke said on the show that he hasn’t had a serious girlfriend for about nine years, and that prompts the annoying hostess to say things like, “That is such bullsh*t. You’re gonna tell me for nine years all you’ve done is work and jack off.” What the F-word, lady?

We couldn’t get beyond the first eight-and-a-half minutes of this crap before we just decided to put it on the blog for you to decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth stomaching the entire episode.

Oh, and also, Luke didn’t seem too happy with the show. In an Instagram post from Sunday night, he said, “Millionaire Matchmaker tried to make me look bad but my girls know who I really am. #FamilyNight with little Delilah.”

See? Reality TV tried to make a UFC fighter look bad. More reason not watch that crap. See the episode below … or don’t.

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  • Eqinsuocha

    LMAO had to watch the video on youtube (diff link) to see this. That loudmouth chick in charge of everything was dogging him the whole time then when he showed her a triangle choke she commented that her face was on his package and he smelled good. Then at the end she claims the chick he went on a date with got asked if she spit or swallowed. Should have sent Dana to “Loretta Hunt” that bitch

  • SixToedPete

    I watched this tripe. One thing that seemed pretty obvious was that Luke Rockhold acted immature on his date. I cringed when he asked his lovely date if she spit or swallowed. He’s a good MMA fighter but as a man he has no class.