Luke Rockhold Wants to Welcome the UFC’s Best to Strikeforce Hexagon

January 8, 2012
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Luke Rockhold made the first successful defense of his Strikeforce middleweight title, and now he’s ready for the next challenge.

He balked at the mention of current top contender Tim Kennedy as a next opponent in his post fight speech, but said at the press conference afterwards that if that’s what Strikeforce wants he’ll take it.

Rockhold doesn’t hesitate however to welcome in challengers from the UFC to face him in Strikeforce.

“I always look for bigger and better things and if the UFC wants to bring in some top contenders, I’m more than welcome to welcome them in our hexagon,” said Rockhold.

Check out what the reigning Strikeforce middleweight champion had to say after his TKO win over Keith Jardine on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

  • The UFC would literally have to be insane to send any top 10 guys to Strikeforce.

  • bbtakayama

    I think Rockhold is ready to take down Anderson Silva.

  • Mario

    Luke Rockhold needs to concentrate on whatever they’ll be giving him in SF. These guys need to stop thinking about jumping ship, or, having UFC guys come over to them.

    At the end of the day, regardless of who you fight, in Strikeforce, unlike other smaller promotions, they can provide a quality fighter with a name at least.

    If they were making Rockhold fight guys who nobody knew, then I would understand his frustrations. But I can also see how he’d wanna test himself against the UFC talent.

    Hopefully they start signing new fighters, to create depth in these divisions. That way they don’t have to rotate the same opponents.

    If they keep doing that, it’ll feel like I’m watching Bellator 🙂

  • fitefan

    So send 11 through 20. *shrug*

    They can’t use strikeforce as a minor league, sucking up all the good talent and relegating the rest to SF.
    And if the UFC isn’t going to take SF title holders like Gil at LW, who is clearly top ten then they have to relinquish their hold on some of their fighters to come to SF and fight.
    ANd I don’t want to see SF disbanded. It’s a great showtime fight event that I don’t have to pay 50 bucks to see everytime. I’m getting tired of UFC ppv, where I don’t see all the pre lims, and main card fights on the same channel. This last card was an annoyance. 4 fights on facebook only, two fights on spike, and 5 main card fights for 50 bucks on ppv, with at most two of the previous 6 fights thrown in as fillers, and sometimes only one.

    Besides, the top ten guys get shuffled around pretty regularly. Fitch just went from 2 to 7 in one fight, and if he loses his next bout, he will be out of the top ten.

  • bigdog333187

    Seriously? He’s ready for Anderson Silva? Are we talking about the guy who fought mediocre talent until just recently, and who was out a year and a half until he was shockingly given a title shot out of the blue? So he wiped the floor with Jardine; don’t get me wrong, I like Jardine and he’s a brawler, but he hasn’t exactly beaten anyone on a big stage in, oh, over 3 years, and that was a split decision. Rockhold needs to clear out Strikeforce’s division completely before calling out outside of the organization.

  • fitefan

    Rockhold is as ready for Anderson Silva as anyone is. Which is not really.

    Let Franklin come fight Rockhold at a catch weight bout of 195. This will keep Franklin from being so grouchy cutting weight. And it will protect SF’s middle weight title. You can’t let that get all screwed up with cross fighting against guys that won’t stay in SF. It’s a step up in competition for Rockhold to continue to labor for respect against guys naturally bigger than him. Tho Franklin does make 185 easier than Jardine.

    • MikeMc1983

      Not too bad of an idea. I’m not sure that the UFC would send rich anywhere though. I think they plan on having rich as an ambassador of the UFC well after he’s done fighting. Rich has been a great company guy from what I hear, and I think he’s fight to fight on retirement. I thing him fighting under any other banner would take away from his UFC “legendness.” (sorry, I couldn’t think of a proper term. Lol)

      I might be wrong on all of that. I think rich would be a pretty big favorite vs. rockhold as well. It never seems right to me when a champion fights and it’s not for his title. I.E. catch weight.
      So I’d hate to see a guy lose and keep his belt. But that might just be me. However I think it’s a big reason why the UFC does exclusive contracts. I think they feel the same way.