Luke Rockhold Says Michael Bisping Has “Bad Taste and Needs to Pay for It”

January 16, 2014
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LukeRockhold_Prefight 499x344Once he finished Costas Philippou at UFC Fight Night 35, Luke Rockhold immediately said he wanted to get his revenge on Vitor Belfort for the knockout loss he suffered against the Brazilian.

But once he thought about it some more, Rockhold realized that there’s a better fight out there for him right now: Michael Bisping.

The former Strikeforce middleweight champion said he wants to fight one of the top guys in the UFC 185-pound division, and Bisping fits the mold.

“I’m looking at anyone in the middleweight division [to get] myself back into position,” he said at the post-fight press conference, following his fight in Duluth, Ga. “I already let it be known Bisping is out there.”

The desire to fight “The Count” stems from the British fighter’s claim to be the unofficial Strikeforce middleweight champion for allegedly knocking out Rockhold during a sparring session. Bisping made the claim on national television, and Rockhold didn’t take too kindly to it.

By winning a fight over Bisping, Rockhold would surely find himself in prime position at 185 pounds. Getting that fight signed, Rockhold said, is the next step to starting out the new year on a good note.

“A lot of people are calling him out, but Bisping went on national TV and told everybody he’s the unofficial Strikeforce champion,” Rockhold said. “He calls it a joke … but I say he’s got bad taste and he needs to pay for it.

“I’d like to get that match. He’s a top-five middleweight out there and there’s not many guys freed up right now, but I’m interested in getting in there as soon as possible and having a good 2014.”

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  • mendoza

    Rockhold and kennedy both will maul the count. Rockhold should fight silva when he returns and put the nail in silvas coffin. Belfort got lucky with that kick and rockhold was too complacent. Thats not the case now, rockhold is fully awake. Vitor the trt monsters wins are tainted by steroids and trt. Trt hides steroids in testing.

    • toom

      I would have said the exact same thing great post but they do check your testosterone count so they don’t hide steroids though I doubt Brazil checks

      • archaictext

        Dana said when they self regulate, and they do testing out of country, they test everyone. Lots of people are saying that Vitor has been so successful lately because of assumptions about the testing situation in Brazil, but no one has any sources. It’s ridiculous. That’s from Dana directly. Maybe he’s lying, anything is possible, but it’s not very probable.

    • shakejunt

      what makes you think kennedy turns it up against bisping? really no grounds for that assumption.

      • mendoza

        Kennedy stronger than a gorilla. Souza even admitted how strong kennedy is. If you watch kennedy fight, you will notice everyone trying their best to stay out of his grasp.

        • shakejunt

          tim kennedy doesn’t maul anyone, that was my point.

  • Big Tuna

    Hendo made Bisping pay already, that was nice!