Louis Gaudinot Believes Drop to Flyweight Could Put Him 2 to 3 Wins From a Title Shot

Louis Gaudinot vs Johnny Bedford at TUF 14Flyweight Louis “Goodnight” Gaudinot (7-2) is fired up and has his eyes on one day having UFC gold.

While cutting his teeth on TUF 14 at 135 pounds, the 27-year-old realized in order to compete at the highest levels, he needed to drop back down to flyweight.  At UFC on FOX 3, Gaudinot will get that chance against highly touted Brazilian John Lineker.

The Team Tiger Schulmann protégé believes that the UFC tried to feed him to the lions as Lineker rides a 13-fight winning streak, and has achieved some notoriety from being on TUF. But Gaudinot refuses to be a stepping-stone for anyone and looks to give Lineker a rude welcoming in his UFC debut.

“He’s been fighting over in Brazil at 135, and everybody was saying when he drops down to flyweight he would be in the UFC,” Gaudinot told MMAWeekly Radio.

“He’s on a 13-fight win streak, so he’s a tough opponent.  I don’t think the fans know about him, but after the first round, I think the fans are going to be excited about the fight,” continued Gaudinot.

“He’s a very tough opponent and a lot of people are picking him for the fight because of his impressive win streak and what he was able to do at 135 in Brazil.  I don’t think the casual fan knows too much about him, but I think if other people read up about him, they’ll know that he’s a very dangerous opponent.  I don’t know if the UFC is trying to establish him by beating me, who’s a known guy on TUF, but I’m nobody’s stepping stone and come Saturday everyone is going to see that.”

Gaudinot wants to tell the casual fans to study Lineker just as he has, because he’s about to end the Brazilian’s impressive run.  He believes that fighting on TUF and gaining notoriety doesn’t mean that the UFC is going to throw you unknown softballs to pad your career.

In the end, Gaudinot knows he needs an impressive performance at UFC on FOX 3.  The flyweight division contains very few title challengers and if the 27-year-old is successful, he can be a fight or two away from being no. 1 contender.

“The flyweight division is wide open right now, there’s only eight or nine guys in there. If you make a statement with an impressive fight, in two or three fights, you could be fighting for the title.  That’s definitely something that you look at, but no way am I looking past Lineker.”

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  1. Come on UFC

    Get Jussier Da Silva in there!

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Darrell Montague in the UFC as well. Then there’s Lincon de Sa, Brazilian fellah. Quite small. He’d be a good addition too!

    There’s lots of guys out there who would be great for the Flyweight division. They really need to get to work on that!

  2. Yeah ok Louis, and Diaz beat Condit too right? LMAO!

    • Dude , he was actually ranked in the Top 5 Flyweights before the UFC’s Addition came to fruition. i think with that accolade. he’s got a case for title shot. if he strings together some wins. don’t be so lame.

    • he only went to 135 for the TUF show. but he’s mainly fought at 125.

      • With Louis’s height, he should drop down to the 95LB division.

        • LOL ! that got me that was good. he is really short its comical.

        • Question:

          So the UFC limits fighter’s weight for HW at 265. The reason for this is unclear. It could either mean (a) the UFC thinks anyone above 265 is out of shape and thus should try to get in shape before even thinking about fighting or (b) the issue is not necessarily being in shape but more about UFC’s policy against allowing giants to fight in the UFC because of its anti-freak show policy.

          In either case, the UFC should get rid of midget divisions.

          • Question:
            Where is the question in your question?

          • I think you answered your own question. Freak show being first issue and secondly if I were running UFC, i’d be worried about two 330 pound guys fighting each other. I have yet to see people in shape at 300 pounds unless you’re talking Ronnie Coleman who juiced out of his mind.

  3. @RubeKegal – Have you never seen an NFL game? Those lineman are 300-375 lbs and most are in incredible shape. No they don’t look like Brock Lesnar but they have incredible speed, agility, and explosive strength. Plus, the 265 weight limit essentially forces very tall people to be thinner than they naturally should be. Can you imagine a 265 pound Shaquille O’Neal for example?

    • Huge difference man. Football plays last on average of 4 seconds. An mma fight is by far more challenging. A D-Lineman returns an interception for a TD and the next thing you see is him sucking oxygen thru a mask on the sideline. Hardly fighting shape.

      • GREAT point Brutha…Agreed