Loss to Fedor Emelianenko Still Haunts Andrei Arlovski

March 4, 2015
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In 2008, while on a three-fight winning streak, former heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski cordially parted ways with the UFC to pursue fights in other organizations. He inked a deal with the start-up Affliction promotion and knocked out Ben Rothwell in the promotion’s debut event.

After he picked up a knockout win over Roy Nelson in an Affliction and EliteXC co-promoted event, Arlovski was lined up to face No. 1 heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko in January 2009. Arlovski was picking apart the former PRIDE champion. He had Emelianenko hurt and backed into the corner and leaped in with a flying knee. Emelianenko unloaded a counter right hand that landed as Arlovski was in the air. By the time his body came crashing to the canvas, Arlovski was unconscious.

“My nightmare is (expletive) when Emelianenko knocked my ass out in Affliction. You know it’s ridiculous. It was so far back, and six years ago it was the biggest fight of my life and you know I fought like, I don’t know, like, I just have bad words. I fought like a… anyway, I just, I did what I wasn’t supposed to do and I jumped with this flying knee, I gave him a present. I would love it if the UFC are going to sign him and I want a rematch,” Arlovski recently told Submission Radio.

FedorArlovski923AF2-750For Arlovski, the Emelianenko fight is the one that got away. It’s the loss that he still has a hard time accepting.

“First of all because the fight before when I fought Ben Rothwell I jumped with a flying knee and I hurt Ben Rothwell. People went crazy, and for some reason I thought I can do anything that I want; I can throw elbows, knees, you know. And I jumped with a flying knee when I fought Emelianenko and I didn’t cover myself, just lights out,” said the Belarusian.

“John McCarthy woke me up and I was, that’s it. But the first four minutes I felt that every kick, every punch got the target. I saw he was hurt. I just needed to, at that time, I just needed to stick to the game plan [for the] first or second round and I [would’ve] whooped his ass definitely. But it is what it is, [it’s a] fact that he knocked my ass out and I lost that fight,” added the 36-year-old former UFC champion.

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Following the knockout loss, Arlovski was defeated in his next three outings. He’s since rebuilt his career and returned to the UFC. He’s currently riding a four-fight winning streak and ranked seventh in the heavyweight division. He faces third-ranked Travis Browne at UFC 187 on May 23 in Las Vegas.

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  • Seth

    I dislike cheaters, but damn, that punch from Fedor was pretty nasty.

    • Sir_Roy

      Not sure what the “I dislike cheaters” comment is all about in relation to Fedor’s KO punch …

      • Seth

        It was more in relation to Fedor, not his punch against Arlovski.

        • Diago

          Trying to bring down the overall GOAT, because both Jones and Silva got caught red handed. Hahaha

          Fedor bar non, there is no more discussion.

          • Seth

            I couldn’t disagree with you more. Not on JBJ though, coz he shattered his spot for now and has a lot of work in front of him, incluing red hot Rumble.

            Silva > Fedor ducking everyone once he couldn’t legally use PEDs and roids. If he was so tough and mighty, why didn’t he go to the same place where his otther “pals” went? Even Wandarlei had balls to go and fight in the UFC, Fedor was just to scared – and rightfully so, he got smahsed by medicore HW called Bigfoot Silva. At least he helped Werdum to get back on track, which is only postive thing you can say about Fedor.

          • Ray

            During the time of negotiations with UFC, the only relevant heavyweights the UFC had were Carwin, Brock, Randy, Mir, and Gonzaga. Cain and JDS were not even in the picture at that time. Negotiations fell because of the limiting rights UFC contracts offer as evidence by the lawsuit currently filed against them by several big name fighters. Fedor was never scared. He didn’t sign with UFC, but instead participated in one of the greatest HW tournament of all time with Strikeforce. He obviously looked for challenges that the UFC could not offer. You are mistaken if you feel Carwin, Mir, Randy, or Brock had anything to offer him.

          • Seth

            So…if they had nothing to offer and weren’t hard opponents for Fedor, why didn’t he sign? That would be easy money + He would keep his fake fame as best HW ever. Instead he went to SF as you said and lost 3 of his 4 fights there, all by stoppage. Do you honestly think he would do better than that in the UFC?

            Since he couldn’t keep up with the B-League’s HW and even lost to LHW who barely made HW limit, I honestly doubt he had anything to offer to anyone in the UFC.

          • Austin, TX

            You always like to put words in peoples mouth. Nobody is praising Chael. Wandy, Belfort or others.

            ps. see comment above. I guess you know more about MMA than professional fighters who think Fedor is the goat.

            He didn’t sign because Dana wouldn’t let him do one small private show a year in Russia. Dana likes to own his fighters. Fedor beat all the UFC HW’s already. They had nothing to offer him. He was a millionaire and generally recognized as one of the greatest of all time already. Do some research instead of spouting off your mouth.

            You just don’t like him because he’s Russian. You’ve made “commie” comments many times. He’s not a communist. He is a farmer and a Christian actually.

            And yes we do honestly believe he was better than the other UFC heavies. He KO’d them all.

            In less than a minute generally speaking.

          • Seth

            Why would I care which sect he identify himself with? We are talking about him as an athelte and sports figure, not his personal life. It’s called “personal” for a reason and I don’t care about what he does in his private life. It’s his life and I see no reason to look into it. On top of that, only thing I ever called him – as majority of PRIDE stars – is a cheater.

            I couldn’t care less what his nationality is, why would I? Hating someone because of the country he came from is just silly and retarded…so I guess it would suit you well.

            All I have against Fedor is the fact that ppl take him seriously. I don’t, because PRIDE offered their fighters contracts with clause “We do not test for steroids”. That should cross them off the list of legit MMA promotions. If they let their guys juice up, that’s just wrong. Argument “Ow, look how many UFC guys are testing positive” is valid. Of course. But UFC at least wants to do something with it – which is already waaaaaaaaaaay more than PRIDE ever did.

            Add to it that he lost 3 out of 4 fights he had when he left “friendly” environment of PRIDE and their so-called “rules”, which led him to lose his “help” and you see what he’s worth, when he got his ass handed to him by medicore HW Bigfoot.

            But check even BEFORE that fight. Unstopabble machine, 31-0 as a pro, as you states – he was then best HW and UFC’s HWs had nothing to offer him. He runs into HW fighter which is below UFC’s norms at the moment when they fought – and what he does? He losses by submission. Ok. Everyone can lose once, no one is unbeatable. But then you have Bigfoot who beats him into oblivion, as a even more medicore fighter, who was suppose to serve as easy launching pad for Fedor in SF grand prix. After that – since he can’t beat any HW, he fights LHW who barely mades HW weight limit – and still Fedor losses. After that he run away back to Russia to fight for russian version of PRIDE – M1, which if you look into it, you will find a lot of fighters talking about M1 being shady and doing what they can to ensure that Russian fighters will win.

            So, since I told you all I have against Fedor from sport’s point-of-view, tell me again, how is this man best ever?

          • Drock420

            He never lost in the Ring, not the cage. Fought the who’s who of MMA during his time. Most successful fighter IMO. Doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone.

            You saying he’s a cheater is like me saying GSP is a cheater. Proof or GTFO! Lets take a look at pride 32 Dan Henderson vs Vitor Belfort, Vitor tests positive for roids. They did do testing in Pride I don’t know how much but they did do it. Also you remember when Dana White was for TRT and didn’t have a problem with it, fighters were allowed to use it if necessary. Yeah now the UFC is doing something about it. Maybe if Dana was against it to begin with it wouldn’t of become this much of a problem.

          • Seth

            PRIDE 32 was under NSAC and by far, that’s the only reason anyone got tested – only proving that PRIDE didn’t care and didn’t test on their own, as UFC is doing. Show me PRIDE show in Japan where PRIDE tested their own fighters. Or at least when they hired someone to do testing for them. Good luck with that, because you will not find it.

            Difference between GSP and Fedor – GSP fought in UFC and didn’t have “we don’t test for steroids” clause in his contract. Thus GSP > Fedor. Any. Day. Of. The. Week.

            Go back and listen to Dana when he spoke about TRT, coz his stance was clear “If you need TRT to fight, you are too old to be fighting”. He was never behind TRT but he couldn’t ban it on its own, it had to be done by to AC and AC doesn’t not give a single, broken F about what Dana wants – which they proved many, many times.

          • Ray

            GSP has been accused by many sources of juicing. He was caught live greasing.

          • Seth

            …so now I will take argument of guys that defends PRIDE “But he never tested positive!!!!!!!!!”. I can accuse you of doing wrong stuff with a sheep. Who cares? We know PRIDE allowed their fighters to do steroids, by putting that in their CONTRACTS which both sides signed, thus saying they agree to those conditions. UFC never ALLOWED anyone to use PEDs and they are trying to make sure that cheaters are gone. PRIDE did nothing about it and openly allowed their fighters to use them.

          • ray

            Trying to make sure all cheaters are gone?? There is no way they will ban a big name fighter for as long as they claim they will.

          • Seth

            Still, they try to fight it, instead of allowing fighters to do it in their contracts.

          • Ray

            You have a lot of flaws in your arguments. You use MMA math, which any knowledgeable fan will tell you, does not work. Since you conveniently use MMA math to try and discredit Fedor, I figure I would do the same.

            Fedor absolutely destroyed Nogueira those two full times they fought. He beat him down in the ground the first time and destroyed him standing up in the third bout. Nogueira eventually became the UFC HW champion. So by your argument, Fedor would have destroyed the UFC’s HW division.

            You bring up Bigfoot beating Fedor, and how Bigfoot cannot keep up in the HW division at the moment. Well, Arlovski is in the UFC and a former champion also, who is riding a win streak in the UFC. Fedor left Arlovski face flat on the canvas.

            You try and discredit PRIDE, but the poster boy for UFC, Chuck Liddell, was brought there by Dana White thinking they could walk over their MW division. Instead, Chuck was stopped in his tracks by Rampage (who later held UFC gold).

            After UFC embarrassed themselves by thinking they could walk over the PRIDE fighters with Chuck, Dana has always tried to protect his company. One of the reasons why Fedor didn’t sign with the UFC was because there is a stipulation where he cannot leave the company if he were the champion. Dana needs claim that he has the best fighters and he knew full well that if he let Fedor walk in and beat his HW’s and leave, it would have made his HW division look weaker than it already was.

          • Ray

            Apparently, you did not read my post. He didn’t sign with the UFC because of their restricting contracts. You said Fedor was scared, and I counter argued by saying a scared man doesn’t fight in arguably the best HW tournament of all time.

            You’re using MMA math so how bout I do the same. Fedor destroyed Nogueira. Minotauro eventually became the UFC HW champion. How’s that for MMA math.

          • Seth

            He entered the best HW tournament? Yeah, and got beat up BADLY by the weakest link of that tournament. How’s that for MMA math?

            Restrictions are just lame excuse – we all know that UFC do whatever they can to bring huge names to their roster – and guys like Fedor had a lot of negotiation power. So try again and come up with other excuse, why Fedor decided to go to SF to get destroyed by someone who shouldn’t even be there and was brought to that grand prix ONLY to be sacrificial lamb for Fedor.

          • Ray

            You are showing your stupidity more and more. You said that he was scared and I pointed out that a scared person would not participate in what was at that time the best HW tournament regardless of the results.

          • Seth

            Keep your fantasy with Fedor as a GOAT alive, looks like you are immune to arguments and you don’t care that your GOAT was a cheater. Good luck in live, my friend.

          • deepgrim

            he beat 4 ufc champions from the 2000’s, big nog, arlovski, tim sylvia and mark coleman before them losses

          • Seth

            All of that…in PRIDE. Really, guys, it would be great if you could just just read my comments, while you try to prove you are right, instead of just writing same thing over and over again. I don’t treat PRIDE and what happened there seriously, because they didn’t care and let guys use steroids and PEDs at will. I see no reason to take them serisouly. Only guys that I do treat seriously from PRIDE are guys like Big Nog or Hendo – which proved their skills somewhere else outside Japan.

          • deepgrim

            course it was in pride he fought most of his career there, your basing that pride doesnt matter because they said that the dont test for steriods even though quite a few in the ufc are getting caught, does that mean they dont matter too, i take it you disregard now everything anderson silva has done in his career now. Maybe you blame the fighters, is it there fault that pride had a contract that said they didnt test. it was the biggest fighting organisation at a time where do you think the fighters should have went when they wanted to fight. you have a seriously closed mind! you just say your angle and dont consider anything else. and fedor went through testing for the samba tournament for years and was clean so where is your proof that he ever even took steriods?

          • Seth

            PRIDE ALLOWED their fighters to do roids.
            UFC wants to ban cheaters for 2 to 4 years.

            That’s the fn difference, which I wrote like 5 times already. UFC at least tries to do something to keep the sport clean, instead of pumping roids into their fighters, as PRIDE used to do.

          • ray

            That is a publicity stunt soley for the under card fighters. You are as ignorant as your posts if you believe they would ever ban a high profile fighter for 2-4 years. UFC is a business, not a sport organization.

          • Seth

            So was PRIDE – run by mafia and created only to clean up dirty money. That’s why I don’t understand how you can treat it as legit MMA promotion.

          • RedSoxDynasty

            You’re right. Those HW’s in the UFC had nothing for Fedor compared to an old MW like Hendo who knocked Fedor the f— out!

          • Diago

            Idiots disagree with reason, all day long. Proof it or sit down..

          • Seth

            So you guys want to stick with argument “He didn’t test positive EVER” while knowing PRIDE didn’t test him. Im curious who’s the idiot here…

            People keep bashing Chael, Anderson and others. Though they praise cheaters like Wandarlei, Fedor or Belfort…hipocricy at its finest.

    • Ray

      I fail to see the correlation. I’m not sure if you are referring about the comments Joe Rogan made recently, but it you are…. Rogan was obviously being a corporate man and trying to save face for Anderson Silva.

      Along with BJ Penn, I think Fedor may have been the few of the ones who never cheated.

      • Seth

        No, actually you are right. He didn’t cheat. I completly forgot that PRIDE didn’t test for steroids, so those were legal back then and formally he didn’t cheat, by using them. My apology, thanks for pointing out the fact that officialy PRIDE roster didn’t cheat.

        • Ray

          You can leave the sarcasm at the door.

          There’s a recent video where Fedor states that contrary to popular belief…. the fighters in Pride were tested.

          • Seth

            Of course they were. For cookies and milk.

            Go back and listen to Enson Inoue – who actually dealt with PRIDE. I don’t know what they tested them for, since their contracts clearly said they won’t test for steroids.

          • TheCerealKiller


            I’m not accusing anyone of using, but PRIDE did not test for steroids.

          • Ray

            All I said was that in a recent interview with Fedor, he, himself, stated that Pride did test for steroids.

        • Diago

          Fedor never tested filthy, nor is there “any” indication by the way he looked, ever.

          Your UFC heroes tested dirty, and they looked just as dry on weigh day, unlike Fedor, the GOAT.

          • Seth

            Again, how could he test positive when PRIDE didn’t test them for steroids by contractual agreements?

          • Diago

            The burden of proof is on you, so I suggest you shut the f— up and stop trying to taint an amazing human being with the s–t one of your idols smeared over the sport.

    • Austin, TX

      You’re just upset because your hero Anderson Silva, is an actual cheater, as opposed to Fedor who had never failed any sort of drug test. He has been tested many times in Judo, sambo, competitions etc.

      If Pride fighters were all on roids then fedor is still the greatest because it was an even playing field. Fedor’s flabby body doesn’t suggest steroid use. If he wanted an unfair advantage why didn’t he bulk up and move down to middleweight. (Like Silva) Instead he is 2 inches shorter than Silva and went undefeated for 10 years on a 28 fight win streak against the world’s greatest ROIDED HEAVYWEIGHTS who were all larger than him…

      Joe Rogan whats up. Hilarious how you tried to smear Fedor because your own boy (Silva) has been proven to be a PED user. Unlike Fedor. I notice you are silent about the whole SILVA goat theory crashing down around you.



      Cain, JDS, Aldo, Mike Tyson, John McCarthy all think Fedor is the greatest. Do you think you know more about MMA than they do. I’m just saying man.

    • Superman

      Haha, that’s what a Muslim like you would say

      • Seth

        Is there something that your brain-imitating jelly wouldn’t link with your silly fear of other humans, which are equal to you?

  • Sarge

    that was a highlight reel KO.

  • Ray

    An old MW who needed extra hormones to stay in the game. Look at that MW now. I’m glad Moose gave him the same flash KO. Hendo wants to run around and celebrate, but then complains when it happens to him. That old MW stated publicly he was on TRT.