Local Curfew Could Derail Massive UFC Stadium Event in Dublin

January 14, 2015
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If Conor McGregor takes care of business and dispatches Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night 59 in Boston on Sunday, he has a shot at UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo awaiting him.

And if that comes to pass, UFC president Dana White has confirmed that the promotion would look at doing Aldo vs. McGregor on the Irishman’s home turf in an 80,000-plus-seat stadium in Dublin, Croke Park.

There could be one not-so-small stumbling block in the way for that to happen, however. Stadium director Peter McKenna told The Score that, while they would be “very pleased to host the event,” the Dublin City Council has a curfew in place that would force the event to be over by 11 p.m. local time.

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Conor McGregor I Rule All-750x370That would conflict with the UFC’s usual pay-per-view plans, which almost always revolve around Western time zones. It would the event into a non-standard daytime schedule in North America, which is not usually conducive to a high pay-per-view buy rate.

That doesn’t mean that Dublin is out of the question, however, as Dave Allen, the UFC’s Director of Brand, Communications and Events told The Score that deviating from the normal start time is not something that is too far out of the question.

“If there are curfews, that’s okay, not all events have to hit U.S. timelines. The way we think is, how can we get the most people to watch our events? We have fans all around the world consuming the product. But we haven’t looked at any of that at this moment,” Allen said. “I don’t think curfews, licenses or any of that are stopping us from going anywhere. We come up against that process everywhere we go, and that’s the process we will go through again if Conor wins this weekend and we decide we’re going to go that way.

“Once we get to that stage, then we have to get into a planning process. Then we have to start working out where is the best place to hold that event,” Allen continued. “There are a number of different things that have to be looked at before we can say we’re going to Croke Park, the Aviva Stadium, Las Vegas… a lot of work has to be done beforehand, so I would not be counting the chickens before this egg has hatched.”

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  • Joe Dog

    First things first………

  • taylor2008

    If he beats Siver, which I think he will, then he should fight a top 5 guy. Rory McDonald cant get a title shot and he has proved himself. Have him fight swanson or Lamas. Siver isnt even in the top 10.

  • cheflacsto

    He is gonna get it whether he deserves it or not, so we just have to live with it. After he fights Aldo, win or lose he will not be able to avoid Frankie or Chad. They both will present new challenges for him.

    • shakejunt

      nah, win or lose he’ll probably go up to lw and fight diego sanchez and other guys who don’t have a lick of grappling in them anymore.

      • cheflacsto

        If he loses I think you may be right, but if he wins how are they gonna spoon feed the champ garbage fights. He says he is going to dominate two divisions. I think he has a better chance at 145. To many guys at 155 that destroy him.

        • shakejunt

          it’ll be like anderson at lhw. not fighting scrubs, but certainly guys that are favorable match-ups.

  • shakejunt

    sorry, mcgoober, but aldo probably wouldn’t sign on for that anyway. beat him in brazil and you can do the rematch at the lucky charms factory.

    • cheflacsto

      You know I thought Aldo would have to agree with where the match was taking place and I don’t understand why he would sign on for Ireland unless the pay day was going to be ridiculous. I am sure he gets a piece of PPV action which would be huge for him. Why sign on to fight in a hostile foreign crowd. Probably happens in the states.

      • shakejunt

        yeah probably vegas. i can’t wait to see the poster. it’ll be just like the chandler vs brooks 2 one where they hide the belt in order to promote the cash cow.

    • deepgrim

      i think aldo would sign for ireland as an 80,000 stadium would provide him with the sort of big pay day he has been calling for of the ufc