Liz Carmouche Accepted the Fight with Ronda Rousey When Others Turned It Down

February 22, 2013
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Ronda Rousey vs Liz Carmouche UFC 157 Pre-478x270When the UFC signed Ronda Rousey and was looking for the first contender to her bantamweight title, many calls were made, but Liz Carmouche was the first fighter to step up and accept the fight.

“I know there’s been a lot of things that have been said since we made this fight. She’s the one that took the fight,” said UFC president Dana White following the UFC 157 pre-fight press conference on Thursday. “She’s the one that wanted the fight at the time this fight was happening.  Other people did turn down the fight.  It’s a fact.”

White didn’t name names, but stressed that fighters were contacted and turned down the fight with Rousey.

“They do this (expletive) all the time.  Guys are like, ‘I didn’t turn down that fight.’  Yeah, you did.  If you didn’t take it, you turned it down, right?  If you don’t take the fight, you turned the fight down.  ‘I don’t want to do the fight then.’  Well, that’s when the fight is (expletive) happening.  That’s the date of the fight.”

For Carmouche, the decision was a no-brainer.  She didn’t hesitate.  It’s the fight she’s wanted on the biggest stage in mixed martial arts.

The two headline UFC 157: Rousey vs. Carmouche on Saturday.  The historic event marks the first time the UFC has featured a female bout.  It’s the first time women have headlined a UFC event.  It’s the first time for a women’s title fight to take place inside the famed UFC Octagon.

Liz Carmouche is there because she wanted to be and because she said, “yes,” when others did not.

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  • RondaKenPish

    Stop with this “I said YES” cr@p when everyone turned it down THEREFORE I am a #1 contender.

    I would take a fight with JBJ anyway if the UFC pays me $50k. Yeah, I would just go for leg sweeps all day and tap out the second JBJ is about to hit me. Yeah…I MUST BE a #1 contender right?????

    This whole “I accepted the fight” thing started with Dana’s justification of Anderson fighting Bonnar, JBJ fighting Vitor and now Chael Sonnen, and most recently this garbage.

    Liz is not on the same level as Ronda. UFC is clearly feeding her to Ronda as a warm-up fight.

    Dana for some reason thinks that every MMA fan is dumb enough to believe his dumb stories and justifications.

    Wait a minute… I am sure Hendricks said “Yes” to GSP…why isn’t he fighting GSP??? It doesn’t work that way Dana.

    • bajafox

      The problem with your analogy is that you’re not a professional fighter or licensed to fight. So the offer can’t ever be made.

  • RondaKenPish

    Dana: “Okay Jon Fitch, will you fight GSP tomorrow for the same pay?”

    Fitch: “But I just got fired”?
    Dana: “Yeah, so you will fight for free.”
    Fitch: “And if I lose, will you still hire me?”
    Dana: “Just answer my question, yes or no?”
    Fitch: “Umm…I gotta ask my manager.”
    Dana: “Okay, you have 5 minutes to get back to me.”
    Fitch’s manager tells Fitch not to take this fight given that he can make some money with Bellator. However, ask Dana to hire him back with the same rights as before to release.

    Fitch: “Yeah Dana, I will agree to fight if you hire me back as if the release had not occurred.”
    Dana: “No”
    Fitch: I am sorry then, I just can’t fight for free tomorrow.
    Dana: “Okay you said no then”


    Dana goes on MMAweekly and tells Ken Pishna and Jeff Curran that Fitch was given an opportunity to fight GSP and he turned it down and thus it makes sense to give Clay Guida a title shot.

    • justin_e

      Love it.

  • kennybro

    cool new article. i’m excited to learn about this new information.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    Haven’t we heard this same boring B.S. story before?

  • GoNoles

    im usually not the one to complain but how many times are yall gonna recycle the same stories? hell a few days back you took it a step further and reposted the exact same video yall posted earlier in her career. so wtf is up with that? despite what hbo and sport illustrated would have you believe people dont give a shiz like that.

  • alhmiel

    Big nose Tate turned the fight down. Milk white pale sara Kaufman was too scared. Big nose Tate never responded back to Dana. Mr. tate should have fought Rousey.