Lion Fight 14 Results and Fight Highlights Video: Cris Cyborg Fails in Bid to Capture Championship

March 29, 2014
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Cris Cyborg gave it her all in trying to defeat Jorina Baars for the Lion Fight women’s welterweight championship, but it wasn’t to be.

Cyborg, in only her third professional Muay Thai bout, tried to power through Baars, landing some of her ferocious head-hunting hooks, and  frequently tossing Baars to the canvas. Baars used her reach and the experience of nearly 40 professional bouts to avoid many of Cyborg’s power shots.

Baar enlisted a stiff jab, setting up some powerful front kicks and jumping knees to the face that earned a unanimous nod from the judges.

Lion Fight 14 took place on Friday, March 28, in Las Vegas.

Lion Fight 14 Results

Gregory Choplin def. Marco Pique via Unanimous Decision
Jorina Baars def. Cris Cyborg via Unanimous Decision
Shane Oblonsky def. Malaipet via Unanimous Decision
Eddie Abasolo def. Jonathon Wyderko via Unanimous Decision
Victor Saravia def. Anthony Castrejon via TKO at 2:43, R3
Gaston Bolanos def. Brian Del Rosario via TKO at 1:57 R4

(Photo courtesy of Lion Fight and

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    She got her @$$$ handed too her!! No PED’s no ” W “

    • Don Lee

      Yea by a skinny Dutch girl who hadn’t fought in 3 years

      • MaritalArtist

        That’s not fair. She’s the best in the world at Muai Thai. Also, it’s not like she took a break. She was still training…. In mma

        • Don Lee

          AWWWW it’s just not fair LOL

          • MaritalArtist


      • Lucas Freire

        Who has a 35-0 Record and is 5’11”. lol

        This is Muay Thai, just look at those knees. No need to be the bulkiest fighter, having elbows and kness allowed on a stand-up fight, reach plays a much more important role.

  • Usmc8408

    This is what happens when they ban TRT.

  • Jeff Jones

    You know what’s sad ? The idiots who post here this loss is due to the fact she wasn’t on peds. This is F**king Muay Thai, NOT MMA morons. There is a BIG difference between the two. There is no Ground and Pound. There are no takedowns. Completely different. Until this fight she has NEVER competed professionally in Muay Thai only promotions. Myself, I give her much respect for going in and lasting 5 rounds with a Muay Thai Champ that has 40 pro fights, ALL in Muay Thai. But the ones drinking the Ronda Rousey Kool Aid are running scared of Cyborg. Their little arrogant and egotistical no class trash will get crushed if Justino gets a chance to fight in the UFC. Dana White has been making sure that WON’T happen though. He doesn’t want to see his little girl get beat up either. But the Roid/Ped crap is old for an excuse now. That’s exactly what it is, an excuse for being scared. If anything, it’s very bigoted to say her past should keep her out when the UFC has MANY male fighters who have tested positive for something, but after serving a suspension, still fight in the UFC.

    • Just Sayni’

      Why the hell did this turn into an attack against Rousey? She had nothing to do with any of this. No one here, as far as I can see, posted anything about Ronda. Let it go, man. If the fight happens, it happens. Until then, anything about Ronda or Cyborg being posted should not start an argument about who is going to beat who.

      And the PED thing is used for criticism because its something she did. A mistake that will most likely haunt her for the entirety of her career. She cheated, plain and simple. I do believe people have the right to use that as a means to criticize her because it kind of is a big deal.

    • Don Lee

      Jeff I especially liked it when your roid queen kissed the canvas in the first round LOL. Did you like that also?

      • earlsimmons

        ….you not very good at trolling bro. Pretty easy to spot. More practice you need.

    • uncle

      You’re not fooling anyone Tito ,and it’s a little egotistical and foolish for Cyborg to fight a champion in something she never competed in
      that’s like somebody that never competed in MMA
      starts fighting Jon Jones their 1st fight jack a**, why do you respect her ?you must like domestic violence do you enjoy some1 on roids beating women to a bloody pulp?

    • Shred Man

      That was her 3rd Muay Thai fight, not her first. And it definitely exposed her chin and her lack of stand up technique. Her opponent also took her best shot and basically laughed it off. All Ronda would have to do is get her to the ground and it would be over. Another first round win for Ronda.

      • The Prognosticator

        You’re comparing apples to oranges. This was a Muay Thai fight, which is nothing like an MMA bout. For example, JoJo is 35-0-3 in Muay Thai and 1-3 in MMA with all three losses via TKO. If this had been Rousey, she would’ve been TKO’d in round one as her stand up is far below average. Furthermore, after watching the fight, I believe that Cyborg would win a rematch if she learned Muay Thai’s ridiculous in-ring rules. This does not demonstrate, in any way, that Rousey could beat Cyborg, which is a rather laughable proposition.

        • AXE MURDERER

          Home girl did not fight for the last 3 years give it up

          • The Prognosticator

            Yes because NO ONE would fight her. Watch the fight moron both announcers made that EXACT statement.

      • Kris-tyahn

        Shred: WOW, her 3rd fight, well thats a HUGE difference, than her first…. a 3rd fight is not that much different than your first, genius!
        Exposed her chin?!? Dude she got right back up EVERY time like it was nothing, she was never in trouble. She also fought someone who had 40 Muay Thai fights, compared to someone who was in her 3rd. That’s like asking Condit or Diaz to fight someone from the Ultimate Fighter, yet in this case the Ultimate Fighter did incredibly well, losing a “close” decision.
        Rhonda went 3 rounds with Tate, who actually got the better of Rousey on the feet for a majority of that fight, yet you think she will beat Cyborg in the 1st?!? Ohhh yeah…. “that’s all Rousey has to do is get Cyborg down to the ground” ….. BAHAHAHA – your comment proves how idiotic you are.
        All people had to do was prevent GSP from taking them down. All people had to do was to take Silva down to the ground. All dos Santos had to do was to KO Cain & not let him push him against the cage & beat him up…… those comments I jsut wrote sound just as stupid as your moronic comment. Here’s a good one, all people need to do is not let Rousey get them down & submit them, that’s all.

        • Shred Man

          Wow! You are just a pathetic idiot. Pull your head out of that man, (Cyborgs) ass and wake up to reality. Douche.

        • Don Lee

          Kris-tyann was the sweat off Cyborg’s balls an aquired taste or did you take to it right off?

  • TheCerealKiller

    Haters gonna hate. She is still the best WMMA fighter on the planet and the only woman I would pay to see smash Ronda.

    • Don Lee

      Oh yea she used to be the best fighter on the planet now she’s just the best in MMA? LOL. Sorry but the majority of l MMA sites don’t agree with you including this one.

      • TheCerealKiller

        You’re acting like a child.

        • Don Lee

          Impressive comeback. You are an extraordinary debater!

          • Kris-tyahn

            If he wanted “come-back”/cum back, he’d scrape it off your tongue or the crack of your @$$!!!
            How’s that for debating?!?

          • Don Lee

            Looks like Cereal’s comment is better suited for you LOL

  • jj

    If cyborg had more experience and more bouts she would smash Jojo and iam Dutch.. Just sayimg

    • Guest

      Watching the fight I agree. The rules seem custom made for JoJo. Every time she got mauled with a Cyborg barrage she just turned her head or grabbed the ropes and the ref stepped in and broke up the exchange. In addition, every time JoJo threw a kick that Cyborg caught, was punched by Cyborg, and hit the canvas it was not considered a knockdown which I also found rather odd. Personally, watching the bout I learned that a Muay Thai bout is not, in any manner, a realistic simulation of an actual fight as is MMA.

  • dgs

    Actually, all this fight did was prove that Cyborg would absolutely WRECK Rousey at 145 lbs. You will NEVER see Rousey agree to fight Cyborg at 145 lbs, instead she will force (with the backing of her sugar daddy Dana “F–king” White, who will do everything he can to protect his newest investment) Cyborg to drop to 135 lbs, which will cause Cyborg to become dangerously emaciated. Anything under a 145 lbs, and all Cyborg is cutting is muscle, which of course is what Rousey wants; anything to give her the edge over a better fighter.

    If I were Cyborg I would tell them all to f–k off and force Rousey to fight at 145 lbs (Rousey is already chubby looking, I’m sure she would have no problems going up to 145 lbs for one fight). No, Rousey would rather fight a catch-weight fight with someone who hasn’t fought in about six years, and who was soundly defeated by Cyborg in her last fight, good one Ronda!

    Last thing, while some of you can make fun of Cyborg for losing to this very experienced Thai fighter, we all know that Rousey would have been KO’d in the first round were she in there instead of Cyborg.

    • brad king

      no doubt, but i dont think she muster up the jam to face some one who can actually beat her.

    • Kris-tyahn

      I agree, Cyborg took some savage strikes to the face/chin & got up like she triped. Cyborg in her 3rd Muay Thai fight & she fought someone with 40+ fights, try getting the commission to allow that between two men (NEVER happen). Anyone who thinks Muay Thai is the same or similar to MMA, they clearly need to educate themselves with MMA a little more.
      Rousey would get chewed up & spit out by Cyborg, the only chance Rousey has is by draining/dehydrating/”starving” Cyborg to make 135lbs. Rousey started off fighting at 145lbs & even fought @ 150lbs, but she “HAS” to fight Rousey at 135lbs?!? Geee I wonder why that is?!? I’m pretty sure Rousey fought above 150lbs at the Olympics in Judo, but she has to fight Cyborg at 135lbs… Don’t be scared homie/Rousey!!!

      • Don Lee

        Cyborg lost because of lack of techique. Her only techniue is to bore in head first with wide punches which is why she got introduced to the canvas several times.

  • brad king

    She Cyborg, must be baiting RR in.
    Maybe with Cyborg pretending to be beatable, will convince Dana White that maybe just maybe Rhonda can win.
    Cyborg very smart as well as strong!

    • Don Lee

      Cyborg kissing the canvas in the first round was all a ruse. Yea thats it!!!! Amazing the lengths Cyborg nut huggers will go to for their roid queen.

  • shakejunt

    ronda + body shots comment

  • Great Fight…

    Watched the whole fight.. Good Fight.. Cyborg has a great chin. Hopefully she is not taking PED’s now, but even in bodybuilding natural events, you must have been off 2 years of any steroids to compete. She will still hold mass for a while, even clean. Look at Shane Carwin before UFC to his last fight, it took him a while.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    I remember telling Cyborg on twitter that doing steroids is cheating, she didnt answer she just she tries hard. *eye roll*. Then she blocked me when i asked her if she was taking em.

  • Christina

    This fight looked much closer than the scoring indicated. Plus Cyborg was really out of her element in kickboxing. I’m sure if this had been an MMA fight the result would have been different. As far as the PEDs, her lack of them probably had an impact too.