Lightweight Champ Anthony Pettis Plans to Fight 3 to 4 Times in 2015 (Video)

November 28, 2014
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UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis has been sidelined for more than a year due to injury and filming The Ultimate Fighter. Pettis returns to action at UFC 181 on Dec. 6 against top contender Gilbert Melendez, but that is just the start. He intends to fight three or four times in 2015.

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  • asd

    Hahaha, that’s a nice plan. But Anthony has a glass body and it won’t happen.

  • bill

    ya i plan for him to fight once.

  • UFC #1

    Once a year would be an accomplishment for Showtime.

  • The Warrior

    I’ll believe it once I see it. As long Bendo isn’t fighting him then it’s all good.


    Yeah… we will see… Benson Henderson fought 3 times since fighting Pettis…. Robbie Lawler fought twice since Hendricks…. I guess as soon as these guys become UFC champs they become prone to injuries !!!!

  • cheflacsto

    I love to watch him fight but I agree with everyone here. Lets get two fights in before we talk about 3 or 4.


    Everybody has a plan til they get hit in the face!

  • Nate

    he hasn’t even faught 3-4 times in the UFC