UPDATE: Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones Involved in Car Accident

April 26, 2015
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Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was involved in a car accident and his UFC 187 title fight against Anthony Johnson is in jeopardy, MMAWeekly.com learned on Sunday.

UPDATE: MMAWeekly.com’s source originally indicated that the fight was off, but once the story was public they retracted their statement. Instead, the source then said Jones was involved in a car accident and his UFC 187 bout with Anthony Johnson is in jeopardy.

Unconfirmed reports swirled on Sunday afternoon alleging that Jones was involved in a hit-and-run accident in Albuquerque on Saturday evening, although MMAWeekly.com was not able to confirm those reports.

The 27-year-old titleholder made headlines in January for failing an out-of-competition drug test for cocaine prior to his UFC 182 title fight against Daniel Cormier. He was fined $25,000 on Jan. 17 for violating the UFC’s Athlete Code of Conduct policy stemming from the positive test result.

Jones holds the record for being the youngest fighter to win a UFC championship at the age of 23. He’s widely regarded as the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world and holds the record for the most consecutive title defenses in UFC light heavyweight history with eight.

UFC 187 is scheduled to take place on May 23 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

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  • Jones was injured in a car accident. No hit-and-run, no cocaine, and not in custody. Blood samples were taken and police are awaiting analysis from the lab. You heard it here first.

    • MikeMcK

      Unless we heard it from the same place you heard it…..

    • Darin

      Well, you’re right about the not in custody part….

      “The Albuquerque Police Department this evening
      confirmed that they are actively seeking to question Jones
      regarding a hit-and-run accident which occurred early Sunday

      “Officers attempted to contact Mr. Jones at his residence Sunday
      evening, but were unsuccessful,” APD stated in a release. “We have
      also reached out to his lawyer, but as of now, have not heard
      back.” ‘

      This is on S#erdog right now. What is YOUR source? Because according to these guys the cops still can’t find Jones a day after the crash. It doesn’t take a genius to know that typically when a guy crashes a car then disappears for awhile, he is hoping whatever chemicals are in his system will be gone before he is arrested.

      • Me. I made it up. You heard it here first.

      • penandpaper

        How do you know HE ran into anybody at all? The police aren’t even saying that he ran into anybody. The police are saying they want to question Jon about a hit and run incident that took place. Maybe he was a witness to it and they’d like to know what he saw, if anything. smh. I”ve never understood people who jump to conclusions, with minimal information, and typically assume the worst……that type of judgmental thinking never made sense to me.

        • Darin

          You never understood? Jones has a drunk driving crash and cocaine use on his record, and he is “involved in a hit and run” in the early hours of a Sunday morning. NOW the cops can’t find him. It isn’t judgmental thinking, it’s being realistic. If for some crazy reason, Jones is completely innocent I will make no apologies for arriving at a very obvious conclusion.

          If this was Demetrious Johnson we were talking about, yes, I would definitely give him the benefit of the doubt, but not Jones.

      • JeremyMMA

        Dude, how disconnected are you from reality? You say “That’s right. He hit a pregnant woman and ran away. Still think he’s a cool guy?”.

        Clearly, you make the assumption that he knew she was pregnant. Now, instead of just starting to foam at the mouth and type some more drivel on your lifeline…errr, I mean computer, I want you to think about what it’s like to get into an accident. Think carefully…it’s at night, there’s obviously a strong shock, etc…

        Now answer this: How likely is it that he would know she was pregnant? Did she have a huge neon sign on her car saying “PREGNANT WOMAN”?

        By the way, before you start raving like a hysterical teenage female chimp, I’m not saying that hit and running is ever acceptable, just that your assuming that he knew she was pregnant is completely retarded.

  • Dell

    Well s—..

  • Anthony De Nigro

    L. O. L.

    • FatFu

      Is that your head or is your neck blowing bubble gum?

  • The Unhealer

    MMA has the worst fans in all of sports. In almost every forum you have ******* who desperately wanted these rumors to be true and were rooting for Jon’s downfall. Pathetic.

    • sadowolf

      It’s pathetic when sincere, but not exclusive to MMA. All sports have those fans, unfortunately. I’ll joke about them here and there, but harbor no ill will toward any fighter.

      • Brennerr

        FK THE PRIG. “Hate-Hate-Hate!”

    • DiamondBackPain

      The only person “rooting” for Jon’s downfall IS JON.

    • Mitroo

      People just don’t like Jon Jones because he’s a cocky, drug using, eye gouging, douchebag….and you hate “MMA Fans” because you ride his jock harder than a 2 dollar hooker.

    • Darin

      What rumors? The police have made statements that Jones was involved in a hit and run and they are trying (unsuccessfully) to track him down. The only thing stopping Jones’ downfall is his money and Dana White.

      • penandpaper

        omg YOU ARE A LIAR . jeeeez. The police did NOT say that Jon was involved in a hit and run. The police said they would like to talk to Jon about his POSSIBLE involvement in a hit and run. YOU ARE THE WORST TYPE OF PERSON.
        Here are some examples of possible involvement in a hit and run.
        Jon was at an intersection waiting for a red light to turn green when a vehicle two cars behind him did not stop and ran into a vehicle behind him forcing that vehicle to run into Jon’s vehicle. Or, a guy was at an intersection waiting for a red light to turn green when a vehicle two cars behind him did not stop and ran into a vehicle behind him forcing that vehicle to run into the guy at the lights vehicle. The guy at the light may have left at that point and someone said the driver looked kind of like Jon Jones. Or, Jon or someone that looked like Jon was in the back seat of a taxi cab that was hit by another vehicle and the guy in the back seat of the cab said he had to go and didn’t have time to wait around because he was running late for his airplane flight. When they asked the cab driver if anyone else saw the accident the cab driver said the guy in my backseat saw it but he had to leave. The police asked if the cabby if he knew who the passenger was and the cabby said he “I think it might have been that UFC guy, Jon Jones. It looked like him”.
        You see, there are sooooo many other things this could be than the thing YOU want it to be. You’ve never been in a court situation have you? smh. You seem like you’ve never really had to deal with attorney’s or legal situations or facts or evidence have you.
        You just read it, add to it what your emotions dictate to you and then you run with it and believe it. And worse, you tell others about it as if you are speaking factually. Good lord. smh.
        Our country is in trouble with people like you running around.

        • Chile colorado

          Wow. Jon stop defending yourself on this forum and go turn yourself in and explain that to the police

  • American.

    They said he did have cocain in the trunk of the car and he had an open michilada

    • The Unhealer

      Not funny, bitch.

      • DiamondBackPain

        Not sure American. was trying to be funny.

      • American.

        Ay buddie am just stating the sources don’t get all wild up pal

  • DiamondBackPain

    Who is the source Chael Sonnen? At least name where the source has the ability to get this information.

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    good screw him

  • Pokin Johnny

    It was a hit and run, they know it was Jones because he stopped to poke the victim in the eye.

    • jason

      Best comment ever

  • jsteez

    Way to bait and switch the article. Wack ass media source. Never to be trusted by me again.

  • Just stop reporting ish until you know please

  • Essejyauquf

    Jones pulled a Walter white trying to get out of this fight

  • Irphil47

    I just want to see AJ vs Jones. 187 has the potential to be card of the year, but if this fight goes, it’d be a big hit for the card.

    • Guest

      it’s still got the middleweight championship fight, arlovski vs. browne, khabib vs cerrone, moraga and other interesting match ups on it.

      • Irphil47

        Those are all great fights, but AJ vs Jones would have made UFC 187 a super-card. It was the main event, so if this fight goes, it hurts the card overall.

  • Guest

    i bet it’s just a late april fools joke by some dumbass reporter.

  • Kayfaber

    if coke didn’t stop a fight this won’t

    • SpaceJam

      Cocaine isn’t a banned substance out of competition timing. The Commission had no grounds to stop the DC fight. Get your facts right.

      • Christopher Nelson

        Cocaine is a banned substance globally regardless of the timing. But Nick Diaz gets fined and suspended for medicinal marijuana (which is legal in multiple states.)

  • Nicolle

    If this is true, which is totally and completely plausible, and they still don’t do anything to “reprimand” Jones, the UFC needs to be burned to the ground. And it’s saying a lot that Jones is wanted for questioning, being sought by police, he’s IN CAMP and yet…no one seems to know where he is? Come the f— on, man.

  • Billy Kid

    Possible hit and run, and supposedly the cocaine incident was just a one time thing he did for fun, and he did not have a problem. Let me explain something to everyone here, these are red flags hinting at deeper underlying issues. He went to rehab and left in one day and everyone gave him a free pass because he is a champion, now he is allegedly involved in a hit and run, maybe the little coke problem which was no big deal was in fact part of a more serious issue. The first thing all addicts do is deny, deny, deny! I could be wrong, it may be just a coincidence or bad luck, but I believe all that fame and money at such a young age is never a good combination.

  • Darin

    The fact that this happened on a Saturday night, and given Jones’ previous drunk driving accident and cocaine use, it isn’t a stretch for people to jump to the conclusion that this is another example of Jones being a dumbass yet again. If it should turn out that Jones is completely innocent, nobody owes him an apology for making assumptions about what went down. I expect Dana to be protective rather than concern himself with disciplining Jones, which will only further exacerbate the problem until Jones kills himself or someone else.

    • penandpaper

      OMG, you sound insame smh. wow.

      • Chile colorado

        What? Insame? Shut up. Perfectly reasonable assumption.

      • Stop responding with smh in every single stupid comment you’re posting.

        • penandpaper

          You make no sense smh.

          • Was that why you didn’t reply to my coherent and concise reply in the other thread? Because I didn’t make any sense in forecasting his felony hit-and-run charge after he turned himself in yesterday?

            Go back to jerking off to your cat videos and pop culture memes, you virgin megalord. Like Jones’ bail, there should be some sort of stupid tax people like you pay to use the internet to prevent these situations from happening.

  • penandpaper

    Maybe he is taking a nap somewhere and has no idea that they want to talk to him. Let’s not jump to conclusions of hiding or avoiding. Also, anyone who has ever been involved in any type of legal situation knows it’s always good to talk with your attorney first before speaking with any law enforcement or anyone else about anything that has anything to do with a legal situation. It’s not as if the police are going into a panic because they haven’t been able to speak with Jones yet. They’re not getting nervous or combing the streets of Albuquerque looking Jon……Do you know how many accidents there are in Albuquerque on a daily basis? This is just one out of the many that they deal with on a daily basis. Maybe Jon isn’t even in town, maybe he’s in Vegas and heard this rumor going on about him and called his attorney and asked him to figure what the hell is going on. Maybe he’s back in New York visiting family. You never know, and you certainly CANNOT go by what some online mma media outlet says or most other media outlets for that matter. All that has been legally said was said by APD, and all they said was they would like to speak with Jon Jones about a hit and run incident and they also said that Jon is NOT a suspect. Meaning, maybe he was at the gas station across the street and witnessed a hit and run take place so the PD would like to talk with him to find out if he recognized the driver or any number of other things that take place in an investigation. smh. I’ve never understood why people jump to conclusions with minimal information, and typically assume the worst…….that type of thinking makes no sense to me.

    • Darin

      Taking a nap??!! That is jumping to one hell of a conclusion!! The woman he hit was taken to the hospital. If the ambulance showed up, I imagine the cops showed up too, and Jones was gone. Jones skipped out, face it. He needed to sober up before facing the cops.

      • penandpaper

        I jumped to NO conclusions. I used the word MAYBE and merely listed possiblities. Pay attention to that type of stuff when you’re reading, it will help you better understand what you’ve read.
        However, YOU did jump to conclusions. It has NEVER been said by law enforcement that Jon was driving in a vehicle that was involved in an accident. What has been said by law enforcement is that they would like to talk to Jon Jones about what he knows regarding a traffic accident that occurred early Sunday morning.
        Also, another conclusion that YOU jumped to is regarding this pregnant woman. The police did NOT say that this woman was hit by Jon Jones. They said this woman was in a separate vehicle involved in the accident that occurred. Meaning, possibly, a third or fourth or fifth or etc, vehicle that was possibly hit by one of the other vehicles that was involved in the accident. The police did NOT say that Jon Jones was driving a vehicle that hit the vehicle the pregnant woman was in. Take a reading comprehension class, please, before you ever respond to anything I write. And with the way you think, I hope you are never on a jury. You are simply making judgments based on what online mma “reporter” have written and based on your emotions. Neither of which are the best way to come to conclusions. FACTS are what you need to wait for before you make your conclusions. FACTS will always bring a more accurate conclusion than your emotions will.

      • penandpaper

        Do you know what evidence is? Do you know what facts are? Use evidence and facts rather than your emotions and you will come to a more accurate conclusion about anything in life. You don’t hear the police saying Jon was driving a car that hit a vehicle with a pregnant woman in it do you? No, because they are dealing with fact and evidence, no emotions. You don’t hear the police saying that Jon is a suspect in a hit and run or that Jon is suspected of driving in a hit and run. Why? Because the police know that all sorts of other things could be possible and they are dealing with facts and evidence, not emotions. Work on doing that in your life and you will most likely start having more accurate conclusions in your life.

        • Trevor Smales

          an off duty police officer witnessed Jones as the driver and fleeing the scene.

    • JJDNB

      People jump to conclusions because it’s the thing to do. Mob mentality is and always will be around

    • brandon taylor

      The type of thinking that could allow a grown man to flee the scene of a simple accident and leave an injured pregnant woman who’s injuries were caused by his recklesness and then have people actually defend him I will never understand what if that was your wife and unborn child

  • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

    Jones is somewhere hiding trying to flush all the coke out of his system and or sober up. Dana and the UFC will have all this slid under the carpet by tomorrow. We will all never know what really happened. That lady that was hit probably already received a big fat envelope from the Fertitas. Anyone else they would be screwed. Jones is probably laughing about it as we speak. He knows UFC/Dana has his back and nothing to worry about.

    • SpaceJam

      Cool story needs more dragons.

  • Justin Horton

    Jon Jones is a great fighter… However, this will make what, 2 UFC events that he has in some way sabotaged and gotten cancelled. Not because he was injured, or for a valid reason, but because he is a selfish person and in my opinion a backsliding junkie. Even though Jones’ lack of concern for the fans or anyone else is ridiculous and sickening, whats worse is Dana White babying him. In the words of Major Payne, ” Pop yo titty out his mouth and let the boy grow up!”

  • AR_Hacker

    sounds like JJ is taking the Ted Kennedy route, hit someone, go run away and get lawyered up and sober, he might even get elected to Congress for decades

  • Jim

    Snorty McNo-Brains is up to his old tricks… Glad to see that 1 day stint in rehab did him some good…

  • jimmy murphy

    this is working in jones favor, great publicity.. remember that old saying……..no publicity is bad publicity
    damnnnnn! bad boy jones………great fighter tho…..

    • I’m not sure the old saying fits in this case. Losing his sponsors and canceling his fights won’t do much good for him.

    • John Smith

      “failing drug test is great publicity” Are you mentally retarded?

      • jimmy murphy

        everyone likes a bad boy. and lets be clear unlike cheating scumbags like anderson silva and chael sonnen, jones wasnt using peds to gain an advantage in octagon. mark my words…jones will come stronger and everyone will want a piece of him. he will be a bigger star than he was before… downfalls in sport have the potential to reap massive reawrds later in life. autobiography. movie ect ect.