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Let the Games Begin: Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen Exchange TUF Brasil 3 Barbs

Posted on by BlogAuthor

We all knew it was coming… and Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen have wasted no time taking to the social stratosphere to continue their war on the set of TUF Brasil 3.

Here’s a preview of coming attractions…


The link in the tweet below points to the Instagram post beneath it…

  • Shartnado

    Sonnen is garbage, and nothing but a footnote in mma history compared to the Wandy legacy. Sonnen takes a dump on an entire nations pride cause he wanted to spout a few zinger punchlines , but Wandy will take it to him. And Sonnen will try to just smother him for a boring decision

    • Michael J Wilding

      like sonnen did to Shogun??? lmao you are a clown and know nothing about MMA. Sonnen will crush wandi easy.

      • Shartnado

        if by crush you mean lay n pray i agree

        • put me in the sauna coach

          yeah that was some crazy lay and pray vs Shogun…..

        • taylor2008

          No he will put a GNP clinic on Wand. And I am a fan of Wand.

    • fsunoles10

      haha spoken out of anger and dislike for the man, that doesnt change the reality wandy is facing which is getting put on his back and choked unconscious thats of course if he doesnt tap. tuck that lip in bud it will be alright.

    • Robert Rios

      well Chael’s challenged for two titles in two weight classes in the UFC, where Wandy hasn’t but I’m a hardcore Silva fan so I have to pick for this bout.

      • Shartnado

        In what capacity did he offer Jones the slightest challenge in that fight? He didnt even earn that fight , he wooed Dana and promised to be a good TV personality for as a TUF coach.

      • JET

        I’m a fan of both guys, so I’m not trying to nitpick. In all fairness, yes Chael has challenged for two titles and he has a bigger legacy in the UFC. But as far as a legacy in MMA as a whole, what Wanderlei did in Pride during his prime puts him on another level.

  • asasas

    this whole lay and pay thing is getting retarded i mean yeah its boring but if you can hold high level competition down for an entire fight its still a win not an easy accomplishment not to say sonnen will do that to silva

  • taylor2008

    I dont know why people hate Sonnen? THe guy can sell fights and he is occasionally funny.

    • solo

      He is the master in selling fights, and yeah he is hilarious but, if you’re Brazilian, it’s hard to like him. He trashed their country with some ugly words. Even though he probably said it only to sell the fight, imo he took it to far and alot of people out there took it personally i think. So, i can understand the hate towards him if you’re coming from Brazil, but not if you’re coming from USA.

      • taylor2008

        I agree, but look at another trash talker that everyone liked. Ali. Ali was pretty much the starter of trash talking in boxing. He said some pretty harsh things about people. I agree Sonnen took it too far about Brazil. He needed to tone that down a bit.
        On another rnote….I wonder how the brazilian fighters are reacting to Sonnen training them? This will be very interesting!

        • andy meza

          dont compare chael to the great ali!

          • taylor2008

            Oh ok Andy. I was just making a point others trash talk too.

        • andy meza

          Ali backed it up what does chael do he gets ko or tko in the first 3 minutes of a fight!

          • taylor2008

            Chael put a beating on Silva the first fight and only got caught in the triangle because both were dead tired. Chael is a good fighter. Just not top 5 middle anymore.

      • fsunoles10

        who cares americans get trashed at every turn for everything, also everything which is said about brazilians tend to be truer than they are false.

  • Brian Revell

    lol i have taken control of both teams..

  • Racin8de

    Wanderlei can suck my Johnson, Brazil gets talked about for the way people see it, same with the USA. Lets not be fcking nieve.

  • otto

    I just dont know where I stand with Chael, I really hate the guy, but I cant get enough of him, he makes me laugh hysterically…..never been a fan of the trash talk, always abided by the “better done beats better said “……but, I just dont see Wandy defending Chaels power double, think its going to be a long painfull evening for Wandy, that power double leads to some serious GnP