Let the Games Begin: Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen Exchange TUF Brasil 3 Barbs

January 22, 2014
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We all knew it was coming… and Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen have wasted no time taking to the social stratosphere to continue their war on the set of TUF Brasil 3.

Here’s a preview of coming attractions…


The link in the tweet below points to the Instagram post beneath it…

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Sonnen is garbage, and nothing but a footnote in mma history compared to the Wandy legacy. Sonnen takes a dump on an entire nations pride cause he wanted to spout a few zinger punchlines , but Wandy will take it to him. And Sonnen will try to just smother him for a boring decision

    • Michael J Wilding

      like sonnen did to Shogun??? lmao you are a clown and know nothing about MMA. Sonnen will crush wandi easy.

      • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

        if by crush you mean lay n pray i agree

        • put me in the sauna coach

          yeah that was some crazy lay and pray vs Shogun…..

        • taylor2008

          No he will put a GNP clinic on Wand. And I am a fan of Wand.

    • fsunoles10

      haha spoken out of anger and dislike for the man, that doesnt change the reality wandy is facing which is getting put on his back and choked unconscious thats of course if he doesnt tap. tuck that lip in bud it will be alright.

    • Robert Rios

      well Chael’s challenged for two titles in two weight classes in the UFC, where Wandy hasn’t but I’m a hardcore Silva fan so I have to pick for this bout.

      • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

        In what capacity did he offer Jones the slightest challenge in that fight? He didnt even earn that fight , he wooed Dana and promised to be a good TV personality for as a TUF coach.

      • JET

        I’m a fan of both guys, so I’m not trying to nitpick. In all fairness, yes Chael has challenged for two titles and he has a bigger legacy in the UFC. But as far as a legacy in MMA as a whole, what Wanderlei did in Pride during his prime puts him on another level.

  • asasas

    this whole lay and pay thing is getting retarded i mean yeah its boring but if you can hold high level competition down for an entire fight its still a win not an easy accomplishment not to say sonnen will do that to silva

  • taylor2008

    I dont know why people hate Sonnen? THe guy can sell fights and he is occasionally funny.

    • solo

      He is the master in selling fights, and yeah he is hilarious but, if you’re Brazilian, it’s hard to like him. He trashed their country with some ugly words. Even though he probably said it only to sell the fight, imo he took it to far and alot of people out there took it personally i think. So, i can understand the hate towards him if you’re coming from Brazil, but not if you’re coming from USA.

      • taylor2008

        I agree, but look at another trash talker that everyone liked. Ali. Ali was pretty much the starter of trash talking in boxing. He said some pretty harsh things about people. I agree Sonnen took it too far about Brazil. He needed to tone that down a bit.
        On another rnote….I wonder how the brazilian fighters are reacting to Sonnen training them? This will be very interesting!

        • andy meza

          dont compare chael to the great ali!

          • taylor2008

            Oh ok Andy. I was just making a point others trash talk too.

        • andy meza

          Ali backed it up what does chael do he gets ko or tko in the first 3 minutes of a fight!

          • taylor2008

            Chael put a beating on Silva the first fight and only got caught in the triangle because both were dead tired. Chael is a good fighter. Just not top 5 middle anymore.

      • fsunoles10

        who cares americans get trashed at every turn for everything, also everything which is said about brazilians tend to be truer than they are false.

  • Brian Revell

    lol i have taken control of both teams..

  • Racin8de

    Wanderlei can suck my Johnson, Brazil gets talked about for the way people see it, same with the USA. Lets not be fcking nieve.

  • otto

    I just dont know where I stand with Chael, I really hate the guy, but I cant get enough of him, he makes me laugh hysterically…..never been a fan of the trash talk, always abided by the “better done beats better said “……but, I just dont see Wandy defending Chaels power double, think its going to be a long painfull evening for Wandy, that power double leads to some serious GnP

  • Top Gan

    Mais uma vergonha, um assistente de Wanderlei Silva, rouba a camiseta do próprio corpo de Chael Sonnen. Art. 157 do código
    Penal Brasileiro: subtrair para si ou para outrem coisa alheia móvel, mediante violência ou grave ameaça….
    Não acredito que qualquer cidadão brasileiro de bem queira ser representado por atleta com essas atitudes, lembrando que Sonnen agiu em legítima defesa. E tem mais esse crime foi cometido mediante concurso de pessoas. Cadê o Ministério Público para investigar os participantes na casa do TUF Brasil 3 e promover a representação criminal, esta é uma ação penal pública incondicionada.
    Wanderlei Silva você está acabando com a boa reputação do esporte brasileiro nas artes marciais construído pelos grandes lutadores que lutam pelo esporte e pela vida, aqueles que realmente ajudam muitos a não seguir o caminho da criminalidade.
    Dizer que representa todo o povo brasileiro, principalmente aqueles cidadãos de bem é uma ofensa moral passiva de reparação de danos, verdade seja dita, é o que diz nossas leis, basta que sejam cumpridas.

    Jamais me sentirei representado desta forma, nenhum
    atleta que luta pela reputação do esporte ou que ajudou a construir a sua história, jamais deverá apoiar tal atitude. Nosso país tem muitos problemas sociais e somos mal representados politicamente.
    Chael Sonnen falou de problemas sociais no Brasil é isso que pensamos do ponto de vista sociológico, na Democracia às vezes se fala o que quer e ouve-se o que não quer é Democracia, em que pese o direito de um terminar quando começa o do outro, não é argumento hábil que justifique roubar
    a camiseta do cara mediante violência e ameaça, como se não bastasse isso mediante o concurso de pessoas.
    Quanta ignorância, que vergonha, que vergonha para
    nossa nação mediante a repercussão internacional destes fatos. O mínimo que Dana deveria fazer era demitir Wanderlei Silva do UFC. Quanto ao Sonnen penso que já ganhou esta luta mesmo que seja moralmente. O cara diz que muitas crianças brasileiras brincam na lama ao invés de ir para a escola, é uma verdade. O cara fala do risco de alguém ser batido sua carteira, e na casa do TUF vemos diante de nossos olhos alguém roubar sua própria camiseta. Deixo a pergunta o que dizer disso?.Wanderlei Silva também não deveria pedir desculpas? O que o povo americano, ou qualquer povo no mundo pensaria disso? O que vc cidadão de bem pensaria disso? E quando nós visitarmos o país americano como seremos vistos se aceitarmos ser representados de tal forma?
    Wanderlei Silva perdeu a razão.

  • Top Gan

    Translation Review
    Another shame, an assistant Wanderlei Silva steals the shirt body’s own Chael Sonnen . Article 157 of the Brazilian Penal Code : subtract for himself or for another thing alien mobile, through violence or serious threat ….
    Do not believe any Brazilian citizen and want to be represented by atlestas with these attitudes , noting that Sonnen acted in self defense. What’s more this crime was committed by persons tendering . Where the Prosecutor to investigate the participants at the home of TUF Brazil 3 and promote criminal representation , this is a public criminal action.
    Wanderlei Silva vc is killing the reputation of Brazilian sport martial arts built by great fighters fighting for sport and for life, those who really help many to not follow the path of crime .
    Said to represent the Brazilian people , especially those good citizens is a moral offense of passive damages, truth be told , is what our laws say , just to be fulfilled .
    Never represented me feel this way , any athlete who fight for sport or reputation that helped build his story , should never support such an attitude. Our country has many social problems and are underrepresented politically.
    Chael Sonnen spoke of social problems in Brazil is that we think the sociological point of view , in Democracy sometimes speaks whatever , and you hear what you want is not democracy , despite the right of a finish when he gets the another , is not skilled argument that justifies stealing a shirt from the guy with violence and threat , as if this were not enough with the assistance of people .
    What ignorance , shame , shame on our nation by the international repercussions of these facts . The least you should do is resign Dana Wanderlei Silva UFC .
    As for Sonnen think I’ve won this fight even if it is morally . The guy says that many Brazilian children play in the mud instead of going to school , it is a truth . The guy speaks the risk of someone being knocked his wallet , and the home of TUF before our eyes we see someone stealing your own shirt. I leave the question to say that? . Wanderlei Silva neither should you apologize ? What the American people , or any people in the world think that? What do you think about this good citizen ? And when we visit the American country as will be seen if we accept to be represented in such a way ?
    Wanderlei Silva has lost his reason .

  • Top Gan

    root for Chael Sonnen in the fight against Wanderlei Silva;

    Wanderlei Silva is embarrassing the Brazilian people, do not want to be represented by an athlete with unsportsmanlike attitudes. Wanderlei Silva does not deserve this fight, Sonnen is a warrior endured immeasurable humiliation of Wanderlei Silva, Dana White should fire him in the UFC, and that Andre Dida did on TUF is an indisputable attitude of cowardice, comment on is the exercise of a democratic state law, in spite of such reprehensible attitudes, the American people are best represented by Sonnen than Brazilian Wanderlei Silva by. Incidentally, W. Silva say that represents us gets to be a moral offense liability for damages …

  • Top Gan

    Sonnen may even be a boring guy , but talked about social and economic problems that happens not only in Brazil but anywhere in the world , Brazilians are underrepresented politically , because politicians do not solve the social problems of the country at least one acceptable level . It is understandable that Brazil is a developing country , it was discovered only 500 years, and has always been that colony exploited by other countries , Brazil is what it is because secured his place in the last three decades , and that the U.S. is in ranking of development as they existed since the time Jesus Christ came on earth . Democracy sometimes speak or hear and what does not. Sonnen ‘s degree in sociology and his vision is the sociological point of view . Forgiveness is an attitude of nobility , acknowledge one’s mistakes is divine . Wanderlei Silva has lost his mind the way he reacted against Sonnen , and that’s why Brazilian athletes who truly represent the sport feel ashamed in front of any people anywhere in the world. The question that remains to be reflected is where ethics and morality within the MMA . Kant was a great philosopher saying your attitude is universally accepted ….