Legacy FC Had a Stellar 2014, but Going International and into Kickboxing in 2015

January 11, 2015
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When looking back over 2014, Legacy FC promoter Mick Maynard feels that the company had an exceptional year.

A combination of young talent and veteran fighters helped produce some of the most exciting fights anywhere, reiterating Texas’ claim as one of the premier regions in MMA.

“It was a really strong year. We did more shows than ever,” Maynard told MMAWeekly.com. “I think from an entertainment standpoint and a financial standpoint, it was our moist successful year ever.”

With so many fights to choose from, Maynard felt it was difficult to narrow down some of the most memorable moments for Legacy in 2014, but there are some that do stand out.

“Obviously Holly Holm fought for us and to see her rise was special, and Damacio (Page’s) resurgence is great for many reasons,” said Maynard. “I consider Leonard (Garcia’s) retirement with us an honor because he is such a great person and warrior. Daniel Pineda coming back was bittersweet because we are close, but it was good to see him back.

“I know I am missing so many, but I know you can’t accept a novel (of a response).”

Like Holm, many fighters from Legacy stepped up into promotions like the UFC, and it’s a sense of pride for Maynard that his promotion was the place they were able build a base before moving on.

“If you think about it, we were doing it when it wasn’t cool to be doing it,” said Maynard. “I can remember when people would question my decision to do that and now it seems everyone is claiming that moniker. I know there have been many before us also, so by no means am I claiming to be the first.

“We are just proud to be a part of these fighters getting the opportunity to better their lives financially. I stopped counting, but I feel like in the last three years no promotion has sent more athletes to the UFC than us even though that is often overlooked.”

Looking forward to 2015, Maynard is looking to expand beyond MMA and bring one of the sport’s predecessors into a bigger light.

“We will be doing the same number of events as last year and we are working on some international TV deals also, so our brand can continue to grow,” said Maynard. “In addition, Jan. 16 will be the debut of Legacy Kickboxing.

“I see LK becoming to kickboxing what the UFC is to MMA. We don’t ever want to do 45 shows yearly, but I don’t think we need to. We may be the first promotion to do world-class kickboxing and MMA events on live national television.”

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