Lawsuit Reveals Georges St-Pierre Could Owe Former Manager Millions

November 20, 2013
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GSP UFC 167 Press Conference WMThe Georges St-Pierre rumors began swirling on Monday, but Tuesday revealed some hard evidence about the UFC welterweight champion’s troubles.

According to a report from, documents from the Clark County Courthouse in Nevada show that St-Pierre lost a lawsuit earlier this year to his former manager, Shari Spencer, for a settlement of $737,066.35, as well as percentages of royalties and other streams of revenue.

St-Pierre’s additional penalties, according to the report, include 20 percent of future revenue on various UFC Pay-Per-View fights, 20 percent of royalties earned under a 2008 UFC merchandising contract, and five percent of future revenues from sponsorships Spencer assisted in obtaining.

While news of Spencer’s lawsuit was rumored to be part of the “personal problems” St-Pierre said he’s experiencing, the former manager to the fighter went to Twitter to downplay her involvement in his issues.

The lawsuit, according to an anonymous source cited in the TMZ report, could cost the UFC champion millions of dollars.

On Monday, rumors hit the internet about St-Pierre’s reasoning behind his sudden desire to step away from fighting, which he announced during his post-fight interview at UFC 167. An unplanned pregnancy with an unnamed woman and the declining health of his father were both reported as reasons for GSP’s departure from the sport.

Subsequent to the rumors being spread, UFC president Dana White was quoted by the Los Angeles Times in saying that St-Pierre told him the rumors were untrue. Additionally, Myriam, St-Pierre’s sister, denied any truth to stories about their father’s declining health in a report from

White initially said that St-Pierre’s troubles aren’t as big as everyone thinks. The UFC boss added in the L.A. Times story that he is already working on a rematch between St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks. An announcement for the fight, White said, should take place within a couple weeks.

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  • Whackster

    There’s a rumor going round, that two Canadians came to America last Saturday night and got their asses kicked.

    • Patrice Lavoie

      Only one buddy sorrry for your lost, ,american cry baby

      • fsunoles10

        try to hide it all you will but you and i both know hendrix outperformed gsp. he controlled the grappling and landed more significant strikes, sounds like a robbery to me bud. btw i was rooting for gsp for some odd reason, i say this cuz i usually root for whoever he is fighting but it seems like he is giving less a f lately and i kinda like that.

        • fsunoles10

          btw i know its hendricks

      • Darin

        This is true. Rory had his moments and had a fairly close fight. Canadian Roid Boy, on the other hand, got beaten senseless.

        • Kyle Piercey

          “Canadian Roid Boy” published all of his clean drug tests, idiot

      • Whackster
      • Whackster

        American cry baby?! I think the real problem is, you Canadians are obsessed with GSP. You ass clowns have been putting on quite a show since that Saturday night beating. The guy had the fight given to him and Canadians are still bitching about it. Talking bout some “phantom” tap in the first round. Like that’s gonna take all eyes off the 5 round bludgeon that Johnny gave him. Don’t you ass pirates have the CFL? Canadian Football League. Ice Hockey or some crap. Cling to something else for awhile. Even if GSP does fight again, I’m telling you flat out, after that beating he will never be the same again. He will never be the same fighter in the cage again.

      • Nathan Broumley

        I don’t care what country Hendrix is from thats F#%king wrong. I’ve been a fan of GSP for 8 years but he took a beating in that fight he couldn’t even remember most of it, and Hendrix did not have a scratch, he probably gets worse beating from his payed sparring partners.

  • Guga Gracie

    If this news is true, then shouldn’t GSP actually be willing to fight even more, to make more money and pay his bills? LOL

    • Corey Hutton

      Your logic is flawed, he should fight less or never again. Then this money hungry twat wouldn’t get anymore.

      • DamianCross

        Uh, actually if he doesn’t honor his settlement, he’ll get sued again and owe even more. The government will pay her first, and then Georges AND his legal team will have to answer direct to the courts. They will lose pretty much everything.

    • Milosc

      ..and feel like a complete bitch the whole time…

      (That has ‘got’ to mess with someone’s head. Bigtime)

  • fsunoles10

    now this lady is going to be payed for the rest of her life just for sitting on her ass.

    • Big Tuna

      She provided marketing and agent representation, that’s how professional athletes gain promotion

      • fsunoles10

        i dont need you to tell me what she does bud, she like i said is set for life and all she has to do is sit on her ass, apparently its the new american dream.

        • Blahablah

          She didn’t sit on her ass to earn the money, she helped to market/brand St Pierre, the sitting on her ass is an effect of earning the money….hard work and some luck paying of…it’s always been the American dream.

    • DamianCross

      You literally would not know who GSP was if it wasn’t for this woman.

  • Corey Hutton

    Gold digging bitch.
    Hopefully GSP learns never to hire someone born in the money grubbing society of America.

    • fsunoles10

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      • Wilfire

        Y’all money hungry gold diggers likely made the crack.

      • Kyle Piercey

        Yeah because Washington didn’t have a crackhead mayor either…

  • bajafox

    She has really white teeth in her pic, couldn’t she at least have managed to get GSP to brush his teeth while she was employed by him? The guys grill during Primetime looked like that landlord chick from Kingpin

  • George Sperry

    TMZ is less reliable than Fox News.

    • Mr Pete

      So, what is reliable then? MSNBC everything is “deeply racist” news? or how about the every journalist is coincidentally gay CNN? “Literally” ABC’s very subtle but obvious subliminal pedophilia, and promiscuity of young girls? Fox News is the only news that at least tries to report news rather than brainwash simple minded people like you.

      • Bill oh really

        Yeah George Sperry!! You are so brainwashed by your unnamed news source that you spring into defending them on an MMA blog. Fox News!! Woooohooo!! The only news source that’s right. I know this because they tell me they’re right. Everyone else is a bunch of stupid heads and have alterior motives behind miss reporting news events….now that we are done with that, lets get back to talking about the article above.

        • some dude

          Don’t watch any american news…All the media in the u.s. is owned by six corporations who value profit above all else. Get your news from the BBC, the Economist and al-jazeera america.

        • Mr Pete

          Obama!!!! Forever!!

      • George Sperry

        I’m sorry, if you think fox news is trying to report the news fairly you
        aren’t bright enough to grasp concepts and certainly aren’t bright
        enough to hold a conversation with.

        • Mr Pete

          My apologies, your right, I’m wrong, I will never disagree with anyone ever again, obey, shut your mouth and submit. That’s what people like you want to hear right? Hey, quick question for you. Who owns the “News” channels that you favor?

          • George Sperry

            I don’t watch news, I read news.


    TMZ.. I call your Bull$#iT!!!