Lavar Johnson Receives Nine-Month Suspension; UFC Drops Him

March 22, 2013
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13-Lavar-Johnson-UFC-146-weighThe California State Athletic Commission earlier this week confirmed that Lavar Johnson’s drug test result following UFC 157: Rousey vs. Carmouche returned results for an elevated ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone.

Johnson received a nine-month suspension from the CSAC and was subsequently released from his contract by the UFC, according to sources confirming an earlier report by

Going 2-2 during his UFC run, and just 2-4 over his last six fights, made Johnson an expendable fighter on a bloated roster that UFC president Dana White has said is being aggressively pruned.

Johnson lost a three-round unanimous decision to Brendan Schaub at UFC 157, when he was unable to stop Schuab’s relentless takedown attack.

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  • Yannick Messaoud

    Talk about that zero tolerance good stuff

    • InconsistentUFC

      Except for TUF alum Alex Caceres. Bruce Lee gets a second chance. 3

      • Redskinrey

        Yeah hes Danas little pet

      • Advance*

        Aside from weed obviously being less of an offense, Cacares has won 3 in a row. It would be 5 if Herb Dean didn’t deduct 2 points instead of 1 against Figueroa. Johnson has lost 2 in a row

  • me

    Ufc should drop the whole heavyweight division for roids actually they need to clean house of all trt cheaters!!!

  • It’s funny how a lot of these guys are still losing fights along with their job stability. (Bonnar, Johnson, Thiago Tavares) Some of the best fighters ever in the sport have never tested positive. Hughes, Liddell, Fedor, Silva, BJ Penn, GSP all never had an issue. Even with an injury, a fighter shouldn’t risk their career with using peds. I don’t care if it’s marijuana, trt, or roids; drugs will wreck everything for you.

    • dgs

      Including marijuana in your post is just ridiculous. I smoke every night (no different than people who enjoy a nightcap before bed, it helps to relax me and helps me to sleep) and have been doing so for many years. I have also been training in some form of martial arts for over 20 years (been training at Guy Mezgers in Dallas for about seven years now) and I would put myself against anyone in my age and weight class (45/150 lbs) in terms of cardio, power, speed, flexibility, you name it. Pot has not wrecked a single thing in my life, and athletes like Nick Diaz and the rest who smoke (probably a lot more than I do), can compete at the very highest levels of the sport without a problem.

      It is amazing to me in my lifetime that marijuana has become legal recreationally in two states. I suspect it’s a trend that will continue to other states, and maybe, just maybe in my lifetime marijuana will become legal in all states. Who the “F” are you, or anyone for that matter to dictate to me what I can, and can’t do with a naturally growing plant. Only in our warped world have a bunch of morons determined that alcohol is somehow safer than pot. To you and all the rest I give you the middle finger of both my hands!”

      • I am all for marijuana being legal and would have no issue with alcohol being illegal. My point is that since it is illegal under federal law it will cause you problems. As for the commission I don’t care if it’s legal or not if they say you can’t use it then they have the right to uphold their ruling. I wouldn’t mind marijuana being legalized but it would help if people would represent themselves in a more professional manner and not say things like “To you and all the rest I give you the middle finger of both my hands!” All the time on t.v I see a bunch of grungy looking pot heads yelling about how it’s just a plant. So please if your going to protest and stand up for a substance to be legalized do it in a more civil professional manner. I for one enjoy listening to interviews with doctors that try to educate people and represent the positive sides of marijuana usage.

        • For all the kids out there though…. Stay away from drugs in general, please. You don’t need any substance in your life whether legal or illegal. Stay in the gym, stay in school and stay focused on your goals.

          • Adam White

            The best post I’ve ever heard

  • Ju-Jutsu

    Caceras was popped for weed; not roids. I do think they should have strict punisment for any failed test, no matter the substance. If you need weed to make it through your daily routine, perhaps you should work somewhere that they don’t test you for it as often; and/or where your TUE allows you to do so.

  • Redskinrey

    He was a scary dude and had some really good fights

  • jew jitsu

    oooooo well

  • Cereal Killer

    There should be a permanent ban on guys that test positive of steroids. That would fix this current problem.