Lavar Johnson Fails UFC 157 Drug Test, Faces Possible Fine and Suspension

March 20, 2013
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Courtesy of Damon Martin and official content partner Bleacher Report.

17-Lavar-Johnson-7318-UFC-157-weighThe drug test results from UFC 157 in Anaheim, Calif., have returned with heavyweight Lavar Johnson flagged for an infraction after his test returned positive.

According to Andy Foster, executive director of the California State Athletic Commission, Johnson’s test returned with “adverse” results, so a second test was run that came back consistent with steroid usage.

“His first test came back bad, but I wanted confirmation so I ran the carbon-isotope ratio test. I had UCLA WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) lab run that and it came back adverse, which means the results are consistent with the administration of a steroid,” Foster told Bleacher Report on Wednesday.

All of the other fighters tested on the UFC 157 card came back clean.

With Johnson’s positive test returned after the second carbon-isotope test was run, the commission will now move forward with a possible suspension and fine for the UFC heavyweight if he chooses to accept it.

“I’m really waiting for Lavar to decide what he wants to do. I’m offering him an administrative suspension from me as the executive officer, or if he wants to appeal he can go to the commission and see what they want to do with him,” Foster stated.

Foster, who was appointed executive director last November, said that Johnson’s possible suspension will likely be between six and nine months. But he plans on reaching out to Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer to try and reach a consensus for suspensions for these types of infractions to make the punishment as consistent as possible across all state commissions.

Johnson would also face a small fine for the positive test if he chooses to accept the suspension from the commission.

“What I told Lavar was that his monetary fine for me, at least if he chooses to take my suspension, will be the cost of my two tests that I ran. I think it will be somewhere around $1,250,” Foster stated.

Since the test results have been returned, Johnson has not made a statement about the issue and Foster said he is still waiting to hear back from the fighter about his decision to accept the suspension and fine or file an appeal to go before the commission for a full hearing.

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  • Milos Rackovic

    everyone is on something,before or after getting caught

  • MuayThaiFood

    In light of this maybe his nickname should be changed to Lavar “Mothballs” Johnson.

  • Nick

    You are dead on!!! People are very mis-guided if they think these athletes arent all on something…Dont get me wrong, maybe not ALL, but the majority are…some just have better ways of getting around the test…Trust me, there are a million ways to mask the substance…its just gotta be done at the right time.

    • Gary Fredericks

      Levar WHO??? With a good nutrition plan to match the needs of an elite athelete as a proffessional UFC fighter, good training, and knowing when you are too old or not good enough to fight (HINT: If you need steroids to compete, you are too old or not good enough).

      Screw Levar Johnson and all the rest of these cheaters. Levar’s a UFC tomato can anyways…not even a gate keeper! I am all for a “One and Done” rule. You fail one, you never get another license to fight again. Let’s see who really wants to be a F*ckin’ fighter then.

  • howabouta permanent ban for roids dana?