Larry Crowe Hoping Friday’s Legacy Fight Springboards Him into the Spotlight

Having won three fights in a row heading into his first bout of 2015, middleweight veteran Larry “Tae Kwon” Crowe was confident he was about to punch his ticket to the next level. But things did not turn out as such.

Following what appeared to be a foul, Crowe was TKO’d by Leonardo Leite at Legacy FC 39 in February, costing him his shot at the next level in his eyes.

“Definitely I thought it was going to be my stepping stone to the next level and I didn’t take that grasp when I had the chance,” Crowe told “I didn’t do what I had to do to get the victory. I’ll use it to make me better. You’ve got to take opportunities when you get the chance.”

Even though the loss is on his record, Crowe doesn’t view it as a total wash, but instead has learned from it and has improved because of it.

“I dropped my hands a lot, so that’s something I went back and worked on, keeping them up a little bit more,” said Crow. “I felt good against (Leite’s) judo and I felt good going to the ground with a black belt, because he didn’t get position or a good hold.

“I felt I had a strong base, so I’m just doing what I’ve done last year and have had steady improvement.”

Crowe (9-4) will look to rebound when he returns to Legacy FC on Friday in Lake Charles, La., against up-and-comer Ryan Spann (7-1) in a middleweight feature bout.

“I think he’s a good striker, but I feel it fits more into what I like to do,” said Crowe of Spann. “I want to get in his face, put the pressure on, get him down and ground and pound him, and do what I do best. I feel like this fight is better set up for me.

“Definitely, I don’t think he’s going to be able to handle the pressure I can put on. He’s never been hit by anybody as hard as I’m going to hit him. I’m waiting to see his reaction when I hit him once or twice.”

Having missed out on a possible opportunity to take the next step earlier this year, Crowe is looking to put a stamp on the fight on Friday night and get his shot at the big time with a win.

“I definitely feel like a good, solid win, it should put me in there,” said Crowe. “(The loss to Leite) was a wake-up call for me to let me know that I need to step up my game and take my opportunities when I have the chance.

“I think whoever is watching needs to see that I’m an exciting fighter and I entertain the crowd and this is something that I love.”

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