Laila Ali on Ronda Rousey: ‘Don’t Ever Compare Her to My Father’

January 19, 2017

Can’t we all just get along? One woman has success and another has to tear her down.

Laila Ali stated the obvious this week when she told International Business Times that Ronda Rousey is no Muhammad Ali.

Who actually thought that anyway? Ali, during promotions for her appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice, said this when asked by the media about Rousey:

“She’s pretty much been exposed. She can’t take a punch. It doesn’t take anything away from her, what she did as a Judo champion, what she did in the Olympics. But she was basically built up by her promoter to be the best ever to fight, period, in any form of fighting, and it just never was true.”

“I’ve heard people say, ‘Well, Muhammad Ali lost, he’s still great.’ First of all, Muhammad Ali never lost like that. He never got in there and was made to look like a rag doll,” Laila said. “And when he did lose it was pretty much after he had been off for three years. He was in his prime, had to take time off, came back, fought the best, then he came back and had rematches against the best, so please don’t ever compare her to my father.”

If you wanted to make a comparison to Rousey, it should be Mike Tyson, not Ali. But that’s besides the point.

Rousey may or may not have been “exposed.” It could also just mean that she was knocked out by two superior boxers, Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes. One thing is clear:

We at Hot Sauce don’t think Rousey gives a s–t about what Laila Ali thinks. We also believe that Laila Ali is no Ronda Rousey.

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  1. No Laila Ali is no Ronda Rousey she can actually take a punch

  2. First, I love Muhammad, had the pleasure of meeting him several times, but if anyone watched his last fight, HE NEVER THREW A PUNCH. It was heartbreaking…he was beaten for so many rounds that Larry Holmes was begging the ref to stop the fight. So he was beated, like a rag doll for many many rounds. Holmes would be hated for his career after that fight…So Laila, if you have more to say, that’s untrue, step in with Ronda, I will bet she would whip your smart ass. Not only that, but who did you fight? I guarantee it was nothing in the realm of Ms. Rousey…be careful running your mouth, you just might get your card punched.

    • Your a moron, ali was old and washed up, should have never even fought. Rousey is in her prime tool bag. Plus Laila was 24-0 with 21 by KO, get a clue before you run your moronic mouth

      • How is Rousey in her prime? She’s done. She probably won’t ever fight again. She doesn’t have it anymore and that was not because of her opponent. She would have run right through Nunes a few years ago.

        Laila Ali was a fraud who rarely fought anyone good. That’s why she was undefeated.

    • Muhammed Ali was in no condition to fight Larry Holmes. It is known that before the fight, Muhammed Ali’s hands were tingling and his speech was already slurred at this point. In order to lose weight, Muhammed Ali was on thyroid medication and was already weakened. Also, the Larry holmes was not his last fight, It was his second last fight. But the point is he was way past the peak of his powers and was in no condition to fight Larry Holmes. Also, Laila won the super middleweight and light heavyweight titles and retired undefeated. Please get your facts right and then speak mate

    • As James M and James L said. Also, if Laila were to do it in the MMA cage, I would agree with you. Unless Rousey decides to keep it standing. Then it would be as if Rousey stepped into the boxing ring. Rousey would get demolished like she did against Holm and Nunes. Know your schit before you open your mouth. Saves you from having to take your foot out of it.

      • That’s the problem though, Ali implied she could beat Rousey in mma. Not the other way around. She’s delusional.

  3. Laila Ali “no Ronda Rousey” Are you serious? She (Laila) was 24 – 0 with 21 ko’s, this dude is a clueless joke. When you say “we at hot sauce” I hope you don’t speak for everyone because that would strip hot sauce of any credibility what so ever…..

    • well said

    • Great analogy. Phillip Miller was undefeated in the Octagon and Chuck Liddell was 21-8. Does that mean Miller was better? Laila Ali NEVER fought the best boxers.

      • She held 3 title belts, what are you talking about? Was this guy a champion?

        • Okay, so now it comes down to title belts? Although Miller probably did, because he fought for a number of different promotions, let’s use someone with a bigger name with titles that you are looking for. How about Ben Askren? He must be better, right? He’s held multiple titles in mma and has a 15-0 record. So in your opinion, he is better than guys like Liddell, Couture, etc.

      • What are you on ?

        • Are you aware of your surroundings?

  4. You mean your father the rag head and communist who dodged the draft and called the country which made him a millionaire “racist”? Yeah, Rhonda Rousey is certainly nothing like your traitorous father.

    • Trump dodged the draft. Trump is a billionaire. Trump is a ‘racist’. What’s your point?

      • Being a billionaire does not place a human life at the pinnacle of true success. Many rich people will tell you that. After all, what good is the world of money when you leave a trail of hurt behind you.

      • Who said anything about Trump? Science TDS is a real thing.

        I made my point, idiot, and like the Leftard you obviously are, you projected your own imbecility on someone else.

        I assume if anyone says “Hitler was a monster” your response would be “so what Stalin and Mao were worse”

        The stupid, it BURNS!

    • Trump dodged the draft, never held a political seat and STILL won’t turn over his tax returns, settled on a 23 million dollar debt for a failed school where the students Degree means nothing now (admission of guilt if you ask me) and said many racist and Misogynistic things about people, but Ali is the racist though? Really?

      • What, there can be only one? If Trump is a racist then no one else can be? Are you really that obtuse?

  5. Hypocrisy at its best! You state that you “don’t give a sh!t about what Ali thinks, but your artilcle is about what she thinks!! Didn’t take much to get this job did it; “can you spell your name. you’re hired”!

  6. Laila was a great champion. You are a fool to think she doesn’t compare to Ronda. That’s the problem. You have Laila who was 24-0. She didn’t get that much attention. Then you have Ronda who’s record 12-2. You compare the two and say Ronda is a better champ. HOw is that? It’s clearly not the same at all.

  7. Ali/Clay was a traitor of this nation and was made a hero by leftists who hate america.

    • Actually, America was the traitor to its citizens by making them 2nd Class Citizens based on the color of their skin.

      • You are, of course, referring to the Jim Crowe laws passed by Democrats, right? Amazing how stupid people can be.

  8. what a biased way to end the article. why do you compare Laila with Ronda? Laila was a boxer (went undefeated I might add). Ronda was NEVER and will never be a boxer.

  9. There’s a big difference between boxing, where they wear 16 oz pillows on their hands, and the brutal contests in the UFC. Muhammad Ali probably would have been successful at either but Laila Ali should stay far away from the UFC for her own protection.



    • She’s actually 24-0 and would be destroyed by any competitive female fighter in mma.

    • Even if she did she would be more relevant than you

  11. laila-ali keeps trying so hard to make Ronda an enemy, ofter all what she says negatively about Ronda Ronda never disrespect her not even once, sigh.

    • What negative things has Ali said about Rousey, that wasn’t a rebuttal against what Rousey has said about her? Get your facts straight. Rousey was the one that first called out Ali. She beat one girl with strikes, and then calls out Ali. Adding that she can also beat men, like Mayweather in boxing. Nothing Ali said was false. Get your head out of Rousey’s arse. As my pops used to tell us when we were kids, “if you don’t want to look or sound stupid…don’t be stupid”. 😉

      • Did you just tell someone to get their facts straight? Ali opened her mouth first, saying she could beat Rousey in mma. Rousey also never said she could beat Mayweather in boxing.

        Everything Ali said was false. She’s an idiot.

  12. Laila is exactly right and rounsey will never be a Laila Ali as she is not even close. Furthermore the article is incorrect because Laila didn’t start this beef…Rousey did when she stated she could beat men and felt she could beat Laila also. Now because Laila has been proven to be right you have an article trying to say Laila will not be a Rousey….well you are correct because Laila Ali was never destroyed like that in a fight and actually Laila never lost a fight and we know how bad Rousey lost.

    • Exactly. Actually the MEDIA started this beef when they asked Laila if she could be Rhonda. She said yes what she is too small. What she was supposed to say no and back down? I agree with you 100%

      • Yes, she should have said no. Because it is the obvious truth. Ali doesn’t know how to fight. She knows how to box only.

        • I think boxing is also known as fighting, yeah, I’m sure it is. Ali was undefeated. Rhonda got her butt kicked twice by women who knew how to box or fight.

          • Only it really isn’t. MMA is very close to an actual fight. Boxing is the furthest thing from it. There are so many limitations. Ali was undefeated because she never fought the best. You also act like Rousey wasn’t champ for years, with 7 title defenses, something no one will probably do for a long time.

            The boxing nonsense is so illogical it is unbelievable and proves you know little about mma. She didn’t lose to them strictly because they were better boxers. If all they knew was boxing, Rousey would have killed them.

          • Kicking is not boxing, boxing is boxing with fists only. Ali fought everyone who was presented to her as far as I remember. I don’t remember her ducking anyone ( enlighten me?). No one wanted to fight her after awhile. Wow, seven title defenses with her gadget arm bar, but when it came to putting the skills of the sport all together, she didn’t have them and got whupped by those who did. Right?

          • What does your opening statement have to do with my comments? That’s senseless. Kicking is allowed in mma last time I checked.

            You don’t remember so well then because she dodged Ann Wolf worse than Canelo is dodging GGG. Plus a few other challengers here and there. She doesn’t really have many quality wins. Most of her fights were against cans.

            Putting the skills of the sport all together? Like ko’ing people? She has 4 wins via tko. Those 2 girls who defeated her, were put away by multiple girls who Rousey demolished. So that logic is absurd. You have no idea what you are talking about.

          • My point is that in boxing or fighting, kicking is not allowed. You are advocating for a sport closer to kick boxing. Thats what the mma is , it is kick boxing, it is NOT plain and simply not boxing in it’s purist form. Pretty simple to me

          • You make no sense. Why are you telling me this?

            The discussion is about a mma fight between the two girls.

          • So the two women who whipped Rousey, had lost to people that Rousey had beat up. So what does that say about Rousey who got smacked by women who had been beaten by women she had beaten? Shouldn’t she have beaten them also? Like I said those arm bar wins after wresting someone to the ground by a person who was a Olympic wresting medalist were bogus and she was exposed. Pretty simple to me.

          • It says she happened to lose 2 fights at the end of her career. This happens to a lot of star fighters in mma. Do you think that Chuck Liddell was some sort of fraud because he lost like 5 fights in a row at the end of his career to a bunch of fighters(with the exception of Jackson) who he would have defeated easily, earlier in his career? Also, now you are acknowledging that Nunes and Holm weren’t these superstars you claimed they were.

            So Rousey’s wins by armbar were bogus(yet I guess those other 4 by tko were not by your analogy) because they were against Olympic medalists in wrestling. Do you not realize how absurd that is? First off, the Olympic wrestling medalist you are thinking about is Sara McMann and Rousey did not take her down or armbar her. She tko’d her from the clinch with a knee to the body. Also, and more importantly, if you think it is easy to take down an Olympic medal wrestler and armbar them, you live in an alternate reality than the rest of us.

            It may be simple to you, because you’ve just exposed yourself as someone who just makes things up as you go along. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Great point. Ali is exactly right. For example, Rousey was a fraud, that’s why she defended her title 7x and defeated girls who made the two who defeated her look like complete garbage. I guess every woman in the UFC is a fraud too.

      Laila Ali was never destroyed in a fight like that because she always dodged top flight competition because she was a coward. She also never fought in mma with 4 oz gloves. If she were to fight Rousey in mma, she would be demolished.

      One more thing-Ali ran her mouth first…you have it backwards.

    • dude you are Liar Ronda didn’t start no beef it’s the media and people like you, up to this day even though Laila keep saying bad thing about Ronda and showing her no respect, Ronda still haven’t said one bad thing about Laila not once.

  13. She shouldn’t even be compared to mike tyson!

  14. And Rousey is no Laila Ali. She did get exposed. She can’t beat bigger (or as big) fighters. Who have much better striking skills than she does. Molina must be a big time Rousey fan, and is butt hurt about her losing back to back. Listen, if Rousey didn’t react the same way as she did in the first fight, in her second, I’d have more respect for her. But she showed us AGAIN, how much of a sore loser she is. Can’t take losing. But that is mostly to blame on the people around her bigging her up, and how she grew up. When you are taught that you are THE BEST, and you can’t fail. When you do (and everyone does), it’s much more devasting. Whether your a stay at home mom, a corporate exec, or an mma fighter, big expectations always set up for big falls. And people like Rousey don’t have the mental fortitude to over come.

  15. You know…why is it that when it’s comparing athletes it’s always down to race? Laila didn’t mention one thing about race but about facts (and yes she spit facts out there) but the first thing that I see a lot of these right wing folks do is bring up her father not fighting for this country. Let’s address the real problem here….she is right…to ever compare Rousey to Muhammed is a slap in the face. How are you 12-0 (before the two losses) and considered the greatest? With 12 fights? Hell that is amateur fights alone right there? Second Ali fought the best of the best back then. Dana White set up Rhonda because most of those other fighters were not in her league. She got arrogant and fought a real boxer who knows how to parry a blow and position their feet, and thought she could strike with them and got knocked the F out. On top of that the girl has a broken psyche….Suicide watch though? Having to be “Consoled” at the weigh in for the second fight!! Those are emotional issues. She was broken. A true fighter is not going to do all that. They maybe down but they get back up. Like Miesha Tate. She beat her twice a, did you hear her talk about killing herself? Kat zigano got submitted by her in 14 seconds. She took time off but did not talk about killing herself. and that is around the same time she was came off of dealing with her husband killing himself. Besides the roids thing this kind of explains why Dana would not allow her to fight Cyborg. Rhonda could have easily made that weight she was going to do it for the Gina Carano fight but can’t for Cyborg. If she could not take Holms or Nunes punches, she would have been devastated by cyborg.

    Lastly, I support Muhammed Ali’s decision to make a stand against racism as he did (but let’s not get this twisted…this is NOT what this post is about). Why? Well let’s look at it…his culture was still being hung, killed, dogs attacking them, and denied jobs of any worth at that time. All the marching and writing petitions wasn’t working. When that one system is not working you gotta do something to get peoples attention. Everything else fell on deaf ears. This man did not start bombing stuff or acting like a terroist he just simply said NO!! You know what is funny, the same people screaming ” it wasn’t that bad” or ” You al are mouthing off about nothing” are the same folks that if you ask them to trade places with a Minority (not for 30 days where you can tough it out, no until we say it ends – cause that is how long life is) they wouldn’t do it. If it wasn’t that bad and you have not walked a mile in these people shows then why in the hell is your mouth open? I don’t want to know about the Irish and who ever in their world. Let’s concentrate on America and what has been going on in the past and the present. Hell the DOJ and various internal affairs have uncovered a hell of a lot of false documented reports dealing with the unfair treatment of minorities by the ones who are supposed to” serve and protect “. But I guess THAT IS ALL MADE UP TOO THOUGH? Even though those documents were written by those same law enforcement employees (can’t use the suspect was making it up this time huh?) I guess that only works when everything is going with the way these right wingers think, anything else is false and everyone is being treated fairly? Really? And this is why we have a divide.

    • Your comment here is filled with false information.

      First off, many UFC champions do not have padded records like boxers do. Rousey’s record may be 12-2, but most of those fights were title fights or high level fights in terms of opponent. That’s not the same as Ali fighting 20 cans and then taking a few legit fights. Boxers go through 15-20 fights before fighting anyone worth mentioning typically. Ali is still much more impressive of a resume for a variety of reasons, but let’s get the facts straight.

      Next, those other girls she was defeating that weren’t in her league apparently at least 2 of them were in Nunes’ league, because 2 of the girls Rousey destroyed, put Nunes away. Same goes for Holm who was choked out against Tate, the same girl Rousey finished 2x.

      Another thing, your breakdown of her fights is so ignorant it isn’t even worth mentioning, the stand up is completely different in mma and Rousey did not want to strike with those girls.

      As you pointed out, Cyborg is a world class cheat, not to mention couldn’t even make 145lbs last time I checked, let alone 135.

      Lastly, stay out of politics, it isn’t your field. It’s pretty obvious.

      • Exactly, that person have no idea what he is talking about not one.

  16. Lastly… Laila did not start this beef. The MEDIA started this when they asked her if she think she could beat Rhonda. She said yes, she is too small, What is Laila so supposed to say NO, and back down like she is scared or Rhonda? If you ask any fighter if they can beat another fighter they are going to say yes! If not, that fighter does not have the Confidence to fight and should not get back in the right cause they do not believe in themselves. Much like how Rhonda was doubting herself after getting savagely knocked out the first time. Doubt is the killer of any fighter. Well Rhonda went up against a boxer that was not even Laila’s weight class and you see how that turned out right?

    • Do you seriously think that would happen with Ali if she fought Rousey in the Octagon? She’d get killed. She has no idea how to fight. Nunes and Holm do.

    • dude, holly holm is a mma, she been training in it for years, and Ronda is in no beef with Laila, ofter all these disrespectful things Laila said about Ronda and is continuing to say, Ronda not once disrespect Laila Ali, you can’t be this simple thinking someone who never train in mma can just go in to mma and walk through people, that is a very ignorant and disrespectful thing for you to say, same way i don’t expect a mma to walk in to a boxing match boxing roles and all and expect that person to be walking through boxers like it’s nothing.

  17. …….and don’t ever compare Laila Ali to Rousey. Ali was a fraud and a coward, while Rousey would destroy someone like Ali in a real fight, not to mention she never ducked opponents like Ali, who thrives off of her last name, yet was nothing like her father.

    • Who did Laila Ali duck? She fought and beat the hell out of all comers. She retired undefeated. She is bigger than Rousey and would take Rouseys head off faster that Rousey lost her last fight.

      • You obviously didn’t follow her if you weren’t aware she ran from Ann Wolfe. She also was very careful selecting most of her opponents.

  18. Tyson in his prime, Ali in his prime, no contest Tyson by KO very early… Laila, take a pill already I think you skipped a few from your schedule. Not many disrespect your father like he did the country, so leave it alone and stop talking to the people in your head.

    • Ali only spoke the truth…

      • No, she did not. Her father had nothing good to say about the system which made him a fortune and a celebrity. He was scum.

        • I guess scum would recognize scum then…but your talking about the Isis Muhamed Ali…

  19. I thought Laila kept a balanced view of Ronda. She made clear that doesn’t take anything away from her judo skills. But basically Laila is right. Ali was never punched around like a rag doll. Even after that powerful left hook that knocked him to the canvas in the final round of the first fight with Smokin’ Joe, he got up after a few seconds. He also took tremendous punches from Foreman, Shavers, and Frazier again especially in the third fight. As for a fight with Laila, I don’t think Ronda would have had a chance. Imagine how hard Laila could punch. That would be the end of it.

    • Hahaha. Yeah, because boxers have been well known to transition smoothly into mma. Hahaha.

      • BLOCKED.

        • Are you saying that your vagina is blocked?

          Imagine a world where you can’t just run away from everyone who disagrees with you.

          • 2 more morons blocked.
            Talk about Snowflakes.
            Only a Snowflake would reply HAHAHA.
            And that’s WHY I BLOCKED THE DUNCE.
            Got it, now, Snowflakes?
            Do you understand now?
            Only a Snowflake would reply HAHAHA as if the issue was beyond dispute, like closing one’s ears.
            How is that any different from a wife going HAHAHA when a husband says he ha a good job or makes a decent salary, Snowflakes?
            If that dunce had an argument this is how he would have presented it:
            “Actually, although Laila has a good punch and is bigger than Ronda, if Ronda made the first grab and managed to bring her down the fight would be over.”
            See, THAT IS HOW ADULTS ARGUE an issue, Snowflakes.
            They don’t just DISMISS THE ISSUE OUT OF HAND, Snowflakes, with “hahaha!”
            If one of you wrote that you thought The Rolling Stones better than the The Beatles and someone replied, “Hahahah!” do you think that would be a “powerful” argument or a sign of a lack of one.
            For the sake of the more rational ones, first of all, the hook-up was fanciful in the first place. Obviouly Laila would have SOME training first. But assuming the fanciful match in the first place, nonetheless EVEN IFLaila was taken to the ground (and Ronda would have to get past her punching power first, and she couldn’t get past Amanda’s, and Laila would punch harder and have a bigger weight advantage that itself would prevent a match-up, Geniuses), even on the ground Laila could pummel her and get out of whatever restraint she was in.
            I shouldn’t have wasted my time replying to schoolkids, but now and then I like to talk down to people.
            Both of you Snowflakes are blocked. And learn how to DEBATE an issue in the future.

          • I just noticed yet another Snowflake above who thinks by typing Winner!!! that THAT IS DEBATING AN ISSUE.

            That’s like a Snowflake who can’t keep up with an argument and quits shouting I WON I WON I WON NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAH YOU LOST YOU LOST as he exits the room.

            How is that any different than putting your fingers in your ears?

            It’s impossible to post a comment anywhere without often within seconds reading a silly reply like LMFAO or LOL or HAHAHA. Reminds me of an old Harrison song, “Apple Scruffs,” “and you wonder why you don’t get past my door.” Yet you wonder why I block you kids.

            I would have been glad to have ENGAGED that poster in a debate if he had the maturity to sustain one without a HAHAHA to use as a crutch.

            ANATOMY IS DESTINY in fights, up to a point. The size advantage and punching power of Laila would be too great an obstacle, especially for a discplined fighter. How is Ronda going to get to her first, and get past her punching power. Second, even if she did, it’s not that easy to push her around as opponents her size. And finally once on them mat she’s still facing punching power and would easily loosen her grip anyway.

            But if you kids had common sense anyway, the match-up would be fanciful and would never take place, anymore than one with Mayweather, because the two would be unmatched.

            So why couldn’t we discuss like this in the first place instead of HAHAHA?


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          • I hope you are kidding, right? Not just Ronda Rousey, but ANY WOMAN contracted with the UFC would beat Ali easily in mma. She has no idea how to fight, she boxed. You need to go back to UFC 1 and watch how well that strategy worked for Art Jimmerson and every other subsequent pure boxer that attempted to strike with someone who knew how to grapple.

          • So your vagina itches really bad and you can’t help by crow about how itchy it is. Weird, but understandable from a pathetic cowardly vagina like you.

          • Good lord, I just looked at your profile. What a pathetic coward you are. All you do is rant and rave endlessly but never say anything worth reading. I got so board with your first post that I could not even finish it, and it was tiny compared to most of your other inane rants.

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        • Did you need a “safe space” little snowflake?

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      • Winner!!!

      • Kinda like a judoka trying to be a boxer

        • Yeah, and no one is denying that. What’s your point? Rousey isn’t saying she can beat Ali in boxing, but Ali is saying she could beat Rousey in mma.

          • Boxing is allowed in MMA, right? Rousey couldn’t possibly beat Ali. Her ONLY hope would be to get Ali to the ground for her signature armbar. and her last two fights proved she couldn’t get that done , she couldn’t take a punch (let alone defend herself) and ultimately got KTFO. Ali would destroy Rousey, just like Holm and Nunes did. Its time for Rousey fans to accept the fact that their golden girl has been exposed as not much more than an armbar specialist and, despite her 12 straight wins, proved herself to not be as great as the world thought she was.

          • Well, there is a bit of an overlap. It’s not like they designate a few minutes per round and everyone just boxes. If you attempt to use strictly boxing in mma, the only way you can win is if your opponent is an idiot.

            If you seriously think Ali could beat Rousey, or seriously any girl contracted with the UFC in a mma bout, you have never seen a mma gym before in your life. It would be equally absurd to say mma girls with no significant boxing background would be able to waltz right into boxing and succeed. It’s ridiculous. Pure boxers have been embarrassed badly in the UFC. James Toney being the last victim.

            Another thing- the second Rousey took her down the fight would be over and it would come very easily. Also, there are plenty of girls in the UFC who would beat Ali standing in a kickboxing match. Boxers are total garbage in kickboxing. They have no idea how to dictate range and avoid being kicked to shreds.

            I also find it amusing how you compare Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes fighting technique (two girls who have crossed trained in mma for years now and won because they know how to defend take downs and deal with kickboxing) to Laila Ali, who doesn’t know jack **** about anything other than boxing.

            Also, how is Rousey just an armbar specialist when she has 4 tkos on a championship level? In title fights, she has 4 wins by tko and 4 wins by armbar. Care to acknowledge you have no clue what you are talking about now?

          • I agree on many points, but I’m talking about putting Ali and Rousey in the octagon where MMA rules apply and, UNLESS, Rousey gets Ali to the ground, she will lose. She was destroyed with Nunes’ boxing skills. Sure a couple light kicks but her fists did the work. Rousey couldn’t defend anything and managed to land only 7 strikes to Nunes’ 27. I’m not an MMA analyst or rocket scientist for that matter, but this is a no-brainer.
            Ali is a pure boxer and Rousey is a mixed martial artist with judo as her strong suit. Yes, get Ali on the ground and its lights out, but Rousey couldn’t come remotely close to getting that done in her last 2 fights, so I wouldn’t expect her to do it a 3rd time with the likes of Ali. She has been surpassed in the sport and needs to retire.

          • Which she would get her to the ground so easily it is unbelievable.

            Something you are missing which is that she did not lose to Nunes’s boxing skills alone. Those kicks are not meaningless and the fact that Nunes knows how to fight, ie, defend take downs, use proper footwork, utilize kicks, and aware of striking technique which is very different in mma than it is in boxing, is the difference between night and day. For example, if you go into a fight like Couture did against Toney knowing that he has zero clue how to deal with take downs, you aren’t going to be concerned with that fighter sprawling and tagging you which is why Couture took a shot from a distance he would have never taken against an actual mma fighter. That was the easiest fight of his entire career. That’s how easily Rousey or literally any other girl in the UFC would destroy Ali in mma. She doesn’t know how to fight, Nunes does. If Rousey did something like that to Nunes, she was sprawl easily and clip her after the failed shot. This is a no brainer to anyone who knows day 1 stuff in mma. There is a reason why boxers get owned when they fight mma fighters in mma or kickboxers in kickboxing.

            Haha. Yeah, Rousey couldn’t come close to getting a fight to the ground against Holm, that’s why she did and almost arm barred her. Not to mention she clinched with her a number of times, but Holm’s take down defense was very solid. Ali possesses none of this knowledge. The second she got a clinch against someone like Ali, the fight would be over and as I pointed out earlier, she wouldn’t even need to clinch to get the fight to the ground. This would be such an easy fight for her.

  20. Didn’t Ali get punched around by Larry Holmes? Holmes almost killed Ali and surely contributed to his evident brain damage!

    • Yeah that was at the end of his career if you remember.

      • Kind of how these two losses are at the end of Rousey’s career.

        • uknow – HA! MMA fighters are competitive well into their 30s. The only reason this is the end of Rousey’s career is because she’s been exposed as terrible boxer.

          • That makes zero sense. There are also fighters who retire when they are younger. If you peak when Rousey did, which is in her mid 20s, it’s kind of difficult to hang around another 15 years. Especially when you clearly don’t have the mental game for it anymore. How old was GSP when he stopped fighting? 32. Rousey is 29. She’s done.

            Great point, she was exposed. That’s why she has 7 title defenses, a number of which were against opponents who defeated the 2 that she lost to. I can tell you are one of those geniuses who thought Liddell was garbage or exposed because he went on a losing streak at the end of his career.

    • Also if you read her statement she mentioned this

  21. No matter how bad R.R. gets exposed the MMA still stands behind their darling and will fiercely defend her…

    • It’s kind of admirable…going down with the ship and all. I can almost hear taps playing in the distance……

  22. Tyson would have beat Ali!!

    • No, Tyson is a brawler and Ali is a boxer. The boxer will always win. When Foreman stopped brawling and started boxing he became great.

      • He would never have been able to withstand Tyson’s power. No one could when Tyson wasn’t destroying himself.

  23. Why would anyone compare the two in the first place? Totally different sh*t. Laila is a dumbass irrelevant trying to be relevant and yes rousey got her a$$ beat twice, so what?

  24. rousey is a hack who got exposed. Laila finished on top undefeated. Nothing else to explain.

    • Well, other than the fact that Rousey would beat the hell out of Ali in a mma fight.

      • oh man…this again. Watching RR fight a MMA fighter that had to use 0 MMA skill to thrash her this last fight…just basic brawl style boxing, goes without saying she couldn’t take a jab from Ali. More importantly, Ali is bigger. Stronger. As a BJJ practitioner, you have to be honest with what you can and can’t do.

        RR would not be able to close this distance either against an ACTUAL boxer. Her distance is horrible..always has been. Judo distance, BJJ distance, boxing…it’s all different. And she hasn’t put that together yet. She needs to work basics of stand up defense, and work her wrestling. She has no shoot. MAJOR HOLE. 80% of Judo players have none…and she proves that point.

        • Haha. You have never trained in mma in your life if you actually believe that. The footwork, threat of being taken down, clinched, knowledge that your opponent can prevent take downs, makes all of the difference in the world. Anyone who thinks otherwise is completely ignorant to the subject.

          Laila Ali would lose to literally every single girl in the UFC. That includes 125lb girls. She has no idea how to fight. They could shoot a mile away and land a take down on her, because she is oblivious how to stop them.

          You are right, the ranges are different and that’s why boxers get killed in not only mma, but kickboxing too going up against pros. Another thing- last time I checked, this isn’t judo, nor is it Greco-Roman rules(not that it matters, because Rousey could still take her down with ease using clinch take downs). Rousey is not limited to those forms of take downs. She could shoot on her. You act like she doesn’t train with world class wrestlers every day of her life. Ali has NO F’ING IDEA HOW TO FIGHT IN MMA! She doesn’t know to defend take downs, the footwork, ranges, what you can/can’t do in mma.

          How can you take yourself serious after saying something so absurd?

      • Nope i doubt it. Ali is a better and more powerful striker than holly and nunes. How do you grab a striker like her without getting knocked out. She would beat ronda in the boxing ring, the octagon, and the streets. And she knocked out the woman that beat ann wolfe. Ali is the only undefeated woman to retire in boxing. She dont have to get no ones respect because numbers and history don’t lie

        • That’s because you have the mma iq of Jim Lampley.

          Your ignorance is mind boggling.

          Nunes and Holm have cross trained in mma for years. Holm is an elite kickboxer with very good take down defense. She was almost arm barred in that fight also-had she not trained in mma prior, Rousey would have put her away, even with her elite take down defense and kickboxing- both of which Ali has no idea of. Go watch that fight. Holm used kicks to dictate distance from Rousey, and when Ronda clinched, and went for take downs, Holm stuffed everything Rousey attempted. I’m sure that comes naturally to everyone, right? Haha.

          “How do you grab a striker like her without getting knocked out.”

          Go back and watch UFC 1. Everything will be explained to you. You have a lot of learning to do. Anyone who thinks boxing alone will win in the Octagon is incredibly stupid.

          She knocked out the girl who beat Ann Wolfe, as did Ann Wolfe. You left that little tid bit out, as well as the fact that everyone who followed boxing back then knew Wolfe was and is far above and beyond Ali.

          Yeah, she retired undefeated after fighting nearly entirely cans and taking a few title fights. You act like she won 49 fights like Marciano or Mayweather. Haha. Her record was 24-0. She got out before she was embarrassed by Wolfe.

        • You are going to get a lot of hate after this comment buddy lol…

          • People hate the truth but i dont care, lol!! ——————————————–

          • Who are you telling man lol. Ive had this tough guy stalking me for the last few days over my opinion…had to invite on out lol. You just can’t care…

  25. Laila has her great fathers name and that’s about it. I watched several of her fights and she gets no respect from me.

    • 24-0. Yeah, that’s a really pathetic record.

      • 24 “NO Bodies” some record! lol… Most were cat fights…. what a joke!!!

        • Exactly. She always dodged the best boxers. She came up with every excuse to avoid Ann Wolfe.

        • Hay after the last two fights Laila would one punch her. Just one upper cut and a right to the jaw and it is good night.

          • You guys live in an alternate reality.

  26. F— this writer, how is she more comparable to Tyson. Nobody is that man is different

  27. No, you are very wrong(not to mention an idiot), when asked about whether she could beat Rousey, she said absolutely. She was not talking about boxing at all.

    I never said Rousey wasn’t a bitch or some moral individual, my point was stating the truth. It is a common theme with boxers and their fans. They get really insecure when it comes to mma fighters because they realize that is much closer to actual fighting and the mma fighters would destroy them in boxing.

    Go get me a quote of Rousey saying she could beat Ali in boxing. Moron.

  28. That is two consecutive that Rousy was exposed with his glass chin, but this second time around she do nothing to move and defend, she froze immediately when the fight begin.

  29. Apples and oranges.

  30. Then you are so emotionally biased towards Rousey, you are losing rational thought if this is true.

    I’ve been to plenty of very decorated mma gyms, trained with elite trainers at some of the highest levels, been following the game since the mid 90s and no one who knows what they are talking about would claim what you did about distance and a boxer having an advantage in the Octagon with distance. If you ever witnessed a boxer attempt to deal with take downs, you’d be aware of what I was stating. Hell, if you’ve ever witnessed a boxer deal with the kickboxing range, you’d know they self destruct. This has been proven time and time again. Laila Ali has no idea how to deal with any of this. She knows how to box…period. If she had a kickboxing background, trained in take down defense for a few years, then yes, it would be possible, although I don’t know how likely. Plenty of girls stepped up to the plate and couldn’t deal with Rousey who knew how to fight. Even if Ali didn’t panic when she first got out there(which is common for novice mma fighters with striking backgrounds), she still would have such a small window of opportunity to catch her as she shot in for a single or double(yes I know she has a judo background, as Randy Couture had a Greco-Roman background, yet took James Toney down with a shot from a mile away and not the clinch).

    Rousey did in fact close the distance against Holm. She clinched with her several times. Holm did a great job using those front kicks to deny her it for most of the fight, however RR did eventually close the distance with her bull rush. But, Holm’s take down d was excellent. Rousey did almost get the armbar at one point, but Holm did a good job defending. Something I’m sure Ali would be able to do, right? Laughable.

    If you do in fact train people in bjj at a Gracie satellite gym, I urge you to lose your bias towards certain fighters. I say this, because there is no way you could actually believe what you stated if you have a heavy grappling background like that. Art Jimmerson, Melton Bowen, James Toney, what do they all have in common?

    • As a practitioner now, of around 26 years…i have to rely on not just my own active competitions, but my training of others as well. I also have to go with the fact that apparently you didn’t actually read what i said. I NEVER said she would beat her in the cage. I think you are getting your message board fights confused.

      More importantly, like i said, just come by. You can sit with my coaches and i and go over my fight tapes. Maybe my golden gloves tapes, my fights in Thailand ( such a great time..learned lots ), my cage fights here and in Brazil for Vale Tudo matches. Then you can tell my team that i have no idea what im talking about…..because you have ” been in gyms ” and ” followed the game “.

      RR trained with us on her ground game for the Betche fight….and all she wanted to do was horrible boxing on the pads. All of us coaches kept pushing wrestling and BJJ take-downs…but she just doesn’t have them…or care about getting them. Randy’s gym is literally down the street from us. They wouldn’t allow her in because she wan’ted to antagonize Mesha. Mesha told Randy to close the gym please…members only. This is all the stuff i see…here….in my school. So if you could please stop telling me what and what not the best female boxer in the world can’t do to a tiny judo player, would be great. The only reason the Holms fight went so long is holms was playing it safe…thats all. Using her length…thats all…basic boxing…not kick boxing….and damn sure not true Muay Thai. Everyone knows the neck kick was just icing on the cake.

      The last beating she got was pure basic Rick Hatton brawler style boxing. That about it. RR has 0 head movement. Stands up on her punches. An okay chin…but is dear in the headlights when she gets tagged. Bottom line…you fight how you spare. She spares horribly. She only does what she feels good at…and ive seen it…in my gym. No shoot drills. No wrestling EVER. Never put her in tough spots. Never bring in anyone that is unknown to the masses…practice new things on her/him. This is 101….but she and that crappy team don’t care much for that. Her coach is the Don King of MMA….he knew eventually she would run into a real fighter…and she did. And it’s over.

      Side note…Cyborg trained with us for her Kickboxing match she had against Jorina Barrs. Running pads with her and catch wrestling….THERE IS NO WAY RR could stand a chance. IMO…

      And come on down like i said, and show me. And maybe don’t come off like such a prick to everyone. It really doesn’t prove you know more than anyone else. If you say you have ” trained ” before…you should act like it. Have some respect.

      • You didn’t say she could beat her in the cage?

        “RR would not be able to close this distance either against an ACTUAL boxer. Her distance is horrible..always has been. Judo distance, BJJ distance, boxing…it’s all different. And she hasn’t put that together yet. She needs to work basics of stand up defense, and work her wrestling. She has no shoot. MAJOR HOLE. 80% of Judo players have none…and she proves that point.”

        What the hell does this mean then? What would you be implying here?

        Then you go on to say this here:

        “So if you could please stop telling me what and what not the best female boxer in the world can’t do to a tiny judo player, would be great.”

        I can’t tell if you are delusional or are just really ignorant to what you are stating.

        It is clear as day you are talking about Ali beating Rousey in the Octagon or in a mma fight. Not in boxing. I’ve never once stated she would beat Ali in boxing. That would be as absurd as saying Ali would defeat Rousey or any high level mma pro in mma. This entire discussion board is a debate over how Ali would do in mma.

        By the way, go back and watch that Holm fight. She used her front kick to help prevent that bullrush plus a number of low kicks. I would think a high level trained mma fighter such as yourself would grasp that right away. She also stayed in the kickboxing range the majority of the fight and the few times Rousey did get through Holly tagged her with elbows along with punches. Holm couldn’t overextend, because it would fall right into Rousey’s game plan. She used the same technique against Miesha, but Tate proved what an amateur Holm was on the ground the second she brought the fight there. So, yeah, maybe I should come down there and give you a few tips. I hope it is just your emotions getting the better of you here and not your actual fight IQ.

        Your true colors really came out here with the Miesha stuff. I get the fact that Rousey acted like a horrible person there, but that doesn’t diminish her accomplishments in mma.

        So if Rousey never ran into a real fighter before, then how did she destroy Tate 2x, Zingano, and Davis? 3 girls who have wins against the two she lost to. Don’t come back at me with that mma math nonsense. Your entire argument is predicated upon mma math.

        Side note, Cyborg is a professional cheater and a disgrace to the sport. She should be banned by all athletic commissions and no one should be willing to promote her.

        Speaking of having some respect- you should practice what you preach and hold others on here to the same standard. Your entire rant is one big hate fest against Rousey.

        • Nice copy and paste…still didn’t see anything about me saying a cage fight between the two. More importantly, I’ve already extended my invite. Im done with the back and forth. I would love to meet one day and you can show me.

          Again…Very simple response for you:

          Here is the street address.

          1335E Sunset Rd. Suite I
          Las Vegas NV 89119

          • Are you insane?

            Why did you take such issue with what I said then?

            Which was this:

            “Well, other than the fact that Rousey would beat the hell out of Ali in a mma fight”.

            Also, why are you still attempting to debate with me? Seeing how we are in agreement that Rousey would beat the hell out of Ali in mma, what is there to disagree about at this point? Right? You see, based on what you’ve stated, I don’t believe you think that. You have contradicted yourself left and right and yes, I copy and pasted YOUR COMMENTS to prove your contradictions. The entire reason for you arguing with me is that you didn’t agree that Rousey could beat Ali in mma. Yet, you are now backtracking from that statement, I believe….

            Do me a favor, go down the block and ask Randy Couture if he thinks what you’ve stated here would hold up in his gym. He’d laugh in your face.

          • ” How can you take yourself serious after saying something so absurd “? Haha ” ,” You have never trained in mma in your life if you actually believe that “. ” That’s because you have the mma iq of Jim Lampley.
            Your ignorance is mind boggling “. ” It may be simple to you, because you’ve just exposed yourself as someone who just makes things up as you go along. You have no idea what you are talking about. “.

            Don’t play victim…you are incredibly rude to most everyone in here who understands your fanboy-dome is showing. It’s okay to like RR…she’s not really invincible you know. Especially against the one thing that seems to stop her dead in her tracks….A PUNCH.

            Again though, i don’t want you to think I’m backtracking…or debating anything with you….or anything other than telling you to come prove it…I’ve given you an invite. Like i said, anytime you want, you can come give me your seminar on combat distances, shoot drills, boxing 101, etc. And sure, we can go down to Randy’s. He’s never there, so i can’t ask him for you. Just so you know, open mat time is on Saturdays only, from 9-3.

            Here is the address.
            4055 W Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89118

            It could be fun never know. Well, I’m sure you do…with the MMA math and all.


          • I’m not playing victim, I’m laughing about how you were caught embarrassing yourself here in multiple blatant contradictions. I love exposing frauds and it is amusing how someone accusing me of being a fanboy(I really don’t even like Rousey, I think she is a very arrogant person who was justifiably humbled in those fights), I do however take issue with delusional people like yourself WITH NO RESPECT for actual Hall of Fame caliber fighters. People like you go on rants about how fighters like Liddell, Silva, GSP, Rousey, etc are frauds because they didn’t look great in their last few fights or fight. If you hang around long enough you will lose. That’s the nature of the beast. Did she have holes in her game? Absolutely. Didn’t Anderson Silva? The guy couldn’t wrestle worth a damn. Every time a wrestler fought him, he’d wind up on his back. He hasn’t won a fight in years, yet is still active. Is he a fraud because of that? No knowledgeable person would think so. People like you get so wound up emotionally that you become completely irrational claiming boxers with zero experience or training in mma would be able to deal with someone who was a world class grappler.

            You dodged my entire point because you know it was the truth.

            Why would I need to fly over 2k miles to prove to you something that can be explained by any competent mma trainer? What would you like me prove to you? Not that it would sink in to you because I’ve already analyzed it, but I could source other respected trainers who would say just what I’ve pointed out about a potential mma fight between Ali and Rousey and the Rousey-Holm fight. At this point, I’m not even too sure what you are debating. It just seems like you took issue with me saying Rousey would beat Ali in mma and it drove you up the wall to the point where you are challenging someone to an E fight. Haha.

          • Also, stop down at Randy’s when you get a chance and tell all of the fighters and trainers there that Randy was lucky to have defeated James Toney. It was just dumb luck that he handled the range properly from a superior boxer and despite having a Greco-Roman background (which I’m sure as a savvy mma vet like you are aware involves only upper body take downs) he shot in on Toney from a mile away. Something apparently Rousey is incapable of on a boxer, just because for no apparent reason. Haha.

          • Great comparison….lights out was a old fat retired mess LMAO. Those freakshow fight prove 0. Literally every single fighter you have spoke of can smash you…and your side line experience. The women and the men. Besides James Tony, ive rolled with everyone ive mentioned. Kimbo ( rip ) showed street fighting boxing translated. Strong guy…good boxing….did ok for himeself. Especially when Bas started his training…also an awesome fighter. Good guy. Would laugh in ur face about your math lol.

            More importantly, you have the information on how to get here. What more do you need? Just show up and prove your point. You have glazed over this for post after post. Dont take the ” high road ” now. Just come and prove it…thats all im saying.

            You keep talking about others that are all obviously able to do things you can only dream of. Even though…you’ve been in some gyms lmao…and been around it. Like i said…just come sit a review my tapes with me…critique in person things that you obviously know all about. Get in some mat time…ill let you train me for a few classes. You seem to think i want to fight you….lmao. Thats the most ridiculous part that im still laughing at lol. The way you keep bobing and weaving the invite…tells me all i need to know….but its still an open invite. Such a well rounded expert like yourself, im sure you can bring this to the mat in real life. Oh…and we have a full size regulation cage and ring in both schools. Should be Shangri-La for a mathematician like yourself. You can go in and show me how your shoot against my boxing reigns supreme. We could have my boy Chris Lytle come in and debate his pro boxing record…and how it easily translated to the cage. Im sure you can explain how boxers will get killed in mma to him as well.

            Im excited to have you come on down. If you can’t make it….well, its ok i guess. You can always just keep the knowledge and insults flowing from your keyboard. Its also safer to…i guess.

            Have a great day sensei.

          • You can’t follow your own line of bs. At first you tell me boxers can beat mma fighters in the cage. Then you contradict yourself saying you never said Ali would beat Rousey in the cage. Now you go back on that claiming the only reason why Toney lost was because he was old fat and retired. Hey genius, guess who was older and semi-retired? RANDY COUTURE! That’s right. Couture was a young 47 year old man. Toney was 5 years younger genius. This is irrelevant though, because it had nothing to do with his age or reflexes. It had to do with the lack of knowledge how to sprawl, how to move, how to defend a basic take down of a shot that anyone with basic knowledge of the game would know how to deal with. Something you clearly do not possess. And you call me “side line experience”. Haha. No, those guys could smash you(the boxers that is). Not me. I’m more aware of how this game works and clearly have more experience in there with real pros than you have. No one I’ve ever rolled with or sparred with before would say something so absurd. This is day 1 stuff. You just proved to be an absolute fraud. Your argument is the same argument every ignorant boxing fan lays out there.

            Great point. You have the same information about RC’s gym. Why continue challenging me? It would not be a reasonable request to ask me to fly over 2k miles out of the blue over an E argument about something that is clear as day for anyone who’s ever stepped foot in a mma gym before in their life. So head down to Randy’s. Tell them all that James Toney won against Couture because James was fat and old and then tell them boxers know more about mma fighters do and are better equipped to deal with mma than mma fighters are. See how that goes over.

            Comparing Chris Lytle to Laila Ali is mind bogglingly stupid because you failed to mention that Lytle had a decorated wrestling background. He also started fighting in the late 90s during an era where fighters weren’t nearly as cross trained as they are now. That’s why his transition went over so smoothly. How is Laila Ali’s wrestling background? Was she a high school wrestling standout? F NO! She wouldn’t know the first thing about amateur wrestling. But you compare Chris Lytle to her or any other pure boxer? Haha. As a matter of fact, since he is your boy, which means you likely carried his spit bucket once or grabbed his towel before, why don’t you ask him what he thinks about idiotic boxing fans who believe boxers can walk right into mma without any legit training? He’ll laugh in your face.

            By the way, people who use the lines sensei and master when referring to their trainers, usually are like the board breaking mullet guys from the early 90s mma fights that got embarrassed quickly. Go down to RC’s or talk to Chris. Tell them what you told me. I’m sure they’ll agree with you that boxing is more effective in mma than cross training is. Haha.

          • By the way, the reason why we refer to fights like Toney vs Couture as “freakshows” is because a HOF caliber boxer with no cross training background going up against a mma HOF’er, is such a mismatch, no one should take it seriously. In other words, it would be the same if Lennox Lewis in his prime attempted mma against someone like Couture back then.

          • More importantly…again….you keep telling me no? So i should only expext your sidline keyboard warrior bantter….no real world application of all these “101” skills???

            To bad. Not that you talk a good-ish game or anything…you juat talk. This guys living on Sherdog lamo. This for me is what i actually get to be a part of. Watching kevin randlman ( rip )chock out 3 cops at the Mandalay bay hotel…yeah, i was actually there. Im at the grapplera quest competting when jeff monson got into a fist fight with tim silvia. You….yeah….your a sofa coach. And without real world experience….a bit of show and prove….i guess ill never know if you are just a delusional man who thinks he knows it all….because he watched it on tv lol. To bad. I was looking forward to it.

            Anyways…you have the locations.
            Do somwthing with them one day….
            Could be fun….maybe you could show me a thing or two math ace.


          • 101 skills are something you wished you had. You don’t know day 1 info. Talk about keyboard warror- I’m not the one acting like an e-tough guy. You are. I’m just educating you on the subject.

            So since you saw these Randleman/Monson incidents in person allegedly, somehow that makes you a professional world class fighter? Haha. Okay, I met a number of big named UFC fighters in my day. I’ve trained at gyms with UFC champions. I was saw BJ Penn’s first fight live. Does that somehow put me on the same level as BJ Penn? Maybe in your warped, delusional mind it does. I mean, you are so brain dead you think that boxers can walk right into mma and win on a UFC championship level.

            FYI, you are the tv guy, not me. I’ve trained at some of the most respected gyms on the East Coast. I’ve been to one of Reylson Gracie’s gyms on the East Coast before- this should resonate with you seeing how you claim to study under a guy who received a belt from him before. I guarantee you, that if you said the nonsense you’ve said to me here, he would laugh at you. He’d tell you to go watch the “Gracies in Action” tapes. But you wouldn’t understand what that means.

            So hey, I’d be wasting my time heading out to you. You’d probably just start telling me how rugby players can nail down cover 2 defense better than the Tampa 2002 defense did or how cricket players would hit more homeruns than Barry Bonds in MLB. I can educate you some more anytime you would like, or if you grew a pair, you could go down to RC’s gym and tell them they do not know how to fight in mma and boxers do. Good luck genius.

          • Ricardo and our lineage come from Carlson Gracie. Read much? And saying things like ” in my day ” tells me all i needed to know.

            So just say,” no…i cant come train with you and show you the errors of your ways”. I understand backing out. You don’t have to be so wordy though…all that im looking for was a yay or nay.

            Still stands though sofa warrior…if you ever want to ” learn us youngsters a thing or two “.

            Thanks pops.

          • Hahahaha.

            Directly from Ricardo’s bio(provided with your link):

            “later receiving his coral belt by the illustrious Reylson Gracie (February 2016) ”

            Seems like you can’t read your own sources and don’t have the knowledge you claim to about your “master”. Haha.

            So keep avoiding contact with those boys down at Randy’s. Keep dodging them and avoid telling them what you told me about how boxers own mma fighters in mma.

            Go back to convincing yourself you know anything about mma.

            Ricardo Cavalcanti was born in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil. He has since obtained his 5th degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the world famous Carlson Gracie ”

            Read much?

            More importantly….you can just tell me…you’re scarred of putting the crap you type into real world application. I know it…and so do you.

          • Followed by…..”later receiving his coral belt by the illustrious Reylson Gracie (February 2016) ”

            Read your own sources much??

            I’m not scarred at all, I don’t have any notable physical or figurative scars on me, nor am I scared of an E fighter with the mma iq of a boxing fanboy.

            What’s sad is you aren’t even remotely aware of your delusions. You are probably typing all of this from some mental institution.

          • Lol…do you realize a coral belt means nothing? It the equivalent of ” lifetime achievement awards “. He is a Carlson G student. That’s the linage. What would an RR fanboy know about JJ? obviously, nothing.

            Im still wondering why you can’t make it on down…lol….come on old dude….you will be doing all the teaching im sure. You can just bestow upon us your wealth of knowledge. Thats all i care about. Show me how wrong i am. Can you do that?

          • You do realize he still was working with him, which is the point.

            Yeah, I know nothing about jj, I’ve only trained in GJJ off and on since the late 90s, with a brown belt under a Rorion Gracie satellite, as well as incorporated kickboxing and wrestling along the way.

            Hey, seeing how you are this cpu of knowledge about mma, why don’t you give Randy some tips on how to wrestle, while you are down there, perhaps you could teach Ray Sefo how muay thai works, then you could finish things up by educating Robert Follis on how bjj works. Hell, you could go on tour, educating all professional athletes and decorated trainers in how you know more about what they have excelled at than they do.

          • Np…he wasn’t. Our school was just purchased…and the coral was part of the nonsense. All ceremonial.

            And since you thrown ur belt out there old guy…you REALLY shouldn’t be having this conversation. “Satellite” schools lol. Gesh. Its funny, you are the one wihlth all the opinions ….just looking at your comments to others throught the fourm….please teach us ” ol wise one “. Now that i see you are some washed up hasbend….makes it even better. Since you have trianed….PLEASE make ur way over here lol. Satellite locations ….Lol.

          • At some point in time they had some sort of relationship or else that would not be listed on the link you provided. You can keep attempting to backtrack, but it doesn’t remove the facts.

            Yes, satellite school, Mr. lineage. Haha.

            Sure, I can teach you a lot of things, starting with basic English, Mr. “Hasbend”. Haha. That’s great. A first for everything though. Just because you haven’t grasped 1st grade English, doesn’t mean when someone who understands the language uses a common phrase for those schools, he is wrong.

            By the way, did you contact Randy yet and tell him how he doesn’t know how to wrestle nor does he know how to fight in mma? While you are at it, you should follow that up with attempting to teach Roger Clemens how to throw a fastball, Daniel Day-Lewis how to act, Stephen King how to write, Allen Greenspan how banking works, etc. Haha.

          • So…you got the address for both right?

          • Yeah, and you have Couture’s address, right? Head right on down there and tell them what you told me about how boxers can beat mma fighters in mma. They’ll love to hear that.

          • 5hrs later…still at it i see. As long as you have the adresses ive provided for you MMA mathematician….im always there.

            Come train if you’re ever in vegas. Im sure i will be there. Or any other school…we are a small community up here. Just let me know.

          • Do you have any self awareness?

            Yeah, whenever you get a few minutes though, head down to Randy’s place and let them know they should train with boxers in order to learn how to fight in mma. See how that goes.