Kurt Holobaugh Wants Another UFC Shot, but Focused on Titan Title Defense

While Kurt Holobaugh is happy that he was able to pick up a win over Desmond Green earlier this year and capture the Titan FC featherweight championship, the fight was a lot closer than he anticipated it being.

Over the course of five rounds, both fighters made a case for themselves, but to Holobaugh, it was his aggressiveness that gave him the split-decision victory.

“Overall I had a solid performance,” Holobaugh told MMAWeekly.com. “I could have done better in a lot of areas, but I did a good job of not being held down. The few takedowns he did get, I was able to get right back up, which is what I trained to do before the fight.

“As far as judging, I thought that the judges should have looked at me putting on the pressure way more than he did, so I didn’t think his two or three takedowns really didn’t do anything for him.”

If anything, Holobaugh feels his physical appearance was the thing that hurt him most and made the fight as close as it was in the judges’ eyes.

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“Yeah, I was busted up a little bit, but I think that came from the cage, doing a face plant down, and a cut that I had gotten the stiches out of just days before the fight opening back up a little bit,” said Holobaugh.

With the featherweight title in hand, Holobaugh (14-2) will make his first defense against top prospect Andre Harrison (9-0) on Saturday in Montreal.

“He’s a pretty good athlete,” Holobaugh said of Harrison. “He moves pretty well. He mixes in his striking with his wrestling defense. I have to stop him from taking me down. In the exchanges, I can’t get too heavy on my feet.

“Before I had a five-round fight, it was a lot of pressure not knowing if I could go five rounds, but after the way I felt I went in the last fight, I had a lot in my gas tank and I could have gone another round. I think it should be worrying him to see if he can go five rounds.”

For Holobaugh, defending the title is the most important thing because it could help secure a return to the UFC. Until then though, his focus is firmly affixed on defeating Harrison.

“Right now, I’m just focusing on this fight because if I don’t get past it, the next step won’t be possible,” said Holobaugh. “I have no doubts that if I win this fight, I’ll get back to where I previously was once in my career.”

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