UFC Knockout of the Week: Travis Browne KOs Alistair Overeem Video

December 18, 2013
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Relive one of the Knockout of the Year candidates from UFC Fight Night 26 on Aug. 17 at the TD Garden in Boston when heavyweight Travis Browne came from behind to knock out Alistair Overeem.

(Video courtesy of UFC.com)

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  • valakos

    this is why ufc sux s*** compared to pride – that ko was bullsh!t, he got up straight afterwards, at least in pride they had real ko’s whcih was the reason it was more popular. That to me looked like an early stoppage, overeem could have continued, in my opinion most of the ufc stoppages are bullsh!t, fighters WANT to continue. Look at pride, it was 10 times better than this bullsh!t

    • deepgrim

      well see the thing is that he prob wouldnt have got up as quick if the ref didnt stop it when he did as he was making no attempt to cover up, im all for letting a fight continue but the fighter must show he is capable of defending hmself, that fact that he didnt showed he was stunned and was only going to suffer more