Knee Injury to Julianna Peña Includes Several Tears; Dana White “Disgusted” with Fighter’s Gym

January 30, 2014
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Julianna-Pena-TUF18-Finale-478x270The severe injury that forced Julianna Peña out of UFC 171 includes several tears that will keep her out of action for an extensive period of time, according to reports on Wednesday evening.

UFC Tonight reported that Peña suffered tears in her ACL, MCL, LCL, meniscus, and hamstring. The injury occurred during an overaggressive training session, according to the outlet.

Peña confirmed via Twitter on Wednesday that she was forced to bow out of the scheduled UFC 171 bout with Jessica Andrade. Translated from a tweet written in Spanish, Peña wrote, “I’m out of my March 15 fight in Dallas due to injury. I’ll make a full recovery. I apologize to my fans.”

The TUF 18 women’s bantamweight winner is expected to fly to Los Angeles next week for surgery, and will find out her prognosis soon after.

In a message reacting to the news of his fighter’s injury, UFC president Dana White was appalled with Peña’s gym, indicating with a hashtag that she should leave her camp and find a new gym as soon as possible.

“What happened to [Julianna Peña] at ‘her gym’ is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. Ranked #10 out for 2 years,” the UFC boss wrote.

Shortly after news of Peña’s injury surfaced, UFC officials announced fellow TUF 18 alum Raquel Pennington will step up as a replacement to face Andrade on the March 15 fight card.

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  • Donald Pillow

    I bet it was a guy who dint want to let go of his sub … little wee wee effer …

  • Kris-tyahn

    Out for 2 years WTF?!? How does an injury like that happen in today’s society of knowledge?!? I mean two years, that’s a hell of a long time for rehab etc., which was a result from a training injury….. If this is story is true, then I hate to admit it, but Dana is right, find a NEW Gym ASAP! 1st ever female TUF winner & she could be out for 2 years…. OUCH! Guess we all know why Dana’s especially angry over this.
    I think Pena could have given Rousey a good test, or even beat her after 3 or 4 fights/2 years, but now it looks like it’s going to be 4-5 years.

    • TnT

      Agree completely only thing You left out while finding another gym get an attorney in own that gym this girl had promise in now she won’t be able to work for two years own that gym

      • growup

        own that gym? so a fighter who insists on getting the hardest training possible and who willingly goes in for sparring sessions and weight training sessions and grappling sessions and kickboxing sessions but then gets injured because, well the human body simply is not made to handle that stress load, should OWN THE GYM? what type of f***ed up logic is that? you are the type of narrow minded petulant little boy that would sue a car dealer because you got a ticket speeding. it must be the car dealers fault for selling you a car that didnt have a speed limiter on it, right? You shouldnt be held responsible for YOUR OWN CHOICES. why not just sue somebody? god i f***ing hate people like you.

        • Seth

          Bad shit happens. But when you get ready for a fight, especially big one for you – as it was for her – you have your coaches to make sure you can make it. Normal injures happens and its not as big deal. They come back after few months usually. But here she almost tore her leg off. When you spar before your big fight, you should know a few rules like…hmmm…idk, maybe – be fn careful?

    • julian moran

      Injuries can happen anywhere… even in a great gym.

      • Right…But, not injuries like that….

    • Well said! Like I said above, an injury like that is from stupidity not by chance.

      Also, I would love to help mend her wounds or anything else that ails her. 😀

    • Maddawgmar

      I agree with just about everything, with the exception of the Rousey thing. I don’t think she would give her much of a challenge. Pena’s strength is wrestling and that isn’t very high caliber. We’ll know more after the McMann fight, but Pena isn’t close to the caliber of wrestling that McMann is.

  • asd

    Those girls think they are guys and try to convince their male sparring partners as well. But they’re not, and their bodies simply cannot take that kind of punishment.

    • Wolf Ticket

      Oh, so you were there and saw what happened. Please, tell us more, cause the article does not say s#%t about what was actually going on there.

      • Kinda does though. An injury like that isn’t by dumb luck, that’s from training unsafely.

        • Wolf Ticket

          That is true, but it’s not like this only happens to girls (who think they are guys). We had four UFC champions with that type of injury in recent memory (Cruz, GSP, Cain, Pettis). Not always as severe, but I thought it was a relatively standard injury in the sport.

          Also, I thought they said on TUF she trains with Miesha Tate. Was that the case here?

          • Not sure, good question though.

  • brad king

    dry up those tears, crying aint to be in mma

    • philinva

      I think they mean “tears” as in to “tear” a piece of paper

      • Scoobs

        It’s a joke, you dumb homo.

        • philinva

          You aren’t a very nice person

  • Ron Wheeler

    Anyone got any actual facts how this happened? Seems like a lot of shooting off mouths without a lot of facts.

  • davidoff

    dana white is a f****ng retarded. He pays shit to fighters ,earns a lot of money with them and then he criticize them when they got injured in training. In fight sports it’s normal to have injurys and more when you train like this warriors (6h per day ,5 a week) .Dana whith respects nothing. Soon or later big name fighters will leave ufc and promote their own figths and it’s goin to be a shit just like in boxing.. and all because he ‘s a retarded

    • Sir_Roy

      Learn English before commenting on the mental acuity of others. Dana wasn’t criticizing the fighter, he was livid at her training camp for not having done better jobs in safeguarding their fighter’s fledgling career. And he’s right.

      HUGE f’n difference there. So yeah, you were pretty “off” there “David”.

      • Boh

        “difference their”? really?

        • Bry Ocampo

          there goes the grammar nazi,

          You really think that would make you smart eh?

        • Sir_Roy

          Yeah. You got me. Bravo. Spelling, or even grammar in general, wasn’t the point of my critique to the other user though. Obvious is obvious.


      Hate to say but this guy is probably right.

  • philinva

    Wow I can see one of those tears happening…. but the ACL MCL and LCL??? that’s pretty impressive. That’s the inside outside AND back of the knee. Thats crazy!!! Makes me wonder what caused the injury

  • Isn’t that the same gym where Tonya Harding trains?

  • Vexxer

    What the hell, was she training with Rousimar Palhares?

    • The second best eva

      Actually made lol

    • J.D.C.D.

      That was a great reply. Made me LOL at this crappy situation. I’m really curious too as to what could cause so much damage to Pena’s knee and hamstring. Maybe Pena was already injured and didn’t disclose the injury? She then does more sparring or mat work and gets hurt even more?

    • jrcr_15

      You win the internet today. Congrats to you lol

  • Fight training has always been a double edge sword. One one hand hard training creates the best version of you….unless you over-train and break.

  • justin e

    Uh. What happened? Injuries happen. He’s just upset like normal right? Is there an actual description of how this was so disgusting?

    • Milosc

      “Injury” (That was so easy; just rolls off your tongue, doesn’t it?)

      It is pret-ty rare to blow your ENTIRE knee out in one shot, sparky; especially at a ‘top notch’ training facility with a professional coaching staff all getting paid to help you make money. Very rare

      This looks exactly like they were either egging her too hard, or being nasty P’sOS in training. No one really knows what happened, yet, but he didn’t say that for nothing

    • greenphone

      google is your friend.. so you don’t post stupid s*** like this.

  • MRpeezy

    doesnt matter rousey would break her arm anyway

    • brad king

      Once rousey stops ducking Cyborg we will see how really good she is. White is doing everything to feed her. I dont think Rousey will armbar Cyborg.

      • Jamir

        Dude, seriously? Cyborg isn’t that great, she was just strong. Rhonda would throw her around like a ragdoll and then break her arm. Get real… if Cyborg thought she could beat anyone in the UFC, she would have taken the offer and not run from it. Tito has a better chance of getting pregnant than Cyborg winning a fight in the UFC.

  • ☃ Brad ☃

    unfortunate injury for Pena

  • me

    that sucks

    I’d rather see Raquel fight

    over Julianna

  • put me in the sauna coach

    anyone know what gym that was? I’m assuming in Washington..I also live in WA and would like to know where I can train without someone putting my leg on backwards.

    • Ikkyu

      im assuming it was at SikJitsu. not surprising either.

  • Ricardo Ritz Cardoso

    I had the same injury…..forget it man, 2 years and a half passed since and i´m very happy that my knee it´s like 65% of what it was…..this girl´s out of business!!!!!

  • horace

    woman belong in the kitchen and in the bedroom and not getting their faces smashed in in MMA fights. Too many woman look like men anyway.

    • Jamie

      You’re a ignorant backwoods hillbilly thinking women don’t deserve the rights to do wtf they want. If they can and want to fight, why not? Too bad the UFC won’t set you up in a fight with Rhonda, so she can change your mind about where women should be. I bet you can’t even get a woman, even if you paid for one.

      • horace

        Girly man sad? wimp

        • Noomba

          Owned bitch! It would be a joy to watch you slap fight. I bet you’d scream like a girl. AAYYYEEE YI YIII!!!!

  • butcherbri

    Google it! Someone at the gym laughed at her ufc shirt, jumped on her back trying a neck crank and his weight was too much with her loss of balance. Snapped knee, hence danas disgust and suggestion of leaving the gym. Not overtraining, horse play causing an injury.