King Mo Says Rampage Is More B-Team Than A-Team These Days

January 8, 2012
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King Mo Lawal at StrikeforceMuhammed ‘King Mo’ Lawal may be one of the most dangerous combinations in all of MMA. Devastating skills in the cage and on the microphone.

No one will ever accuse King Mo of holding his tongue when any subject is brought up, including future opponents.

With his TKO win over previously undefeated Lorenz Larkin on Saturday, Lawal moves into position to challenge once again for the Strikeforce light heavyweight title.

One thing is for sure however…he has no desire to face the fighter he beat for the belt the last time in a rematch.

“Don’t say (Gegard) Mousasi’s name or I’m going to fall asleep,” Lawal said. “He’s the most boring person in MMA. If they want me to beat Mousasi, or ‘Kermit’, up, I’ll do it.”

Lawal dominated Mousasi for five rounds to win the Strikeforce light heavyweight title in April 2010, but it’s unknown if they’ll ever get back together for a rematch.

Another name that came up after his win was old foe Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson. Lawal and Jackson have been engaged in a war of words for quite some time now, and the back and forth heated up again during fight week between the two fighters on Twitter.

Needless to say, Lawal is not a Rampage fan, in or out of the cage.

“It’s like this, if he wants to come to Strikeforce and get beat, he can,” Lawal said about Rampage. “He needs to stick to acting and doing movies, cause to me in my mind and in my eyes, he ain’t got it no more. He can hit me up on Twitter and talk trash, try to get me off my game, but we all know the truth.

“He’s a actor, a subpar actor. He should be on the B-team not the A-Team.”

Check out what else King Mo had to say after his win in Strikeforce:

  • Prodigy815

    Rampage would do you worse than Feijao did

  • ChiTown420

    He needs a reality check rampages last fight was for the title in the big show. He just knocked out a nice prospect now he wants to puff his chest out like he could beat rampage.He had a chance to sign with the ufc to fight rampage he signs a new 4 fight deal with strikeforce now he opens his mouth.UFC>Strikeforce who is relly on the b-team this dude need to wake up rampage spends more money on traning camps then this guy makes per fight.

  • ChiTown420

    Love how ignorant all these strikeforce fighters are nobody with a big name in the UFC will ever go to strikeforce to fight them why would they.If you want to fight the best of the best every fight or almost every fight go to the ufc mayb there is a reason why they don’t want you in the ufc King mo im talking to you LOL.

  • fitefan

    I don’t think the UFC is taking any of these guys from strikeforce as part of some agreement. SO even though some of them may want to go to the UFC ,they are being blocked.

    There is no reason why some of these UFC guys shouldn’t be moved to strikeforce.

    As for King Mo, I don’t know the details, but UFC usually does not afford much respect to Strikeforce fighters, so a would be contract is prolly far less than what they get offered to stay in SF.

    They overpaid Brock 400k to get whiped by Overeem, whom the UFC affords no respect as a fighter, and only paid him 230K with a fight bonus of 150k more, totalling less than the 400k Lesnar got.

    King Mo is no joke. And I’d like to see Rockhold fight Leben, Bisping, Munoz, Mia etc. Everyone but Silva. Well I’d like to see him fight Silva,I just expect Silva to win.

    • bbtakayama

      They didn’t over pay Brock, he was the biggest PPV attraction in the history of the sport, they don’t pay him for being a good fighter, they pay him because it’s a business and he makes them money. The fighter salaries don’t include the percentage of money a fighter receives from the PPV either, so you don’t really know how much money they end up making.

      • fitefan

        My point was they affort less respect to SF fighters with legitimate experience and credentials than they do present UFC fighters of questionable talent.
        So King Mo signing a 4 fight contract with SF instead of comeing to the UFC is less likely to be a thing of fearing to face tougher fighters as it is to get respected and paid appropriatly by SF.

        Overeem was not much less of a draw then Brock was from a business perspective. Yes, Brock got paid according to his popularity as opposed to his fighting skills. But to pay Overeem less with his win bonus added is an insult. And if Overeem made huge profits from the PPV bonus, how would Brock have made less?

        Besides, not many MMA fans tune in to watch a circus attraction, that’s not what the UFC is supposed to be about. We want to see talented fighters pit themselves against eachother in a war. Overeem destroyed Lesner in 2 minutes. Not much of a fight at all really. It discredits the reputation of the UFC if they continue to push popularity for profit.
        It’s only about money to the shareholders, the rest of us don’t give a damn, we want to see how real martial artists match up against other martial artists and see which one is better.

    • elguapo

      Wouldn’t go as far as saying the UFC afforded overeem no respect. They paid him 230k fight fee plus whatever in win bonus. I can only think of a handful of fighters that command anywhere near that fee.

      • fitefan

        Bah!, you again! heh ‘:-).

        Yeah, his total payout plus win bonus was still less than Lesnar’s base pay. And Overeem is a true career contact fighter with legitmate martial art skills and training.
        And Dana still admitted on Showtime he picked Lesnar to win. After what we saw Cain do to him how could you, honestly as a proffesional with the experience Dana has, pick a wrestler that shies away from strikes over a striker of equal size and strength?
        And there have been comments before of how Overeem was overated, same as Fedor.
        Now we know who was truly overated and by whom.

        • elguapo

          Yes I’m back! Ha, how’s it going man? Yeah you’re right if you compare his skills/experience to Lesnar then yes damn straight he should have been paid equal if not more. I think it’s telling though that Brock had a straight fight fee for all his bouts (I think), makes you think he knew what most of us knew all along. I think Dana had to publicly back Brock for the fight though, it’s still a business and he had to protect his asset. Brock retiring is the best result for the UFC though, he could no longer be billed as main event and they couldn’t justify paying that cash to non main event fighters. Interesting what you say about most underating overeem though, all the bookmakers here in the uk had overeem as favourite for the fight and by quite a bit too.

          • fitefan

            Just the mentality of people that think if your not in the UFC you aint squat. Probably some misapplied patriotism mixed in there as well.

            I know Dana had no choice but to back Brock. No way he could publically do otherwise. It would invite much worse critisism if he did.

            And your right, Brock’s gone, now we can move on to a new era of the HW division. And it looks very exciting.

  • bbtakayama

    Nevermind Rampage, King Mo is ready for Jon Jones. He just destroyed Lorenz Larkin!

  • ChiTown420

    If he wanted to fight rampage as much as he acts like he does he wouldn’t have resigned with strikeforce he’s a good fighter but he needs to get off rampages nuts.

    • fitefan

      I don’t think you used that ‘nut’ saying correctly that some of the less articulate tend to use.

      Let Rampage go to SF. He lost his title shot. He may have survived a few rounds with Jones, but he clearly didn’t show any real ability to beat Jones.

      What’s Rampage gonna do now? Be a gate keeper for Jones? He might as well and go to SF and have his fight with King Mo promoted heaviily. It’s a grudge match, and I don’t think King Mo will be as tepid as Evans was in their grudge match.

      • RonnieV

        Rampage may not have a choice. UFC will probably move guys to Strikeforce to even things out. The UFC has 31 Light Heavyweights on their current roster (excluding Couture & Liddell), there is no exaggeration in saying that Lawal could beat at least 20 of them. These two have been jawing at each other since before Lawal had his first Strikeforce fight. I would love to see Rampage whoop him, but I think it would be a close fight.

        • fitefan

          I think moving guys to SF is the only way Dana is going to be able to keep his word when he said we could expect the same level of shows from SF that we get from the UFC now.

  • BlackDog2009

    Actually King Mo has destroyed his last two opponents rather easily. Larkin is no slouch, he has some very devastating stand up skills, fast, hits hard, has mean mui thai kicks and Mo neutralized all that rather easily.

    At least the STRIKEFORCE guys are calling people out. Meanwhile the some UFC guys like Rampage want to fight guys they’ve fought before.

    And I wouldn’t want to brag about UFC so much. DW and the Fertittas bought STrikeforce for a reason, it was a legitimate threat to UFC. And if this were UFC vs STrikeforce, right now as it stands the SF guys are makin the UFC guys look pretty bad: Rockhold destroys Jardine, Overeem destroys Lesnar and Nick Diaz destroys BJ Penn, and Hendo destroys Rua and all them winners wer in STRIKEFORCE baby! NUFF SAID.

    • fitefan

      I agree 100%.

      the list continues…

      Stann destroyed Leban. SF > UFC
      Sonnen put up the best performance against Silva than anyone from the UFC. SF > UFC.

      • RonnieV

        Stann was WEC, just sayin’!

        Yeah, I scoff at the folks that think UFC has all the top talent. All fighters have to come up through some organization. The best eventually make it to the UFC, some have been stuck in Bellator, Strikeforce or Dream. Others use those organizations for the tail end of their careers.
        Guys like Ben Askren, Michael Chandler, Eddie Alvarez, Shinya Aoki, Luke Rockhold could probably hang with the UFC’s best. I was going to add Tyron Woodley to the list, but yesterday he took over the title as MMA’s most boring fighter.

        • fitefan

          whoops, my mistake, reference Stann.

          heh, Woodlley. If it wasn’t for some elbows from the bottom ( that seemed dangerously hitting the top of his head to me ) I think he would have actually taken a nap on that guy. (Mien, I think the name was)

        • elguapo

          I think the UFC is considered the best promotion due to the depth of quality in their divisions. Any organisation should at least be able to boast 3 or 4 top quality fighters in a weight class, it’s just how the quality of the next 10 guys in the class compares that is a true measure of quality. You’re right though, there’s still some top quality fighters out there not yet in the UFC, should get interesting. I think Dana and the fertitas need to draw a clear line in the sand in the next 6 months about exactly how they intend to use strikeforce, is it a feeder league or is it on par etc?

          • fitefan

            Quote from ‘elguapo’…”Any organisation should at least be able to boast 3 or 4 top quality fighters in a weight class, it’s just how the quality of the next 10 guys in the class compares that is a true measure of quality.”

            very well said, I agree.

  • MikeMc1983

    They try to boast 3 or 4 guys per weight class, but they come up short. Even they guys on here pushing the strikeforce guys don’t boast 3 or 4 per weight class. Hell, strikeforce was supposed to be the 2nd biggest promotion, and the guys on here only boast 4, or 5 from the entire company. Two of the biggest guys people push are not what I think should be considered “strikeforce fighters.” theyre just guys who happen to have a few fights in strikeforce. (Dan Henderson, and Nick Diaz.)
    I always thought of Dan as a Pride/UFC fighter who got offered a huge check to have a few fights in strikeforce. Nick Diaz made his name in the UFC. The moment he stepped in the cage he was promoted as a UFC fighter. However, I can understand people thinking of nick as a strikeforce guy. Especially newer/younger mma fans.
    I believe there’s guys in other companies that can fight in the UFC. Whether they win or not is a different conversation. There’s just not that many “elite” guys outside the UFC. Not nearly as many as I think we’d like to think.

    • RonnieV

      Not trying to compare the other organizations, just saying ALL the top guys aren’t in the UFC. My point is that there are 3-4 guys in each promotion that could compete with the best. In hindsite, you could pick about 20 guys on the UFC roster that have no business being in the elite promotion. Many other comment folks, believe if you are not in the UFC you shouldn’t be ranked (see last Melendez story). Diaz was a mediocre UFC welterweight before he left to fight Gomi, he came back an Elite UFC fighter. So you could definitely refer to him as a Strikeforce guy. If he doesn’t eat up the competition in SF he doesn’t make it back in the UFC.

  • Madmaax9

    This article is a Joke. He dominated Miussasi??? He laid on him for 5 rounds and did nothing from the top position. Anyone with a decent take down defense could beat this guy. Lorenz Larkin is a kickboxer with no takedown defense and no ground game. King Mo will be humbled soon when he fight any of the the 10 guys. He does not belong on that list

  • thai plum sauce

    I don’t like King Mo, but beating Larkin is winning my respect. I’m glad he ain’t using “u wat im sayin” in every sentence. He still needs to improve his trash talking skills. He’s still dry and chokes on words that don’t come out smoothly when he’s smack talking. He’s got that headphone on his head like he’s auditioning for a rap battle contest or something. Maybe that’s why homie thinks he’s a rapper: his speech is cluttered and clumsy. Anyways daawg, I give you props for beating Larkin because I thought he’d destroy you homie. But don’t call out an old Rampage. He’s not the Rampage from ’05-’06. The Pride Rampage would whoop yo’ azzz. He’d body slam you on your head like Arona, or k-you-tfo like how he did Randleman. u wat im sayin?

  • really!!! king mo dominated only on takedowns getting roughly 15 of them, if it were just wrestling yeah king mo has an advantage in that department only on gegard… but gegard on his back did more damage, and landed way more strikes via fight metric stats than king mo did in that fight, plus king mo’s face told the whole story after the fight on how effed up he looked…