King Mo Had a Dream… and Now It’s Come True

May 10, 2012
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King Mo Lawal - StrikeforceJust a few short weeks ago, Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal was living a nightmare.

Following his victory over Lorenz Larkin in January, Lawal tested positive for Drostanolone (an anabolic steroid) metabolites. Months later, the Nevada State Athletic Commission fined him $39,000 and put him on a nine-month suspension.

To make matters worse, Lawal then exploded on Twitter in regards to commissioner Pat Lundvall’s line of questioning during his disciplinary hearing.

“I honestly feel like Lundvall was a racist (expletive) asking me if I can read or speak English. Go on somewhere with that bull (expletive),” he wrote.

That led to Lawal’s immediate release by Strikeforce and Zuffa officials.

In six short weeks, however, his fortunes have changed dramatically for the better.

Lawal signed contracts with Bellator Fighting Championships and TNA’s Impact Wrestling to appear as part of both promotions, with the promise of synergistic cross-promotion that hasn’t really been done before in the mixed martial arts and professional wrestling realms.

Lawal will perform on Impact Wrestling, beginning as soon as this summer, and then will also fight concurrently for Bellator on Spike TV, when the promotion moves over to the network in 2013.

Impact and Bellator will utilize his services at the same time, Lawal floating back and forth between wrestling matches and MMA bouts. He will receive the benefit of promoting his wrestling career on Bellator, as well as his fight career on Impact, along with various other opportunities that Spike TV has to offer.

“He’s the first guy that’s gonna look to conquer both of these realms in the sports entertainment arena simultaneously,” said Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney on Thursday.

“It’s not for everyone. Mo is that very, very unique fit. In terms of a guy to really be able to live in both realms, and to potentially be able to rule both realms, this is the guy.”

For Lawal, it represents the realization of a dream.

King Mo has always been one of the more colorful characters in the mixed martial arts world. So much so that he was courted by pro wrestling’s top dog, the WWE, in the past, but he passed on that opportunity, instead focusing on his MMA career.

“It’s a dream come true. It was a big dream. I thought I lost it when I turned down the WWE contract,” said Lawal. “And now, it circled back around. I’m excited and I had to jump on it.”

Whether he can pull it off remains to be seen. With TNA and Bellator working closely with Spike TV, once Bellator hits the network in January, all the parts are there for an amazing level of synergistic brand building.

Lawal, however, is the one that has to find a way to put the pieces of his career in place to take full advantage. He’s gung ho to hit take both Bellator and Impact by storm, but juggling two extremely demanding and physically taxing professions simultaneously promises no guarantees.

An injured knee has already slowed down the beginning of his stint with TNA. Lawal certainly has the will, the want, and most definitely the desire to realize his dream; now he’s just got to hope that his body responds.

If it does, King Mo will be living the dream.

“I’m pretty much speechless. I came to the realization that I’m here to knock people out in the cage and hit people with chairs in the ring. So both ways, I’m winning.”

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  • Triggerman99

    Bjorn Rebney should be ashamed of himself for this. This is a huge mockery of MMA. Rebney and Lawal are very obviously promoters first and MMA enthusiasts a distant second.
    I get sick to my stomach when I think of what this is gonna mean in terms of pro-wrestling fans trying to talk to me about how Lawal is the best at both wrestling and “ultimate fighting”.

  • Mario

    Lawal is a joke.

    Bjorn Rebney is an even bigger joke.

    This is stupid..

  • paulvolpe

    Lawal is a POS I never wanted to see him in any Zuffa organization. He doesn’t deserve it. Hes just an act and only got lucky to get the wins that he did. Let that has been go to fake ass wrestling that’s where a loser like that belongs. What a joke of a human being. Waste of oxygen if you ask me.

  • roberthunter

    I think this is pretty cool news! UFC and MMA in general has gotten a little stale for me lately so anything different might be really great. I’m definitely going to check out King Mo!


    i hate “pro wrestling” as much as anyone but wow u guys be some serious haters hes making as much money as he can could for him.

    • Triggerman99

      For me, it’s not about hating pro-wrestling. It’s fine by me for what is. It has it’s place. But I don’t like the idea of the line being blurred between MMA and pro-wrestling like this. Less informed people already have trouble telling the difference. They look at MMA as “boring wresling”, like there’s not enough storylines or zinger one-liners in it or something.
      This kind of garbage only makes the distinction that much more difficult, and thereby worse for MMA.

  • Lowal is a second rate fighter that is a god in his own mind. He said he only wants to fight the best fighters in the world…well he sure is going to get that oppurtunity in TNA and Belator?!?!?! He’s a friggin joke…

  • Wow, what a coincidence! MY dream was to play second fiddle in locale based organization as part of an industry that’s on a downswing too! I sure do envy King Mo!

  • The_SaavedraFiles

    Lol i only envy the fact he’s in Bellator. i’m only 2-0 but i’d love to give myself competition on my level before I even ever think about UFC. you know start slowly but build up. i’ll be honest though he’s to good for bellator though.

  • rsnowbass

    “They asked me if I could read and speak English.”

    Well then, they must be racist!

    Or just assumed you were an idiot…

  • smill0313

    This is not good news for mma. Although on paper this has the chance to add more fans to mma in a lesnar bootleg kind of thing, but the fact that he will be wrestling at the same time will only blur the lines between a true sport and theatrics. Also mo is the most racist person in mma. In his own words “mma fans like rampage cuz he is a house n***a and they boo rashad for being a smart black man”. I’m so glad this clown is going to be the first ‘mma fighter’ that a lot of people are going to see ‘in action’ for the first time.

  • MikeMc1983

    I haven’t ever really understood this “blurring the line” arguement people make. If I had a friend who wasn’t bright enough to realize the difference between “pro wrestling” and “mma” I don’t believe I’d be friends with them any longer.
    I watch wwe here and there. (though not nearly as much as in the past.) I wondered if wwf was real up until the age of about 9. That was when I noticed that if someone pulled my arm real hard it wouldn’t cause me to run to the closest object.
    Mma stars don’t need to stay away from “pro wrestling” to make sure people don’t think it’s “real.”
    The people over the age of 10 who are not sure, need to see a shrink.

    We didnt tell Dwight Howard not to wear a Superman outfit during the dunk contest because people might think comic book super heros are real.