King Mo Felt He Won Bellator 106 Title Fight with Emanuel Newton (video)

November 3, 2013
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King Mo Lawal Nov2_0810King Mo Lawal lost his Bellator 106 fight with Emanuel Newton on Saturday night, but he was in good spirits following the loss for two reasons: No.1, he felt he won the fight and won’t pay attention to the judges’ scores. No.2, he got to meet his pro wrestling hero in Diamond Dallas Page.

Check out’s exclusive video of King Mo meeting the wrestling icon and talking about his recent defeat.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    No, no, you lost.

  • Maddawgmar

    How the hell can you feel you won that fight? He didn’t do anything. You won 1 effin round, seriously!!!

  • put me in the sauna coach

    If winning a fight it lazily standing in front of someone while eating kicks for 5 rounds…then sure you won.

  • Allan

    He gased after the first and didn’t do anything for four rounds Newton at least stayed busy and that head kicked definitely rocked you.

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    If I could talk to Mr. Mo I would tell him the same thing that I tell a lot of people who post crazy comments. You need to go back and re-watch the fight. In his slight defense, it’s not as easy to score a fight while you’re fighting than it is to score if you’re watching. On the counterpoint, it really wasn’t one of those close fights like the Chandler/Alvarez fight so who knows what he’s thinking.

  • grashopper

    Lol King Mo you have fought losers besides Mousasi and you layed on him for 5 rounds. You need to stay in that fake fighting called TNA or wwe or whatever that gay $hits called.

  • Babba

    Weird because in the UFC they love takedowns even if the guy does nothin with em, yet mo took him down in 3 rounds and wasmt given anythin by the judges… Hes on of the most talented light heavyweight in the world he just seems lazy beyond belief

    • Mark McDowall

      Im not sure how he could be classed as one of the most talented LHW’s in the world.

    • put me in the sauna coach

      UFC I do think relies too heavily on takedowns..that being said…King Mo’s few takedowns only lasted a few seconds before Newton popped right up and then continued to kick away on Mo. Hard to score rounds for someone who only controls a round for 30 seconds like that. Mo is no longer “King” in a revenge type fight he looked bored and unmotivated.

      • Wolf Ticket

        You guys realize UFC does not pick the judges, but the athletic commission does? That also means that judges scoring fights for UFC and Bellator are the exact same people.

        • put me in the sauna coach

          I understand that…I meant the UFC keeps a lot of wrestlers on their roster. A lot of their fighters use “control” game plans. And those fighters stay on contract while those who lose cause their lack of ground game are usually sent packing.

  • Shartnado

    Newton didnt do much…. but he did more than Mo. The real loser is the viewers.

  • Ron Wheeler

    Did a little in round one, did nothing in the rest of the fight. He lost.