Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock Signed for Bellator Summer Event

February 26, 2015
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Let’s try this again.

Bellator is rekindling a fight that was supposed to have happened seven years ago. The promotion on Thursday announced that recently signed Kevin Ferguson – better known to most as Kimbo Slice – would make his promotional debut against UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock. The two will headline a Bellator event slated for June 20 at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Mo.

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“I remember how excited I was when this fight was originally announced, and how disappointed I was when it didn’t come to fruition at that time,” said Bellator President Scott Coker. “I’m very happy we were able to put this one together because I know these guys still have a lot of unfinished business to take care of, and when they do, it will be something special.”

The fight was originally supposed to happen under the EliteXC banner in October of 2008, but Shamrock suffered a controversial cut within the final 24 hours prior to fight time.

Some questioned the legitimacy of the cut, although the official line was that Shamrock suffered an accidental headbutt during a light, last minute training session that opened up an old cut.

Kimbo SliceThe EliteXC promotion had been largely built around Kimbo’s mystique to that point, and Shamrock was supposed to be the fight to put him over. With Shamrock dropping out in the final hour, Kimbo went on to get knocked out by the little known Seth Petruzelli in 14 seconds.

That was EliteXC’s final event. Kimbo, now 41, went on to compete on The Ultimate Fighter, proving to be a huge ratings draw for the UFC, and then fought twice for the promotion before making his exit both from the UFC and MMA.

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He amassed a 7-0 record in boxing in the five years between leaving the UFC and signing with Bellator.

Shamrock fought a handful of times for smaller promotions after that aborted EliteXC bout, going 2-2 in his four efforts, but hasn’t fought since late 2010. He is currently 51 years of age.

Having fought in the first ever UFC event, Shamrock and Royce Gracie were the first two inductees into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2003.

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  • Groinkick

    Ken is going to get messed up. How can these 2 even fight? Ken at HW? Either he’s on the sauce, or really out of shape.

    • Uo

      An out of shape Ken Shamrock can take Kimbo down and lay on him for 5 minutes. Repeat each round and you have one heck of a crappy fight. My bet is Shamrock doesn’t even get commission approval to fight.

      • billywood

        if shamrock is able to get him down he will submit him quickly imo. but does he have the speed and timing to hit a takedown, thats the problem. And on the feet i dont see it going well for him. Also Ken has always been a ‘natural’ heavyweight, he looked like he cut a decent amount when he went to 205

        • JJDNB

          i believe he was around 210 lbs in UFC 1

  • benoit

    It is just ridiculous…IMO Bellator loses a lot of credit to make them fight especially against each other…I don’t want to direspect these guys who are true fighters (especially Ken) but there is no interest at all…It is more a WWE business…and please, Ken is not a true HW and is more than 50 yrs old…Let him make money in another way (broadcasting…), he deserves it !!!!

  • Shocked_n_Awed

    I remember being concerned for Kenny’s well-being seven years ago when this was booked. That poor brain can’t take much more punishment.

    I guess Coker believes fights like this will really draw more eyes to Bellator, so they’ll get more exposure for their younger talent with potential. I think I agreed with him with Tito vs Bonnar, but this one – I dunno… as much as Tito vs Steph reeked of pro-wrestling in an MMA arena, I think this one’s even worse.

    • dgs

      Shamrock should have retired after his fight with Don Frye in Pride, back in 2002 I believe. That was the last time Ken Shamrock looked like a fighter, and not a punching bag. All the man has done since then is tarnish his legacy with loss after loss. The man doesn’t realize his time came and went over 12 years ago.

      I hope Kimo KO’s him in a violent fashion, as maybe then he’ll get the hint it’s time to retire!!

      • JJDNB

        he won’t get the hint even with a KO. He’s raking in as many paychecks as possible before it too late. I thought it might be too late for $$ but apparently Bellator see’s good numbers in this fight.
        I’ll be watching for sure

  • snapdad

    wow! this fight is going to be epic. I think the only other match that’s more monumental than this is the brooklyn brawler vs the red rooster.

  • Stupid Fight

    Better watch our UFC!! With matches like this Bellator will soon be the #1 MMA Promotion!

    Bellator needs to stick to being a place for young talent to be groomed. Stop getting these washed up MMA fighters who have nothing less. It will eventually kill the promotion

    • JJDNB

      this is better then alot of the UFN’s these days

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    As much of a joke as this fight is, everybody will still tune in to see it.

    Can’t wait to see the hype leading up to this one………

    • JJDNB

      i’ll be watching. Shamrock is a legend. Hope he can get the quick takedown and GnP

  • Seth

    100% hype, 0% of skills, 0% of relevancy. That’s bellator for you. Promotion #45739485703475387538475893475834548375 in the world.

  • TheCerealKiller

    The 51 year old is not going to get licensed to fight the 41 year old fake boxer. I had to double check the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st.

    • Sadstrangelittleman

      I love how you post on here religiously and try to act like an authority on MMA. It’s really sad and pathetic that you try to be this little MMAWEEKLY hotshot and spot off dumb crap on almost every article. Even in the few instances where you may be right (just copying the opinion of the 99%) you still come off as an idiot up on his high horse. Not only are you high on yourself but 90% of the time you’re insulting to fighters and fans. Just take your ball and go home nobody will miss you.

      • Sadstrangelittleman

        I also like my men hairy and forceful. I love slurping their yogurt fresh from the hose.

        • Sadstrangelittleman

          Nice attempt to be funny and copy my name……… Buzz off

    • Sadstrangelittleman

      LMAO also love the “I don’t reply to guest accounts” line on your pro. LOL what a joke dude really please just pack your keyboard away and leave the internet alone

    • blob

      go away poison, you are an embarrasment to this website.

      • Sadstrangelittleman

        AMEN! PREACH!

  • sean

    I’d rather watch Peter griffin vs the chicken

  • marrk_us

    Yaawwwnnnn. Not even for free. Does the winner get the winner of Cro cop vs. Gonzaga…… shuffleboard????

    • Sadstrangelittleman

      Yep cause these 2 are right on n the level with Cro Cop and Gonzaga

      • marrk_us

        And the facts are that both Bellator and the UFC are banking on people being “dumb” enough to care about meaningless fights between fighters that are no longer relavant. Been a fan since ufc 1 and have gone from almost never missing a ppv to only 5 last year. So far only ufc 187 looks like a good card top to bottom this year.(before injuries and failed drug tests) Watered down cards filled with fighters way past their prime, taking beatings with no legit title hopes and no real penalties for ped users are real problems that need to be solved. The ufc’s latest ideas sound promising, but actions speak louder than words. We’ll see if anything really happens when the next money maker gets caught.

        • billywood

          because the early ufc’s had no mismatch beatdowns and noone was on peds

  • Darin

    Mama, put me back in the time machine. I want to go back to 2015….

  • TRT-rex

    I thought ken was supposed to bare knuckle box with the great James Quinn-McDonough?

  • Hmmmm

    OK fight fans here go!!!! Wait what! Paycheck Sleep!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • powerboy55

    I’m concerned for ken’s health to be fighting at this age. I don’t think he can take anybody down now. His standup isn’t any good either. Unless he’s been improving a lot secretly, there’s no way he’ll win. You can bet your house on kimbo.

  • Shawn Salvetti

    its an old man fight, might actually be interesting

    • Sadstrangelittleman

      41 and 51 are old….. Yeah ok. I’ll give you that they are older than the average fighter but they are both still in great shape – better than all of us probably. Calling it an “old man fight” is just insulting to them and everyone of their age for that matter

  • KJK

    Hope it’s better than Tito and Bonner the dancing bears!

  • shakejunt

    i am perfectly okay with this if only for that train wreck moment. thank you, bellator.