Khabib Nurmagomedov Calls Out Anthony Pettis at UFC 181 Post-Fight Press Conference

December 7, 2014
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Anthony Pettis successfully defended his UFC lightweight title with a submission of Gilbert Melendez at UFC 181, but the post-fight press conference had its own fireworks.

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As Pettis was answering questions about who he’d like to fight next, Khabib Nurmagomedov chimed in and said he’s ready to go. Check out the video above to check out the exchange.

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  • GrasshopperMMA

    This fight would make no sense from a fan and corporate standpoint. Khabib has no fans so the only people watching would be Pettis fans and Khabib is boring and not a real fighter just a humper. Fans won’t want to see this and as a business it won’t make that much money. A rematch with Cerrone would be a bigger draw even though it’ll have the same outcome.

    • luciahill

      ”’ I just got paid $10500 working off my computer this month. And if you think that’s cool, my friend has twin toddlers and made over $8k her first month. It feels so good making so much money when other people have to work for so much less. This is what I do…..





      • taylor2008

        I guess prositution pays off, huh?

    • MattHughesFan

      Actually the UFC wants to have big events in Russia like the ones they have in Brazil and Canada but they a home boy to do it, they tried to do it in China but there are no good chinese fighters so it didn’t work out, having a russian champ would be a big deal for the UFC

      • GrasshopperMMA

        I see your point. I don’t know if Russians would be a huge fan of his style though. He has barely any fans and I just don’t see him being a big draw even with his home town.

        • Fat Bloke

          At least he has learned to speak English quickly, which is more than you can say fighters like Aldo and Barao. You’ve got to respect that he is trying to play the game at a press conference that is in a foreign language. He has the potential to become a big name. He fights aggressively with his stand up and has the best grappling going around. I kind of think of him as the Cormier of the lightweight division.

        • Maddawgmar

          How’s your breath taste? Because your talking shît now… He is huge in Russia, Russia loves Sambo, and he has a following here in the U.S. He doesn’t just hold people down, he destroys people. He beat the crap out of Healy, made Dons Anjos look like an amateur fighter. You know Dos Anjos, the same guy that beat Cerrone, and KO’d Henderson. Khabib is for real, and has the ability to rag doll Pettis.

          • GrasshopperMMA

            First off I don’t know why I’m replying to you when you don’t know how to respond but I will. He doesn’t have a large fan base and that’s a fact(only has like 30K fans on twitter which is low even for someone just going into the UFC). Most people don’t even know who he is. There is a reason why he is hunting down Pettis at the post press conference and that is to be known. You can’t say that when a guy beats a guy and those guys wins goes to him either(Dos Anjos). Remember styles makes a fight. Furthermore remember people can have opinions and you can have opinions as well. However there is a respectful way to comment on someones opinion.

          • TheCerealKiller

            I don’t have a twitter, I guess I don’t matter.

          • deepgrim

            not sure if he is that huge in russia, how many of the ppv with him have pulled big numbers, if you are right then they will give him the title shot but i dont think they will but we shall see. russians had an idol in fedor in the past who was a true destroyer- i think it is a while before they will idolise khabib in that manner

    • TheCerealKiller

      Nurmagomedov will be the champ as soon as Dana lets him. The fight makes sense, because he is undefeated, unlike the “champ”. Do you even know that he has 7 KO’s, 7 Subs and 8 decisions?

      • GrasshopperMMA

        I do know that. When he fights good fighters though he’s relaxed and not a finisher in my opinion. I know he can and have finished guys. Finished good guys not great guys. But when he fights the Caliber of Pettis he will have Hendricks syndrome. And from what I’ve seen once you do that you stay boring.

  • Jason Priest

    Guida(his entire fight) & Gil(all the way up until he got submitted) showed the recipe for beating Pettis: PRESSURE. Khabib would not let up, it would be constant grinding and pressure. He could very well beat Pettis.

    • GrasshopperMMA

      Unfortunately you’re right he has the style to beat Pettis. I wouldn’t want this fight to happen because of that. Not because he has a chance of beating Pettis but because I hate his style of fighting. I don’t believe you can call what he does fighting. He goes for points not a finish. I have no problem with guys going to the ground I just don’t like it when they don’t try to finish.

      • TheCerealKiller

        10 of his 22 wins ended in the first round.

        • GrasshopperMMA

          So did hundreds of other fighters until they fight UFC caliber fighters. At that point which he has shown he sticks to his bread and butter which is wrestling.

          • TheCerealKiller

            Thiago Tavares disagrees with you.

          • GrasshopperMMA

            Lol I’m sure he does. He is a good but not great fighter. And that’s his only finish in 6 ufc fights.

      • Spike

        “I just don’t like it when they don’t try to finish.”

        Kinda like Hendricks tonight

        • KRISTYAHN

          It’s ironic that Hendricks talked about GSP not finishing his opponents, yet Hendricks last 4 or 5 fights have all ended in decision. Apparently Hendricks thinks beating guys like Fitch (out of his prime) & Kapmann (also out of his prime) is the same type of competition GSP was fighting while Champ! Since Hendricks has fought #1 contenders, he’s went to decision every fight. And proved again vs. Lawler he can’t go 5 rounds without gassing after 3 rounds.
          I’d actually like to see Hendricks vs. Diaz @ WW for 5 rounds, b/c if Diaz could tire GSP out (though he did have an achilles injury & the flu), he would have Hendricks gassed after 3 rounds, and I think Diaz could take Hendricks “bombs” seeing that Condit, GSP & Lawler all did.

          • Spike

            Can’t deny him because at the time he fought GSP, Koscheck and Condit, the latter two had never been finished & it’s not like Johny didn’t try to put GSP away. He did KO Kampmann & was the first to KO Fitch (both who were still in their prime at the time of the fight) Lawler not exactly easy to KO either. GSP layed on his opponents for the most part & didn’t always attempt to put the other guys away. The latest fight with Robbie was the only time I recall that Hendricks wanted it to go to the judges instead of finishing him

      • uncle

        This fight would be great Khabib is a real test for Pettis. I believe
        Pettis will win .Melendez couldn’t even keep him down for long…
        He learned a lot from Guida.

        • GrasshopperMMA

          I hope so.

        • Jason Priest

          It would be a great fight, but I think Khabib could take him.

        • KRISTYAHN

          Khabib’s wrestling in possiblyst @ LW. The guy wrestled a bear for practice growing up, which is 10X better than training vs. any human being. I guarantee you Khabib could keep Pettis down longer than any other LW. BUT, how long will that be? Hopefully we’ll find out. I see Pettis winning this fight, but wouldn’t be surprised if it was a “war” or even if Khabib won a gruelling decision VIA Guida or like Gil did in the 1st round.
          I’d love to see Pettis fight Aldo, and like I said last summer, I think Pettis would beat Aldo at 145lbs and/or 155lbs.


    Showtime would beat him easily. He is no Henderson or Melendez. He is a nobody who has fought nobody. The guy is even to stupid to realize that his challenge has been excepted. #TRUTH

    • Blaze

      Right. And YOU are smart enough to spell “too” and “accepted”, correctly, right?



    • GrasshopperMMA

      Unfortunately his wrestling is better than Melendez and Henderson. He just doesn’t mix it up like they do. He sticks to what he knows in higher caliber fights.

      • Anthony De Nigro

        #THUTH LOL

        • Anthony De Nigro

          Misspelling is intentional…

  • dan

    Khabib would be his hardest fight for sure. You will all see…

  • Guest

    I see Pettis vs Khabib going 5 rounds with Pettis retaining, that’s if all Khabib does is wrestle with Showtime for those 25 mins!!!

  • twinkywinky

    Kabib wins easily!