Kenny Florian Wants Jose Aldo Fight, but Not Done at Lightweight

May 16, 2011
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Kenny Florian

Kenny Florian has heard all the comments from the peanut gallery since he made the decision to try his hand at featherweight.

Some fighters regard the move as a good career choice, while others have slammed almost anyone for cutting down a weight class as a desperate move for career rejuvenation.

Florian doesn’t really see it as either.

The Boston area fighter isn’t dropping down to 145 pounds because he couldn’t compete with the big boys at lightweight any longer. That’s the furthest thing from his mind.

“As far as I’m concerned, I know I’ve done well at 55 and I know I can be a champion at 155,” Florian told MMAWeekly Radio.

What got Florian thinking about going to featherweight in the first place was getting offered a fight with 145-pound champ Jose Aldo in a lightweight bout. Aldo eventually opted to stay at 145 pounds and forgo moving to lightweight, but the fight always stuck in Florian’s mind.

“It all started when I was offered a fight with Jose Aldo at 155 pounds, and when that opportunity arose, I just started thinking Jose won’t go up to 155, could I be able to make it at 145?” Florian stated. “Anyone can make 45, but the question of getting there and being able to perform well (was there) and (my coaches) felt that I would be able to do that.

“It was also a factor at 55. A lot of the guys that I wanted to fight, didn’t want to fight, and didn’t want to take the fight. I’m at the point in my career where I wanted to face the best, and when that wasn’t happening, I said let’s try 45.”

With the featherweight division growing with new talent and challenges ahead from fighters like Aldo and top contender Chad Mendes, Florian is excited for the prospects of facing the best of the best at 145 pounds.

It’s just the challenge he was looking for.

“For me, going down to 145, I see it as a new challenge in my career,” said Florian. “I see it as an opportunity to face one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world in Jose Aldo, hopefully, down the line. That’s really what I see it as. Going down to 45 as a new challenge, and I expect to be at 155 (again) soon.”

Florian is hopeful to defeat Diego Nunes at UFC 131 in June, and then be offered a fight with Jose Aldo later this year.

Either way, Florian’s time at lightweight is far from finished.

“No, not at all,” Florian answered when asked if he was done at 155 pounds.

For now, however, Florian will continue his strict diet and training regimen to make the cut to 145 pounds for the first time when he heads to Vancouver to be a part of the UFC 131 fight card.

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  • BigGuy

    “As far as I’m concerned, I know I’ve done well at 55 and I know I can be a champion at 155”…What a joke! He knows damn well he can’t be a champ in that division, or he would never leave it. He wants the chance at Aldo, which would be ridiculous if the UFC offered it to him. What has he done lately to deserve that shot?

  • bajafox

    None of the top 155 fighters want to fight Florian because they have nothing to gain from beating him. If he fights at 155 it would be with mid level fighters.

    Very obvious he’s dropping to 145 because he can’t fight at 155 with the top guys anymore

  • phrankthetank

    Wow, the guy wins 6 in a row then loses to BJ Penn, wins two more then loses to gray Maynard and he doesn’t deserve top guys anymore? That’s pretty harsh. Do I think he will be 155 champ? No. But he still deserves to fight top level talent, regardless of his weight class.

  • bajafox

    It’s pretty embarrassing when even Melvin Guillard, who has worked his way into the top 10 turned down a fight with KenFlo, he was right with what he said. A fight with KenFlo for anyone in the top 10 proves nothing, so why would they want to take a fight with him?

    • Diaz170King

      It’s only embarrassing to Melvin Guillard that he turned down a fight with a top 10 fighter. Losing to the champ and the top contender still leaves you in the top 5. How does fighting someone who is higher ranked than you and most likely would of beat you “prove nothing”?

      • bajafox

        He’s not even listed in the top 10 here on MMAweekly. I searched around and found one site that had him as high as 8th, another one had him as low as 18th.

        I doubt anybody on the top 10 on this site would risk taking a fight with KenFlo, they have nothing to gain from it.

        KenFlo is going to 145 to “rejuvinate” his career, it’s ok if he does, I just hate that they try so hard to lie about it…

  • phrankthetank

    Everyone is a hater, damn… 15 fights in the UFC, 11 wins, and apparently he’s a pointless fight. If he’s such a mid level fighters, top 10 guys would be taking him on just to add a notch to their belt, but the fact is that he IS one of the best lightweights in the world. Just because he’s going down to 145 doesn’t mean he’s not a strong 155. He’s just not THE best 155 and wants to try and get a UFC belt. Don’t hate him for that.