Kenny Florian Video: ‘I Would Be for Stripping Jon Jones of the Title’

April 27, 2015
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(Video courtesy of FOX Sports | May not be viewable in all locations due to broadcasting rights restrictions)

If the allegations that UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was responsible for a felony hit-and-run car accident, former UFC fighter and current FOX Sports analyst Kenny Florian believes the champ should be stripped of his belt.

More importantly, Florian believes that aside from the punishment, Jones has shown that he needs help… and he means serious help, not a overnight stay in a rehab facility.

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  • runner2300

    Chael Sonnen was banned from the UFC for steroids….Jon Jones has multiple drug problems and has avoided police and an arrest warrant was issued….how he remains in UFC is beyond me….

    • Adam howell

      I thought sonnen got banned for 2 years

      • Collideoverme

        It is two years

    • TheCerealKiller

      How people don’t understand the difference between competition and personal life is beyond me. Jones has not been arrested or convicted for a single drug issue.

  • Darin

    Take his belt, suspend him for a year, fine him a half-mil. Make him serve his one year suspension with no more legal issues. That’s just for the UFC. Of course, he’ll still have to deal with the legal system and a likely civil suit from the woman he injured. That is more than fair for a guy that should be unemployed and imprisoned.

    • Seth

      Innocent untill proven guilty. That’s how USA law works, right? If they have enough proofs, he will be proven guilty, right?

      As far as stripping the title and suspension..won’t happen.UFC makes too much $$$ on him.

  • Timothy Malone

    To me the title is about who is the best fighter. I don’t care if you are a human POS outside of the cage, if you are the best fighter and fight clean then you deserve the belt. Only strip him if he is going to jail and will be unable to defend that belt.

    I know it isn’t this simple, the fighters have to be role models and the company has to look out for the image of the sport against those who want to tear it down etc, but that is my personal opinion.

    • Steven Celestial

      You’re an idiot.

    • deepgrim

      really fans just want to see the big fights, but with the ufc it will likely come down to the image v money issue, if the ufc support jones will they lose more money than jones can make them? but again if they support him when does jones learn his lesson? his cocky attitude seems to continue outside the octagon and that accident had the potential to go even worse. i think they need to punish him badly- stripping the title would hurt him as it would stop him in his record breaking tracks- something his ego definitely wants! i think that would be a lesson that he might actually learn

  • mmalive

    Kenny, You are a FAKE man. As a fighter and former part of UFC you should know better than to turn your back. Stripping title is not option unless he is s crappy fighter. Which he is not. Jones is a young guy with A LOT of money. He WILL MAKE mistakes. 9-10 young people with dollars WILL F— UP. Jon might be a scum bag in his antics outside of octagon BUT A GREAT FIGHTER. Great champ with S—-Y morals is best way to describe Jones.

  • Jojo

    Get help?? Really? If he has a drug problem, then I can see that. But how do you get help with immaturity problems? Isn’t he an ex-cop or something? What help do you give someone who has the mentality of running away after injuring someone in an accident…then coming back to get CASH, meanwhile leaving a pot pipe in the car?? REALLY??

    • Collideoverme

      Can’t buy a lawyer with weed. He needed the cash!

    • Brandon Davis

      I mean, it’s clear in terms of his drug use he needs help and he needs to help in management skills department. At the age of twenty-seven, I’m not too sure if someone can help him mature. He has to do that on his own, or get in contact with some responsible male adults, what he did sounded like something a teenager would do.

  • Seth

    No, he’s not alone. No one was able so far to beat JBJ in MMA, which means he is the best 205pound fighter on the planet. As far as MMA goes, he’s the best and deserve that belt.

    Now, business side of MMA comes in – it’s up to UFC if they want to do it, or they have no problem with someone like him representing their company. But if they decide to strip him – its kinda pointless. He will still be undefeated, he will beat one or two guys and get that belt again, no matter who has it. So it doesn’t really matter if they strip him or not.

    • deepgrim

      if they strip him he wont break the record for consecutive defenses- i think that will hurt jones- i think his ego wants to break andersons record

  • snapdad

    cant fix stupid

  • TheCerealKiller

    I guess you stripped that title from Tim then.

    Not calling Tim an idiot

  • KJK

    If the UFC ever hopes to achieve mainstream acceptance they will strip him of the belt and self impose a suspension somewhere in the range of 2 years….which I think is pretty likely. The brass at the UFC know the days of the PPV model are numbered and the next step will be a greater number of “free” TV fights funded by big corporate sponsorship. Businesses like Pepsi, Coke, Wells Fargo, Goodyear, Bayer, Nike, Dupont, etc..hold the key to the long term survival of the sport and will likely provide profits for the UFC that far exceed the money made today. The thing is that corporate sponsorship comes with rules of conduct that parallel the judgement lines of the general public and this being the case fighter’s like Jones will be considered a liability rather than an asset regardless of talent. The only real question is how does the UFC want to proceed….be a second fiddle sport relegated to smoke filled rooms and the occasional appearance in USA today or on Fox or do they want to go mainstream into the homes of the masses, be covered by multiple media outlets, and rake in corporate cash….we will see!

  • Joe Dog

    Jones can practice his eye pokes and oblique kicks in jail. Good riddance.

  • wheelsdeal

    Well its official…they did strip him of the belt and Cormier fights Jonhson for the belt.

    Winner is full champ not interim.