Kenny Florian: One of the Greats

June 6, 2012
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Kenny Florian officially retired last week prior to the Ultimate Fighter finale as he closed the book on his mixed martial arts career.

On Tuesday night, Fuel TV gathered together some of Florian’s closest friends, training partners and friends to help pay tribute to him as he said goodbye to fighting.

Check out the tribute video below…Kenny Florian: One of the Greats

  • Prodigy815

    Kenny was a good fighter but not great,best of luck to him though.

  • Towers66

    Always enjoyed his fights but he never did anything remarkable in my opinion. Hope all works out well for him.

  • bajafox

    One of the great gate keepers.

  • Mario

    I have to agree

    Kenny was good, but never great. If he was great, he would have won the title at least once. He never did though. Yes, he could beat most of the top contenders at Lightweight on any given day, but that was all he did really. He was simply a good fighter.

    Best of luck to him. I don’t hate the guy. Just calling him great to me seems like a stretch.

  • TKD

    I think they are going way over the line by calling him one of the “greats”. He was a good fighter, but to say he was great is an insult to the greats in MMA. So long, Florian!