Kenny Florian Announces His Retirement (Video)

May 31, 2012
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On Thursday, former Ultimate Fighter finalist Kenny Florian announced that he was retiring from the sport.

A veteran of 17 fights in the UFC, Florian suffered a back injury last November that just did not heal up properly, and with his competitive nature just too high, the Boston native wouldn’t fight unless he knew he could do it at his best.

UFC President Dana White officially announced Florian’s retirement on Thursday:

  • All the best to Kenny, hope he has nothing but success in all his future endeavors. I enjoyed watching him compete over the years.

  • dderizzo

    Your a Smart dude Kenny. You will do just fine in what ever you do.Good luck, enjoyed all your fights…

  • The_SaavedraFiles

    What a great fighter. always had amazing fights. no doubt one of my idols. its a love/hate thing though. Kenny is one of my many fighters who inspired me to do MMA. but i sort of always had this dream of fighting him some day… guess that will never happen.

    • macgrubber

      ya it wouldnt have happened if he didnt retire cuz you are not good enough to get into the UFC. keep dreaming broseph.

      • Gonna give yourself ass cancer with all that bitterness bottled up inside. LOL

  • Anthony

    Ya know, I thought the Jose Aldo vs Florian decision could have easily gone the other way–Ive seen way worse from the judges then if they would have given Kenny the nod . He was a great fighter and very well rounded Maybe a lil better wrestling(only bcause of the Maynard loss) would have made him unstoppable, but still a great competitor and a class act–Best of luck Kenny.

  • I hope he stays with the TV gig, I enjoy him and his insights.
    It seems the UFC wants to give me an over flowing cup of people I can’t stand, like Sonnen and Evans.

  • KBEsq

    I really like Florian. I wish he would have taken another fight and gone out with a bang like Lytle.

    People bag on Florian because he never got the belt and had a lot of chances, but the people who bag on him are probably the kind of people who wouldn’t have taken that chance to begin with. The guy had the guts to get in there with Sherk (when Sherk was a monster who would just lay on his opponent), Jose Aldo and BJ Penn, two of the best fighters in the world. And he did pretty good against all those guys.

    Florian is a true champ even if he didn’t have the belt.

  • TKD

    Florian is a guy that couldn’t get his hands on a title if it was delivered to him. There are guys that rise to the next level when they get chances, and then there are Florians of the world.