Ken Shamrock on War Machine: “He’s Always Had an Issue with This… He Needs Help”

August 22, 2014
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Ken-Shamrock-Cage-Rage-25-450x260Back when War Machine was known as Jon Koppenhaver and was an aspiring fighter, he trained under the guidance of UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock.

The 32-year-old professional fighter was apprehended on Aug. 15 while on the run from authorities, fleeing allegations that he brutally assaulted his ex-girlfriend and adult film star Christy Mack in her Las Vegas home on Aug. 8.

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“The thing that’s sad about this is I started Jon. When he first came into MMA, I’m the one that broke him in in San Diego,” Shamrock recently told

Shamrock says the man he once mentored has always had problems with violence outside of the cage. He recalled an incident that involved his daughter during the time he was training the captured fugitive.

“I had issues with him. My 17-year-old daughter — and Jon was like 20-something-years old — he took her to Mexico and he left her over there. He ended up disappearing, and I haven’t seen him since,” said the founder of the legendary Lion’s Den fight team. “He’s always been hiding from me because he knows that if I catch him, I’ll break his neck.

“He’s always had an issue with this (domestic violence). The guy needs help, and he doesn’t need to be doing it on his own. The court, they need to put him into some sort of rehab where he starts understanding,” continued the mixed martial arts pioneer.

“He needs help. They need to get him off the street because if it wasn’t for the fact that he didn’t have access to another knife, who knows if this girl would be alive right now,” added Shamrock. “He’s bad news.”

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  • Darin


    2 questions for Shammy:
    1. Why would you let your underage daughter leave the country with this douche?

    2. You realize War Machine didn’t actually kill anyone, right?

    • J

      1) Who said the daughter asked for permission? Generally 17 year olds running away to Mexico with older guys dont tell Dad.
      2) Ken is fully aware that War Machine didnt kill anyone, he’s saying if he had access to a sharper knife Christy Mack might be dead.

      • Darin

        I reread it. Got it. But I wouldn’t ever take Ken Shamrock’s “full awareness” for granted.

    • James Williams

      hmm, let’s see… let’s look at the trend. Violent assaults, culminating in an attack that (if you look at the injuries and take the statements of the victim at face value) was headed towards ending someone’s life.

      But no, let’s just wait until he ACTUALLY kills someone before doing any form of risk mitigation.

    • Ray D.

      Darin…. you’re dumb.

      • Darin

        Perhaps I misinterpreted the inane rambling of a brain damaged has-been. So, apparently he was suggesting that because the knife handle broke (according to Mack’s statement) her life was likely spared? That if War had found another knife he would have killed her? THAT is dumb. I have never been in Ms. Mack’s home, but I would bet all my money she had more than one knife. I would also bet that it is very easy to stab a person with a knife, sans handle. I would also bet that War would have had no trouble beating her to death with his hands and feet.

        I’m sure you at least agree with me on the letting his kid go out of the country with a psycho statement, right?

        • johnnywrong

          Better a has-been than a never-was like you.

  • Stab this

    Well the nxt beating he will give will be himself on a his bunk infrount of everybody in the old cell block. In his nxt stabbing will be from behind during community shower session lol

  • James Mckaskle

    Seriously, Rehab? What about a prison cell if he is found guilty. He does not need rehab. He needs a boyfriend on D block!