Ken Shamrock-James Toney Special Rules MMA Match Targeted for November, Possibly Out of Country

August 8, 2011
Randy Couture James Toney UFC 118

Randy Couture puts the GNP on James Toney at UFC 118

The proposed special rules mixed martial arts match between UFC veteran Ken Shamrock and boxing world champion James Toney is being targeted for November.

Ivaylo Gotzev, one of the fight’s promoters, advised of the month targeted for the unique bout. In addition, Gotzev and his partners are nearing finalization of the venue, which could be in one of two American states or out of the country.

“(We’re looking at) two different states and, actually, going outside of the country,” Gotzev said. “We’re zeroing in right now, but it’s going to be November.”

The match-up, which was originally rumored to take place in El Paso, Texas, in September, never had a confirmed date according to the promoter. Any speculation of the date and venue was just that, speculation.

Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock

“When people came up with an original date (in September) that was somewhat of a guess,” Gotzev said.

The pending bout between Shamrock and Toney is unique in that ground work following a takedown will be allowed to go for only 30 seconds and the fighters will have only that amount of time to finish their grounded opponent. Once the 30-second time limit expires, the two will be required to stand back up in fighting positions, regardless of position on the floor.

Despite Toney’s performance against former UFC champion Randy Couture at UFC 118, wherein Toney was submitted early in the first round, the boxing world champion feels that he has what it takes to be competitive in a ground fight.

Since the fight with Couture, Toney now claims he has ground skills.

“I know the ground game,” Toney recently told “I’m good at it.”

Toney will get to prove his ground game is up to par this November when he takes on Ken Shamrock in a match that should be interesting, to say the least. will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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  1. I recommend that Ken go immediately for a takedown. Don’t even try to set up the takedown with jabs. Just force a takedown, no matter how sloppy. Do what Randy did and just crawl on the floor and try to grab even the ankle.

    And don’t go for single leg takedowns since Ken’s chin is pretty much nonexistent at this point so Toney could KO him with a punch while jumping around in one leg.

    Just crawl on the floor like Inoki in the Ali fight. And grab that ankle.

    You don’t want to risk getting Tim Sylviaed.

  2. This is a silly fight, neither one of these guys can get fights in their own respective sports so they are putting them together in a “special rules match”. What’s next a “TLC” (tables, ladders, and chairs) match with special guest referee Dan Severen. This is such a pro-wrestling style match.

    I hope that Shamrock can take him down over and over again. Because everytime they stand up, he is in trouble. Also did his management team forget to tell him that his submission are not that good anymore (if ever).

    I am calling it now, Shamrock opens with a takedown, lays on him trying subs, ref stands them up, again Shamrock gets the takedown and tries more subs, ref stands them up. Shamrock now very tired and winded attempts another take down and this time Toney hits him so hard that he has to go to the hospital, where it is determined he can never fight again, aka Rockey style.

  3. er, who’s going to pay to watch of a couple of washed up ‘has beens’ stagger around the around the octagon until they both pass out from oxygen deprivation?
    I’m not even going to watch this even if it is for free.
    What’s it prove? 30 second take downs? then back to the feet? that’s not MMA.
    The USCFC? Ultimate Senior Citizen Flailing Competition?
    By no means are these guys gonna fight for anything except air to breath.
    30 seconds for ground and pound or a submission. wtf.
    If ‘Sham’ rock has any sense left whatsoever, he will just trip Phoney to the ground and make him wear himself out until he taps with the effort of getting his sloppy self up off of the floor.

    This is beyond stupid. You couldn’t even put these guys in a league of over 50’s, Because Randy would be down here moping the floor with both these guys at the same time.

    This can only have one ending, and that’s Phoney knocking out ‘sham’ rock. I don’t see ‘sham’ having enough wind to continue to take phoney down to avoid the stand up. And I can’t imagine even someone as inept as Phoney not being able to defend against submissions for a maximum of 30 seconds against a second rate fighter WAAAAY out of his prime.

  4. I would watch it only for free on youtube and ONLY when I am super bored.

    They should have seniors league. Toney, Shamrock, Tank Abbott, Taktarov, Randy, Coleman, Randleman, Dan Severn, the Polar Bear, Igor Vovchynchn, Goodridge, Cal Worsham, Rickson, Sakuraba, Yoshida, just bring all the old school fighters back!

    I’ll bet you that not only will people NOT watch the show, they will probably talk alot of shit on this site.

  5. Pretty much talking shit about this fight will be costly but people will do it.

    Assuming that a dude makes $10 an hour, it will cost him $5 to meaningfully talk shit over and over again on this site. Heck people might just go buy the internet to talk shit on the fight.