Ken Shamrock: “I Was Never in the Ring and Fought with Steroids… but I Have Used Steroids”

January 26, 2014
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(Coutesy of Inside MMA)

Having competed in a time in mixed martial arts when drug testing was lacking, if not non-existent, as well as crossing over into professional wrestling, Ken Shamrock is a fighter often accused of being a steroid user.

On Friday night’s edition of Inside MMA, Shamrock admitted that it is true, he did use steroids during his career. He was careful to delineate, however, that he never entered into the ring for a fight while still on steroids.

“You know, during my career, when I was fighting, steroids, I never entered into the ring while using steroids. I was never in the ring and fought with steroids, ever,” he declared. “But, I have used steroids in the past.

“Because I have been involved with that. Because I understand how it can be used. I understand there is a trend there.”

Shamrock went on to give his thoughts on how to try and clean up the sport and reduce performance-enhancing drug use by starting at the bottom with random testing for newer fighters, not by starting at the top with the fighters that may have the money to circumvent the testing process.

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  • L

    “Clean up the sport”?
    WTF is this? It assumes we all ‘agree’ that Performance Enhancing Drugs should be illegal for professionals. But why make this assumption? Why not instead assume that everyone will use, whether you test or not.

    I say allow testosterone and HGH use, and instead just test for ratios. Maybe at some point a dangerous ratio for fighting is established, and you get fined if you are over. Simple. Controversy solved entirely.

    • C

      Yeah, take all the legitimacy right out of it. Cheating’s totally cool! Allowing doping is saying “f*** you” to anyone that’s trained clean and really worked to make it to the top levels. It takes all the skill and hard work out. You must be one of those losers that thinks everyone deserves a trophy or you’re a pussbag juicer yourself. Keeping dopers out means the fans get to see the best, not every knucklehead that could shove a needle in their ass and learn to throw haymakers. Why don’t we let everyone start plastering their gloves too?

      Assuming that “everyone does” and still testing for levels as you suggest doesn’t solve anything plain and simple. You’re still testing and you’ll still get fights that don’t happen because the fighters can’t agree on the tester or now what’d be an appropriate level.

      • L

        Do you watch pro sports?
        Are you under the impression that you have seen a pro athlete at the top level in the last 15 years, who hasn’t been using T and HGH? Whether its baseball, football, basketball, MMA, soccer, cycling, swimming, etc?

        You call it cheating, I call it commonplace.

    • Kyle Reusch

      Those ratios already exist in most mma athletic commissions. Who is to say though what that threshold should be? Who is to say how much is enough? I think if you are old and weak you should retire, not take drugs to artificially win. Then mma will be no better than the other professional sports, especially baseball. I think there should be no threshold. Either make it legal or ban it outright.

  • DamianCross

    No s***, Ken.

  • bajafox

    There should be 2 weight classes for every weight, 2 185s, 2 170s, 2 etc.

    One weight class will be for the fighters that stay clean, the other weight class will be for fighters on steroids, TRT, etc. I’d pay for that

    • JDMMA

      I like that idea !!!! and there shouldn’t be any limit to how much they wanna use either

  • Kyle Reusch

    No one is “accusing” Vitor os using TRT. He admits to using it, and said he plans on using it for his next fight. I think steroids made you dumb Ken.

    • Kyle Reusch

      Either make it legal or test everyone all the time.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    Ken…if you’re gonna talk about roids be honest. Otherwise say “no comment”. But at least 10% of the people who watched this actually believe you.

  • brad king

    emma is georgous


    Liar !!! He tested positive for steroids in 2009 after the fight with Ross Clifton

  • Big Tuna

    Ohhhhh! So you didn’t physically take them into the ring but you did use them…that’s cool then totally legit! Bottom line if you use roids your an insecure coward….a weasel if you will

  • james j

    Shamrock please go away

  • The second best eva