Kelvin Gastelum and John Lineker Fined, but Their UFC 183 Fights Will Go On

January 30, 2015
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Kelvin Gastelum and John Lineker were each well over the limit for his respective fight at the UFC 183 weigh-ins on Friday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, but neither bout was cancelled.

Gastelum weighed 180 pounds for his 170-pound co-main event bout with Tyron Woodley. That’s nine pounds above the 171 allowed for a welterweight non-title fight.

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04-Kelvin-Gastelum-TUF-17-Finale-w-750Following negotiations between Woodley, Gastelum, UFC president Dana White, and matchmaker Joe Silva, Woodley agreed to accept the fight with a man nearly a full weight class heavier than him. As part of the outcome, Gastelum will be fined 30-percent of his purse, which will go to Woodley, according to UFC representative Dave Sholler.

Lineker put his fight on shaky ground as well. Lineker, who, like Gastelum, has struggled to make weight in the past, weighed in at 130 pounds for his flyweight fight with Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall. That is four pounds over the 126-pound limit for their 125-pound non-title bout.

Also like Gastelum, Lineker will be fined 30-percent of his fight purse, all of which will go to McCall.

UFC 183 main eventers Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz had no issues making weight for their bout, nor did any of the other fighters on the 12-bout fight card.

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  • The Prognosticator

    The Gastelum versus Woodley co-main event is still taking place despite Gastelum being ten pounds heavier at the weigh-in…Rousey take notice.

    • Alex

      Not the same at all! Rousey is the champ, why does she have to go chasing a challenger?

      • The Prognosticator

        She doesn’t. However, there is no reason Cyborg must weigh 135 lbs on the dot for a non-title fight to take place. Cyborg already stated she doesn’t care if it’s a title fight. Also, see Ronda making 145 lbs exception for Gina Carano’s first UFC fight.

    • ac

      It’s not the same since they both agreed to weigh 170 and Gastelum missed weight. That leaves Woodley in the position, a day before fight night, of deciding to not get paid (having paid for a full fight camp) or fight a guy who basically has not cut weight. What you’re suggesting is more similar to what Diaz is doing.

    • taylor2008

      Why is she fighting the winner of Woodley and Gastelump?

      • Arty

        because she’s a man with teets

    • Arty

      Rousey will keep making excuses to avoid Cyborg. If she were the best, she would meet at a catch weight. To quell those bringing up the Cyborg’s past steroid issue, UFC should require Cyborg should be tested leading up to the fight to ensure she’s clean. Say what you want about her but Cyborg wants the fight, Rousey appears otherwise and resorts to name calling. This is fight the fans deserve.

      • Muttley76

        Although I’m a little tired of all the chatter that Tousey is somehow scared of cyborg, don’t worry, the fight will definitely happen, but we saw what happened in the couple of years after cyborg/Carano in women’s mma, it would not be wise to pair the only two stars quite yet. Let wmma get a toehold that’s a little stronger, and let cyborg clean out invicta and RR do the same n the ufc for another year or so, then it’ll be a true mega fight. If they did right now other than a rematch if close wmma would go down significantly. Jmo.

        • The Prognosticator

          I agree with your opinion. However, Cyborg certainly has cleaned out Invicta. Cyborg’s latest opponent, Charmaine Tweet will be an easy R1 TKO. I also think that once Rousey defeats Zingano, she has cleaned out her division (unless people think that Holly Holm with zero UFC fights and an unproven ground game is a legitimate threat or that Bethe Correia is a threat) as well. It really is at the point where Cyborg versus Rousey is the only potential women’s fight that has any shred of parody. To evidence this point, a women’s bantamweight fight between the #2 women’s bantamweight fighter and the #3 women’s bantamweight fighter failed to make the UFC 183 main card. I believe that speaks volumes about the difference between Rousey and her division. This is why I believe Cyborg versus Rousey should happen now.

          • Muttley76

            I’m not disagreeing from a fan and division standpoint, just that from a business standpoint it still makes sense to wait a while. There’s plenty of other intriguing matchups (JJ/Rumble, Aldo, McGregor) that fans want to see in the short term, but not much afterwards for any of those fighters, so it makes sense to hold this one for a more dead period, regardless barring a loss by either (and I definitely don’t see that), it’ll be huge when it does happen.

  • snapdad

    these fighters should be fined 10% for every pound over. 40% for liniker and 90% for gastelum.

  • guest

    If Gastelum wins, he should have to fight someone un-ranked next. That’s absurd

  • DonkeyTeeth

    I’ll say it again if you miss weight once in your weight class you should be fined 50% 2nd time you should be banned from that weight class and have to move up 3rd time you are out of the promotion. This would make these guys get on weight or have the brains to tell the promotion they are injured ahead of time. I think it’s 50/50 guys either were injured and couldn’t make weight or they are way too big for the weight class but want to use that for their advantage.

  • Sarge

    what a fat bastard.

    • Arty

      get in me belly

  • cheflacsto

    Gastelum should be ashamed, a guy on his way up coming in 10lbs over. What a joke.

    • taylor2008

      Exactly! Not a few or a couple pounds over….10 lbs?! Thats horrible.

  • taylor2008

    HOW?! This guy was a wrestler and now a pro MMA fighter. He is used to cutting weight. This is a joke! Woodley cut weight and in doing so lost a little strentgh. If Kevin wins it should be a draw. How do these fighters miss weight?! Unreal!

  • dandogood

    Hope Woodley Ko’s the disrespectful Gas man.