Keith Berry Calls Herschel Walker “An Embarrassment,” Wants To Fight Him In Strikeforce

November 16, 2010
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Keith Berry

Keith Berry

While much of the MMA world is enamored by former Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker’s transition into the sport, there are a few fighters who would love a shot at the 48-year-old former NFL running back.

Enter Keith “KO Kid” Berry. A WEC and King of the Cage veteran, who is facing former Affliction fighter Brett Cooper this weekend in California, hopes that Strikeforce is listening because he’s got a very simple message

He wants to fight Herschel Walker.

“I’d love to fight Herschel Walker, but they’d probably never give me that fight because they only want to give him the wins,” Berry told

Walker returns on Dec. 4 at Strikeforce: Henderson vs. Babalu 2 against Scott Carson in St. Louis, and there has been some criticism of the promotion’s choice of opponents for the 1-0 football player turned fighter.

Berry believes it’s Strikeforce’s desire to build Walker up and not give him a real challenge, which he’s disappointed about when looking at how competition works in MMA.

“I think sometimes Strikeforce they build up these guys like Herschel Walker, like the last fight I saw him in, he fought a guy that was 1-1 and he just looked bad,” Berry said about Walker. “I just thought he looked really bad, and his hands were so stiff and I just thought if I gave him one good overhand right, he would just go down.”

Currently riding a three fight win streak of his own, Berry would be happy to test Walker if both fighters are successful in their upcoming campaigns. Berry wants to derail the Herschel Walker hype train, once and for all.

“Guys like that have a little bit of hype on them and I don’t think he’s a real MMA fighter. He trains at AKA with some good guys, that’s cool, but I don’t think he’s anything special,” Berry commented. “I saw his fight and it was embarrassing. A regular guy, a journeyman could smash him. That’s just my opinion.”

Before Berry gets any sort of shot at Walker down the road, he’ll first deal with Brett Cooper this weekend in California, a test he’s not looking past.

Berry also points out that if he’s successful against Cooper, he may try to get Strikeforce to bite on the Walker fight or maybe make another run at the UFC’s “Ultimate Fighter” reality show.

“Brett Cooper’s no joke either,” said Berry. “He’s fought a lot of tough fights, and he’s been around. He’s a good fighter. I’m looking to take him out and then move on to bigger, better things.

“I got an offer from Strikeforce for some things, but it was just too short notice. Hopefully after this I’ll get another offer from them. I tried out for ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and that was a little bit political, but I might try out for that again.”

Whatever the future holds, Berry isn’t afraid to let his opinion be known. He’s ready to put his fists to work to back-up any talk from his mouth. Keith Berry faces Brett Cooper this weekend in middleweight action in California.

  • 13bret

    this dude calling out people, dude you looked at your record lately? every time you fight someone worth two shits you get your ass kicked. stick with the no name shows, you’ll get your heart(and face) broken in the big show. in other words Hershall would whoop that ass, and you aint tough enough for tuf

  • Keith who?

    Screw it, throw my hat in the mix too. Tell Herschel SHORT_BUS wants a piece of the action. If you’re coming on Herschel…….. COME ON!

  • jasonadams76

    Herschel Walker was 0-0 when he fought the guy who was 1-1. Who is he supposed to fight? Berry just sounds jealous that people actually want to see Walker fight.

  • Kehgantheirish

    This is a pretty pathetic shot at getting publicity from a guy who doesnt even fight on the main stages. Calling out a guy who has had one professional fight. Calling out a guy who is being hyped by his promoter? It makes sense that Strikeforce would hype a guy as famous as Hershel Walker fighting in MMA. On top of that Hershel is one of the most humble athletes you can think of. How could you possibly have a problem with a guy like Walker. Its not like Walker goes around talking about his championship aspirations.

    “Kid KO” needs to get over himself, and stop acting like his 9-5 record (with losses to his only two notable opponents) is something that gives him the right to call people out. I hope Strikeforce completely ignores this and Keith Berry fades back into the MMA obscurity from which he made these outlandish comments.

  • Kehgantheirish

    Quick fun fact (just because I looked it up): Keith Berry has won his last three fights, those three fighters have a combined win-loss record of 0-5!

    Yeah, you’re right Keith Berry. You are awesome.

  • x2party

    Herschel Walker is a dinosaur that wont last at all. Check out Keith’s 6 second knockout, its pretty epic. Or any one of his fights for that matter.

  • xMMAx69

    Hey idiots, quick fact, two of Berry’s wins have been under 6 seconds (both world records), not including the domination of Sean Loeffler, who’s currently 20-5. After he KILLS Brett Cooper in Temecucal this Friday, he’ll gladly whoop sorry old Herschell and anyone else that wants some, including your punk asses. Doubt it though, seeing as how you’re probably fat douchebags still waiting for your balls to drop with mad acne & limp useless penises that have never seen anything but your pocket pussies.

  • HeadKicker

    Keith’s name suits him well. He was KO’d in 20seconds against Cooper at Pechenga this past friday night.

    He is a perfect fight for Walker now.

    Holds record for fastest KO (6 seconds) holds his own record too – 20 seconds and KO’d!

  • HeadKicker

    Did I say 20 seconds? I was thinking about bj penn and hughes. Berry got KO’d in 10 SECONDS!