Karl Malone Calls Out Brock Lesnar in Attempt to Return to Pro Wrestling

February 17, 2015
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Karl Malone is without a doubt one of the greatest power forwards ever the grace the game of basketball. Dude was a physical monster on the hardwood, and few, if any, were able to stop him and his versatile offense.

But that’s basketball and not the world of professional wrestling, which is where “The Mailman” wants to deliver his comeback.

Malone was on a recent episode of “America’s Pregame” on FOX Sports 1 when he talked about hoping to get a call from the WWE and a match with former UFC and current WWE world heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. Exhibit A:

Shots fired.

If you’ve followed wrestling in the past, you’ll probably remember Karl strapping up the boots in a tag-team match pitting him and Diamond Dallas Page against Hulk Hogan and fellow NBA power forward Dennis Rodman. The match wasn’t the most skilled exhibition, but if you were like me, you remember nerding out, watching two NBA All-Stars get down where Ric Flair, Sting and Sid Vicious built a good part of their careers.

Let’s keep it real, though, and remind Karl that wrestling Brock — whether it’s in the ring or the Octagon — is a bad idea. Best to let the past stay in the past, Karl, and let your only pro wrestling experience be this …

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  • EshamTheUnholy

    OK, I understand some people are weird but why post this?

  • Billy Dougher

    karl is big man bot he is no brock lesnar karl enjoy your family the wheel chair is your next stop

  • wer

    Damn, those basketball players are lengthy, look at their body proportions. Their legs and arms are twice the length of their torsos. Well, that’s why people of African decent rule basketball in the first place.

    • Werisdumb

      Wow we are going back to the “black people rule sports” cliche? You realize there are just as many white,Asian,European people who have the same proportions and have the same skill right? Didn’t think there were anymore people who think like this but I guess I was wrong. It’s people like you making everything about race that makes shit worse.

  • Mendel

    I have never really watched WWE but I thought he did pretty good.