JZ Cavalcante Wants to Earn His Shot at Strikeforce Champ Gilbert Melendez

January 21, 2012
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JZ Cavalcante Andre Dida Hero's 10It’s safe to say that JZ Cavalcante is waiting on a call from Strikeforce about his next fight.

The Brazilian has been out of action since 2011, and with 2012’s fight cards filling up fast, he wants nothing more than his chance to prove he’s the best lightweight in Strikeforce and should be the one facing Gilbert Melendez.

The only way to do that, however, is to get fights so he’s waiting on the call from the matchmakers at Strikeforce to put him up to bat.

Check out what else JZ had to say about the growth of the Blackzilians, and much much more.

  • troop

    OK, here’s how I wish GZ earns his title shot. Gilbert is probably fighting the Noons/Thomson winner next. Then, it will be hard for Strikeforce not to give the Fodor/Healy winner the shot after that (but since that fight is the same day as the Noons/Thomson fight, I can’t see them waiting around that long so maybe put the Fodor/Healy winner against winner of a Masvidal/Wilcox winner barring a rematch)….
    ..So..GZ has minimum of two fights before title contention. I say GZ vs Conor Heun to get things going then have him fight winner of Green/Payan (no they haven’t scheduled that fight either..but they should)
    GZ would probably need one more fight after that, we’ll see.
    …yeah, not high-profile fights at first, but hey, he said he wants to earn his way back. His 3rd fight would be high-profile and 4th for the title.

    • really not interested in a 3rd fight btwn. gil and thompson TBH…if thompson wins i say give the shot to fodor/healy but if noons wins i wouldnt mind seeing him get the shot…set up wilcox v. masvidal rematch since the 1st fight was a fluke eye poke injury and i feel it should be settled…assuming noons wins and gets the shot, let winner of fodor/healy fight jz, assuming he beats wilcox…lot of assuming going on but strikeforce seems so disorganized and lacking in depth that anyone can fight for a title at any given time…

      • * not wilcox v. masvidal i mean wilcox v. JZ rematch…