Junior Dos Santos Will Be Looking To Knock Out Cain Velasquez

June 12, 2011
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Junior Dos Santos at UFC 131

Dos Santos says he’ll be ready for Velasquez.

Junior Dos Santos officially solidified himself as the top heavyweight contender, again, with his one-sided decision win over Shane Carwin at UFC 131.

With the win over Carwin, Dos Santos secured a match up with champion Cain Velasquez later this year, and thinks it will be his biggest challenge to date.

“I think my biggest challenge is coming because Cain Velasquez is (the) best and the champion and he deserves that. He’s proved that he is very good, so I will be ready for him,” said Dos Santos about the titleholder.

During the UFC 131 post-fight press conference at Rogers Arena in Vancouver on Saturday, Dos Santos discussed how he and Velasquez match up stylistically.

“I think the best of Cain is his cardio. He’s very good in wrestling too, so I have to train a lot of this. I’ve been learning very fast, wrestling. I will try to make it stand up to his takedowns,” he said. “All the time I’m looking for the knockout and it’s not going to be different.”

The Dos Santos and Velasquez bout was tentatively scheduled for UFC 136 in Houston, but the match up will likely take place in November according to UFC president Dana White.

“This fight is going to happen, probably in five months,” White told MMAWeekly.com following the UFC 131 event.

  • wonggfan

    Oh man. I can’t predict this fight. This is definitely the biggest HW fight since CC v. Fedor 6 years ago.

    Cain is definitely more well rounded and definitely a better wrestler.

    In terms of BJJ, I think they are both equal. They have great BJJ defend but offensively I doubt they can be called BJJ experts.

    In terms of striking, while Cain can use kicks, he has never KOed anyone with kicks. And JDS is definitely good at what he does which is boxing.

    Can Cain take JDS down and keep him there? Well, Carwin couldn’t do it. But Cain is a more decorated wrestler than Carwin.

    Interesting fight. After seeing the Brock fight, Cain looked untouchable. But after seeing the Carwin fight, JDS looked equally untouchable.

    Just amazing caliber fight to determine who is truly the best HW currently.

    Also, SF should hurry up with the HW tourney. It is taking forever.

  • americanmma

    Hopefully they will keep the translaters handy for the interviews leading up to the fight so we can understand the sh…..t talk

  • Can’t wait!