Junior dos Santos, ‘When You Guys See Me Fighting, That’s Really Me’

April 6, 2012
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Junior dos Santos

UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos is likely to get a new opponent for his planned May 26 title defense at UFC 146 in Las Vegas, and he’s finally talking about it.

His original opposition, Alistair Overeem, failed a surprise drug test following last week’s UFC 146 kickoff press conference. Overeem, along with dos Santos and the four other fighters taking part in the promotional junket, were surprised immediately after by Nevada State Athletic Commission officials demanding a urine sample for screening.

Overeem was the sole fighter of the six tested to return a positive result. His testosterone to epitestosterone ratio measured 14 to 1, according to NSAC executive director Keith Kizer. The allowed limit in Nevada is 6 to 1.

Overeem has the right to request his “B” sample, a second sample taken at the time of the test, be measured to try and refute the “A” sample results, but if history is any indicator, his “B” sample is unlikely to return a significantly different result.

Though he has yet to go before the commission, Overeem is currently unlicensed in Nevada and this test result is expected to result in a denial of license with the inability to re-apply in that state, likely for the next year. A final determination won’t come until the Nevada commission reviews his case.

Nearly everyone even remotely involved, save for Overeem and dos Santos, quickly went on record with their thoughts.

Former champion Frank Mir, who is slated to fight in a No. 1 contender’s bout against Cain Velasquez on the UFC 146 fight card, immediately threw his name in the hat to be considered should Overeem be unable to fight.

UFC president Dana White was beside himself.

“I am beyond pissed about this,” White told theStarPhoenix.com. “The worst part is that he sat in front of us and lied to us.

“How (expletive) stupid do you have to be? Seriously dumb. Anybody who’s using right now is an absolute (expletive) moron.”

While dos Santos was quiet for the first few days following the reports, he took to his official Twitter account on Thursday to comment.

“I am professional and I’m champion without ever having used anything for better performance. When you guys see me fighting, that’s really me,” he wrote.

“About what happened to Overeem, I don’t know anything more than you guys know and for me it’s between him and the Nevada Athletic Commission.”

Thus far, all the pundits, MMAWeekly.com included, believe that Frank Mir is the leading candidate to replace Overeem should he be precluded from fighting, and in all likelihood, he will be precluded from fighting on May 26.

dos Santos doesn’t know what the future holds, but said that his training camp is still focused on fighting Overeem. That is likely to change rather quickly, unless Overeem’s case takes a surprising turn in the opposite direction.

Until things shake out, dos Santos will continue training, planning for a fight against… someone, taking care of the one thing he does know about.

“I know a lot about me, that’s it!”

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  • I don’t see a way the NSAC has any legal authority to test people out of competition if they are not currently licensed in that state.

    If the fighter isn’t currently licensed in the state and has not yet submitted formal paperwork requesting a license then how can he be penalized for breaking their rules?

    • Danjitsu

      He won’t be penalized per se, but his application will be denied. They had every right to test him and his failure prooves the merit of the suprise test. I am greatly disappointed by this as well, but not surprised at all.

      • What “right” did they have to test him? He is not currently licensed in Nevada, he had not yet formally submitted a request for a license and he had already fulfilled the terms of his conditional license from the Lesnar fight. He was under no obligation to submit to the test. He should have declined.

        Your argument of “the ends justify the means” is flawed and dangerous thinking.

        I’m in no way excusing his conduct, just pointing out that Nevada may be overreaching by testing people who are not licensed by them and thus not bound by their rules.

        • zacharydetal

          In the contract that Overeem signed with the UFC, the UFC (his employer) gives the athletic commisions consent to drug test their fighters.

          • Where did you come up with this information? Sounds suspect.

        • RubeKegal

          Short_Bus, just shutup. You are pissed about Overeem being tested. you should be far more concerned about Overeem using illegal supplements. In my opinion, his fight with Lesnar and every other fight on his record should be ruled a no contest considering he’s a f*cking scummy cheater.

          • Prodigy815

            What he said

          • Him cheating has nothing to do with my argument. Overreaching government entities is where my problem lies.

          • macgrubber

            RubeKegal your opinion means nothing because you are a reject. You just mad that you are not a GOD like the reem but probably some jealous fat old man. Call him a scummy cheater to his face hed take your head off 1 punch. Cheater or not he’d own you.

        • michaelsuriel

          When Overeem fought Lesnar there was a problem submitting the test, they asked him for the test in November and through various complications ( blood instead of urine, problems with travel ) the NSAC didn’t get their urine sample until December. They gave him a conditional license under a agreement , part of the agreement was that he would have to take two random tests.

          • And several websites have reported that he had already satisfied the terms of that conditional license.

        • michaelsuriel

          For him to have been granted the conditional license… He had to agree to take two random tests in the future; that’s what this test was lol

          • Please see the post directly above yours.

            This test was specifically for UFC 146 combatants.

        • michaelsuriel

          It’s actually shocking because he knew he had to take these two random tests… Why wouldn’t he think they would test him once he went back to Nevada? I don’t understand it lol

        • michaelsuriel

          Well if it was for all of them then the other fighters should be beefing about what youre saying… Overeem agreed to do this so the NSAC was within their rights. I understand what you’re saying all I’m saying is they had the right to do it because Overeem agreed to it

  • MaritalArtist

    In the contract that Overeem signed with the UFC, does it say that he agrees to be tested anytime the UFC wants him to? That could be the key point in this.

    Also, incidentally, it would be against the UFC’s financial interest to recommend to a suspected juiced-up fighter to submit to a “voluntary” test. Not that they shouldn’t.

  • zacharydetal

    I don’t know the fine details, but I would think it gives the commission who’s state he’s scheduled to fight in the right or words to the that affect. MartialArtist I agree with your financial interest statement. That’s why I think the commission where the bout is going to take place has the right and not just some random state commission.

  • adam1848

    I can’t believe all this crap about whether or not he should have been tested or refused the test or whatever. Its been said by many others but I’ll add my name to the list… He’s a cheater. He looks like a cheat. He acts like a cheat. F-em.

  • trevor

    I love how everyone thinks steroids are like superman power drugs!! Get real I’m am sure a huge percentage of MMA as well as other professional athletes have used at some point in their career. Steroids are used in the medical profession all the time Ie- corticosteroids etc.

    Get off your keyboards and go outside or try an get laid! They should just fuck it ..let em all get SUPER JUICED and beat the f34ck out of each other!

    • philmckracken

      I done a cycle of sustanon 250 once. It is superman power drugs!!! You take that stuff and feel like a kid again and can put about 10 more lbs on the bar benching almost every wk!! Thats a fact!! It really isnt fair to ones that dont do it.

      • Anthony

        I cant hold my breath any longer-I was a competative bodybuilder/ powerlifter for 20 yrs and have a B.S. in ex. phys—Id be willing to bet JDS uses stuff too. Almost everyone does-)maybe not Big country , but who knows)–Steroids are 50s technology–HGH, which I also used quite a bit of is a lil more modern ,and they dont even have a wat to test for it. Im sorry but were talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars to be made here, maybe even millions , youd have to be an idiot not to take any advantage you can get. I know everyone is going to hate on me–fair play b.s. and all that, but it is what it is. When your talking big money careers ,people cheat, its a fact of life. Id bet at that level(pro mma,ufc), youd have to do what ever it takes to get to the top and stay there. I know the “look” of a user with my background–GSP, Maynard, Mir, JDS, and thats just to name a few–these guys are all suspect–Overeem just is an extreem case(Jeff Monson too)–Look at it this way, if my chemest/trainer is more intelligent then the chemest prepping the test, im gonna beat it–case closed–happens from mma to the olympics—-its a fact of top level competition–to coin an old expression, “dont hate the player………….”

        • Solid post.

        • adam1848

          Although I question some of your accusations, particularly GSP, I’ll admit I’m pretty naive about the whole thing, but I certainly hope (and honestly don’t believe) that it is as far reaching as you are making it out to be. 5 guys tested clean, and I find it hard to believe that it is simply because their chemist/trainers were better than Overeems. You seem think it is all just about the fame or money, but I like to hope that, at least to some of these guys, it is about pride and self respect too, and I don’t think they are “idiots” for it. The day I find out Lyoto Machida is doping I unplug my TV.

          • Anthony

            Adam, I understand your point, I really do, and maybe im wrong about some of these guys, I was brought up in the bodybuilding /power lifting and college football culture, and in those sports in the 90’s EVERYONE I knew used. It was a fact. To beat the tests we used fast acting drugs–mostly orals and 17 alpha alkaline steroid with hgh –4 days off and your clean—Ill bet you didnt know to keep test/epitest levels under 7 to 1–(thats what it was in the 90,s)you could still do 200mgs a week and test under the limit–maybe times have changed, I will say we had quite a few MMA fighters at my old gym in the recent past(2009) and the majority of guys I talked to took stuff. They wanted every advantage possible. Granted they werent at the UFC level , but if these are the guys aspiring to get to the top, what does that say………

    • adam1848

      Its not about being super human or what people have done earlier in their career, its about this fight, right here, right now. He’s juiced…the other five heavyweights tested are not. He broke the rules to give himself an unfair advantage and doesn’t deserve to fight for the belt. And I hope you are joking when you say “let em all get SUPER JUICED and beat the f34ck out of each other” cause if not, your a prick.

    • bjjjay

      You are right steroids are not “superman power drugs”, but they are P.E.D.’s and don’t have any place in a full contact sport, But more importantly they have no place in MMA. I mean why cant we have a sport that actually tests what a human being can do with his body, isn’t that what martial arts is all about? Yes your right again steroids are used in the medical perfusion all the time, but they are used to help the week, the sick, and to heal faster. They are not used to help someone beat the hell out of someone els. And when a DR. prescripts steroids usually its the adverse effects out way the not use of the steroid…. so your argument there is flawed. I think when an athlete uses steroids in MMA it disrespects the game, themselves, and martial arts all together and just proves how week someone truly is. I think your comment was extremely ignorant to steroids and the sport of MMA, and i hope some day you will learn that you can be stronger than any person on steroids.

  • ultimatebrosky

    im a big overeem fan and i would have loved to see the fight… but Mir as a replacement does not interest me at all… his weak chin is what’s gonna keep him from winning…now if they threw fedor in vs velasquez I might be happy again but I don’t see that happening… Dan Henderson would be a great guy to watch go at it with dos santos….if Jon Jones is able to beat rashad Evans without any injuries he would be a great replacement fighter… I think he walks around at 220, he says he’s been wrestling with heavyweights to train for rashad Evans…jds weighs what….240? the reem has 25 lbs on jds…. its not that bad a difference in weight…. Jones has about 7″ of reach on jds…. I dunno I think he would be a good opponent for jds because he’s so versatile…. it would be a fight that I’d be waaayyyy more interested in seeing than mark hunt or mir….I can only wish though

  • michaelsuriel

    For him to have been granted the license… He had to agree to take two random tests; that’s what this test was lol

    • michaelsuriel

      My bad… Meant to post this as a reply

  • maddawgmar

    Bottom line is nobody commenting here knows exactly what happened regarding the tests, just the results. We know that NSAC has rules against using out of competition for their licensed fighters. Now do they have rules or by-laws that anyone pending licensing can be tested randomly? If so Overeem is subject, because he is contracted to fight in Nevada. Just because he hasn’t submitted his application may not matter. Maybe under the fight contract their is fine print about submitting to the athletic commissions drug policy. Any scenario is possible. But until we know for sure, let’s just be pissed we are most likely gonna be robbed of the fight we wanted.

  • trevor

    FINALLY! Nice work Anthony , now we are getting some people who actually lift, strength train and compete posting. I am tired of seeing clowns who think that steroids are the devils work and that they make you super human! I too have used when I was much younger and have no issue with being honest. I now work with athlete’s and fighters on a weekly basis as well I train “natural” and untested bodybuilders. I would never advocate or suggest to someone that they take something but it is my job to educate people on the affects of these drugs. You are very correct in the fact that one can usually tell a roid body Ie- Thiago alves, Mir, Lesnar etc. Traps and pecs are usually clear markers. The fact is that at the top level of competition steroids are almost a must. The ability to heal from long hours of training and injuries is needed in pro sports. People sit behind there stupid keyboard and type down their noses yet watch hockey, baseball, mma and love the results of incredible athletes. Yes Overeem clearly has the look of a roid user and just was unlucky with his timing. I would like to defend the likes of GSP and say he has great frigging genetics but ultimately who cares these are athletes that are paid to endure serious beat downs through training and fighting if you people want a world without “help” you will be the same to complain that the levels of competition are falling and your favorite fighter ( in this case) spends way to much time on the shelf. People need to educate themselves before running off at the mouth. He got caught …oh well ….give us the next fighter. I doubt there are too many athletes out there that when faced with adversity or career ending circumstances Ie- being cut from an organization, or not being able to heal would run from some synthetic health! Especially in MMA where you are paid crap unless you are the elite.

    • Anthony

      Thanx, Trevor–Some of these guys would rather not know whats going on here, I guess ignorance is bliss. Revealing the truth is almost like telling a 5 year old about Santa–I kinda feel bad about it to be honest. At this stage in my life I almost wish I was wrong. I havent used anything for about 6 yrs now–im a little too old to keep taxing my body-Anyway ,Id never advocate steroid usage either ,as Trevor pointed out , but try telling that to a 21 yr old kid with UFC dreams and you might as well be talking to a wall. These guys will do ANYTHING to be the best, and nothing you say about “honor” and or “fair play” will stop someone with that kind of drive . Im not promoting anything but the truth.

  • one article said 10:1 ratio – now 14:1 – either way OUST Alistar Overeem like Nate Marquardt (another main card opponent in the past)- pry wont happen though.. what UFC should do – ZERO TOLERANCE!!