Junior Dos Santos Wants to Fight Guys Made in the Gym, Not Made in the Laboratory

December 19, 2012

When it comes to the type of competitors that Junior Dos Santos faces in the UFC, he sees a big difference between guys like Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem.

Dos Santos was scheduled to face Overeem earlier this year when he was forced out of the fight after testing positive for elevated levels of testosterone. The infraction eventually landed Overeem a de facto 9-month suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, that will keep him out until early 2013.

In the interim, Dos Santos moved on at that event, defeated former UFC champion Frank Mir, and now heads into a rematch with Cain Velasquez at UFC 155.

It’s hard to ignore however that the rivalry between Dos Santos and Overeem has continued to burn in interviews with both fighters over the last several months. The reigning UFC heavyweight champion points out that he would preferrebly fight competitors like Velasquez as opposed to cheaters like Overeem.

“I prefer to fight against those athletes, clean athletes, and real professionals. So Cain Velasquez is one of these guys. He’s a real professional fighter and that’s a good challenge for me,” Dos Santos answered when asked by MMAWeekly.com on today’s UFC 155 media conference call.

Neither Dos Santos or Velasquez have built their careers around hyping a fight with trash talk, and the lead-up to this fight is no different. That’s another reason why Dos Santos has so much respect for his upcoming opponent as opposed to a fighter like Overeem, who has a lot to say about him in the press.

“I know he’s very tough and I know how hard I have to train to face him. The other guys they just say things, but there is nothing behind the words,” said Dos Santos.

For Dos Santos it all comes down to deeds not words, and the proof is there to show that both he and Cain Velasquez are clean, hard working athletes.

He wouldn’t exactly say the same thing about a fighter like Alistair Overeem.

“Guys like me and Cain Velasquez, we are made in the gym,” said Dos Santos. “Guys like the other guy (Alistair Overeem) they are made at the laboratory.”


  1. Bigfoot is no slouch people need to stop talking about his loss to Cain and Cormier and give him credit. Those are 2 of the best right now. I’m sure everyone is hoping Reem and JDS face off.

    • Bigfoot has to prove himself in the big leagues first.. I think he’s good but he still has to prove it. His first fight in the UFC he got destroyed and i dont think it was fair to put him in there with cain for his first ufc fight. I hope he does good, but we will have to wait and see

      • I really like Bigfoot as you can tell lol but I think The Reem has this one by KO first round. That guy is just on top right now.

  2. As a former baseball player in height of 90’s steroid era I agree with JDS. Roiders are for sissies that do not have the balls to take thier own masculinity straight u

    • How bad was it? Was it like 50-75% of the players juicing back then? Was it in every clubhouse? I really want to know.

  3. Laboratory or not, I see Overeem’s chances of beating JDS at about 80 percent.

    • You give a guy with a proven glass jaw 80% chance of beating a guy with arguably the best boxing in mma ?

      • Overeem has faced way better strikers then JDS in K1 and dealt with their power well. JDS is a stand up fighter. If they strike it out, I give Overeem a big advantage.

        • Sry man but K-1 when Overeem competed was pretty weak compared to the days when the best strikers fought in K-1, That isn’t the case anymore. The best fighters in the world all train mma now days and a k-1 tittle doesn’t mean what it did fifteen years ago.
          JDS could def. win a K-1 world tittle, but why would he want to ?
          He’s the UFC HW Champ !

        • WTF are you taking?

    • Overeem got knocked out by Chuck Liddell…. just sayin’. I think Dos Santos might hit a little harder than Chuck does.

      • When people start talking about Alistair’s shitty 205 days, I begin to wonder… how stupid are you? He’s a completely different fighter now and weight 40lbs more.

        • Well he had the same chin at 205 as he does in heavyweight so I have to ask you, how stupid are you?

          • Really? And since when does he have a glass jaw at heavyweight? Do you watch MMA, or just comment on it’s posts?

      • Since you’re stuck in the past, why not bring up how JDS got subbed by a LHW?

      • Overeem will absolutely destroy Dos.No doubt about it.

    • 80% if he juicing to the point where his nuts shribble into peanuts. Ovareem as one victory in the big leaques against an overrated permanently damaged Brock Lesnar. Ovareem won’t get out of the first against JDS. Ovareem wouldn’t get out of the first against Cain Velasquez. Once again, I say there is MMA competitiion and then there is UFC competition. Ovareem hasn’t even proven he belongs in that group yet.

      • lol.I hope you are not serious.Overeem will kill Dos.Dos could not even finish Roy Nelson, and you think he will beat Overeem??

    • Jr is way to fast for Overeem man this is not K1 man its not just Kicks and punches and Knees plus Overeem is going to look alot smaller without those riods.

  4. Overeem will not last 10 minutes with JDS.

    • Overeem will never be the same fighter without riods look at shamrock and all those fighter that abused drugs he has no chance vs CAIN or JR look at brock without the RIODS he looked like a LHW in his last fight.

      • I agree to a certain extent, and you could very well be right. Overeem’s pre-steroid days were far from spectacular, and although I agree with some posters below that it doesn’t make sense to compare the guy now to the fighter he was back then, none of us have any idea what will happen to him if he becomes a clean fighter (assuming he becomes a clean fighter and doesn’t just find a way to juice without getting caught.) There is no denying that he is a world class striker, but I don’t think he can handle the speed of JDS or the ground game of Cain. Assuming he doesn’t get suspended again, I think 2013 will answer a lot of questions about Overeem.

  5. People need to stop hyping up Overeem.. steroids or not he sucks at heavyweight, he is slooow and has terrible cardio. Those who like him are ex-lesnar (and by that i mean WWE of course) fans who judge a fighter by his muscle mass. JDS is the best in the division no questions asked

    • You lost it when you brought up WWE..

      • He lost it well before that. Sucks at HW? He hasn’t lost in over 5 years. He’s slow? Only ex-Lesnar fans like him? Yet another incredibly dumb statement to make.

        • He is slow.

    • Or maybe they are hard core fans who actually watched him wreck shop over in Japan and K1.

    • So true on what you said plsu with out riods he is done.

    • Overeem is a true veteran of combat sports in general. He has world class kickboxing and was even able to stuff Lesnars take downs. JDS is no doubt the best right now and he is awesome but the winner of Cain/JDS must fight The Reem otherwise there will always be that thought of what if. No offense to Cain but I’d rather JDS win and fight The Reem b/c if Cain wins it’s going to set up a rubber match with JDS whether right away or one fight away.

    • haha I know the wwe comment is super cheap that’s why its bracketed, but when you see Lesnar’s paycheck you realize how much truth there is to it. Btw i saw plenty of the Reems 205 day and i loved his style but his record is far from stellar.. I just think as a HW he is BORING! hasn’t lost in 5 years? seen his only match against top oppostition (werdum)? the worst fight in history! he only won because the judges sanctioned werdum for refusing to stand up even tough he almost knocked out reem.. JDS will make short work of him

  6. If you don’t want to fight roiders, get out of combat sports.

  7. Velasquez doesn’t deserve this second shot at JDS. Only Dana White’s mistaken belief that he can’t enter the Mexican market without a Mexican superstar is causing this fight to happen. Here’s to hoping that Mr. Brown Pride gets his ass handed to him…again.

    • I agree, Dana sucking up to the Mexicans bothers me. It’s already salt in the wound these fighters come in the ring with their home country flags draped around their shoulders (when they live and work in America), and the fact our country is over-run with illegal Mexicans. But then to pander to them???

      Remember Dana, it’s America and Americans who made you wealthy, not Mexico and not Mexicans. Quit pandering to them!

      I wish all of our corporations who hire illegal workers would remember the same thing, but when it comes to money, greed knows now bounds.

      • Listen man why is it every time a non white get a little glory someone like you has to try and shut him out..so he proud of where he comes from..so what..are u mad cause all the champs are non white??so put your foot in your mouth and shut up!.cain very well earned his spot to be here..so just watch your mouth, cause I know you can’t back it up it person just another couch and blog fighter..wimp!

        • I second that.

        • booshit!

        • ROTFLMAO @ Draven2014! Dude, you’re calling a guy using his REAL name a “couch and blog fighter….wimp!” while you hide behind a screen name??? BWAAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!

          You internet BAD ASSES are all the same. LOL

          …and as far as Mr. Brown Pride vs JDS, well, it’s hard to make out what it says when he’s turtled up on the mat, half knocked out on the ground as he will be again anyways! I still say if a fighter had “White Pride” on his collar bones in the same fasion, the minority cry babies would be all over it. You guys keep licking them Multi-Cultural ball sacks and thinking your line of thinking is somehow different. LOL

          • Oh child.. In the UFC, nothing is ever certain. and Cain Velasquez proved that by dominating Junior Dos Santos for FIVE full rounds. He even scored 10-8 and even 10-7 rounds on him. It was complete DOMINATION. It was the United States dropping bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. It was Bruce Lee kicking the **** out of an extra in the back ground. It was Germany invading France during WW2. It was the ******* Incredible Hulk decimating poor Loki. and you can take that to the bank sir

      • would you rather him fight a over weight roy nelson or Brock Lensar Damn cant stand all you WWE fans wish Dana white never brought Brock over to the UFC….

      • You want to talk about illegal settlers? Go back through your history, you will find out you white American’s are actually the invaders.

        • booshit! no body cares about race losers

      • The US stole the best lands from Mexico and has made billions from the oil and grazing pastures. We send millions of guns across the border and fuel drug wars which are sustained entirely with American money, and you want to criticize hard working people who come to the US looking to support their families who are living in poverty? And you say they are rubbing salt in our wounds?? Grow up.

        • get your facts straight fartface! all races need to continue to kick butt howard zinn!

          • well, considering you can’t put together a coherent sentence in what I assume is your native language I’m probably not going to trust your facts.

          • see this is funny because not even you know how to put together a coherent sentence.. and i assume you are a dumbass am i correct?? And don’t even bother about making fun of my uncapitalized “i” or the fact that “uncapitalized” isn’t even a word. but seriously…grow up.

      • wanna know what bothers me?? i know you don’t but i’ll tell you anyway…people who feel like their opinions matter in the world. people who go online and feel the need to say whats wrong with the world. people who don’t realize that they don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. and those who bash on greed are usually the ones most greedy. America is about embracing every culture out there. it is the gathering place of all the human beings around the world. it is a place where people come to and live the life they wanted to live. And the people who come here, are usually the ones who work harder.. the people who bash on them, are usually the ones born with a silver spoon up their ass. And it’s not always a silver spoon.. sometimes it’s bronze. people who think like you are the reason people come to the united states.. we know you don’t deserve to live in a place like this where everything goes your way.. we know you don’t deserve anything you’ve ever achieved.. we know you haven’t worked for anything in your entire life.. and the reason america is such a great place to live in, is because of the many people who have come here to live their dreams.. and the people who understand that anyone deserves a chance to make a name for themselves.. so please don’t say things like this again.. because it’s not us that bother you. it’s your way of thinking that bothers you.

    • you are a retard man how can Cain not be the number one contender who cares if he is mexican cause it seems thats the only reason you have a problem with him and Cain will Destroy Jr this time around I like both fighters but Cain is going to smash him into the canvas…

      • i’m not so sure cain is going to smash jds, but i agree with everything else you said. hopefully it is a good fight, because they are both great athletes and deserve respect.

    • So who does deserve the shot? Cain was champ, got clipped, came back and destroyed another top 10 fighter. How does he not deserve this shot? So the guy is proud of his Mexican heritage…get over it. He is a great fighter, a great ambassador for the sport, and absolutely deserves another shot at the title. Anyone who can’t see that is blinded by their own ignorance.

    • dang dude it must be very sad to be your parents.. and it must hurt deep down to the core to know that Cain just dominated Dos Santos while you live your life knowing that your very existence makes this world a little less bright.. keep things to yourself and maybe you might learn just how terrible a person you are.

  8. Frankenstein is going to be disappointed you won’t fight him.

    Didn’t you just face Frank Mir?