Junior dos Santos’ UFC Breakthrough KO of Fabricio Werdum

March 30, 2012
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In his first fight in the UFC, Junior Dos Santos entered the Octagon as a huge underdog as he was set to face veteran heavyweight Fabricio Werdum. That night was Cigaon’s first step toward the UFC title that is now wrapped firmly around his waist.

Things haven’t gotten any easier for Dos Santos, however. He is slated to make the first defense of the belt he took from Cain Velasquez when he steps in the Octagon across from former Dream, Strikeforce, and K-1 champion Alistair Overeem at UFC 146 on May 26 in Las Vegas.

Check out JDS’ knockout of Werdum below…

  • dgs

    Yep, and Junior is going to ware the heavyweight crown for some time. I don’t see anyone currently in the division having what to beat the guy, including Overeem.

    Junior is a big, nasty guy who throws every punch with the intention of taking your head off. He moves like a light heavyweight too, and has the chin and take down defense of a young Chuck Liddel.

    As Junior has predicted, “someone is getting KO’d” in his fight with Overeem, and my prediction is that Overeem will be the one with his back on the canvas. Overeem has not demonstrated he has the chin of Junior, and I think while Overeem is technically better, his chin will be his undoing.

    • Lesnardo

      I wouldn’t say Overeem’s chin per se. More like Overeem’s heart or toughness.

      Overeem is technically a better striker. But I think JDS is tougher.

      I predict that Overeem will do well in the first few minutes of the match. Then the momentum will shift and Overeem will wilt.

      But who knows? many here thought Brock would expose Overeem’s lack of skills. Many here also thought that Cain would get destroyed by Brock and Cain would beat JDS because of his superior wrestling.