Junior dos Santos Talks Spinning Back Kick and Respect for Mark Hunt (UFC 160 Video)

May 26, 2013
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Junior-dos-Santos-UFC-155-weigh-16x9After the vicious highlight reel knockout kick he landed on Mark Hunt at UFC 160, Junior dos Santos was all smiles. In this clip, hear dos Santos explain the out-of-character finish, his respect for Mark Hunt, and more.

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  • R

    whats a “back kick”?

    • ned sto

      Same as a front leg side kick, but from the back leg. It forces a 180 degree turn, but isn’t really considered a ‘spin’

      • barnettoo

        spin kick, spinning back kick, spinning wheel kick…these are all rough English translations of a kicking technique employed in eastern martial arts.

        No need to bicker over the correct terminology. Gung fu, Kung fu, Kong Fu, Kungfu, Kung-fu…it doesn’t matter bro.

        • ned sto

          I didn’t get my feathers ruffled over it, if it came across that way.
          Honestly, I wasn’t sure if R was serious or sarcastic. So… I answered as best I could in case he really did want some clarification.

  • ned sto

    I’m pretty sure that was a wheel kick, or spinning wheel kick if you must.

  • eric

    Oh god, a Cain and JDS triology 3 would indeed be extremely epic.