Junior dos Santos Talks About Striking With Mark Hunt and Regaining Title (UFC 160 Video)

May 23, 2013
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02-Junior-dos-Santos-UFC-155-weigh-478x270Former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos spoke briefly with MMAweekly.com ahead of his fight with the notoriously heavy-handed striker Mark Hunt at UFC 160. JDS talks battling with a former K-1 Champion, fighting smart, and his ever-present speedy hands.

Check out MMAWeekly.com’s video interview with Junior dos Santos…

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  • adice89

    Yeah be a smart fighter jds, take him down and do what you gotta do because your NOT gonna trade punches with hunt, your scared. Too much power for your jaw.

    • toom

      Man I’m surprised you have time to post with Mark hunts balls in your mouth


      its mma you pick why would he risk getting KOed when he could win on the ground. go back to watching WWE cos you havent got a clue. #MIXEDMARTIALARTS I SAY AGAIN MIXED

      • adice89

        lmao ive never watched fake wrestling. So….where did you come up with that? Its funny how cain made jds into a pussy fighter. I just dont like how fighters lie about how there gonna knock a fighter out blah blah blah than see that guy wrestling the whole time. Say what your gonna do not beat around the balls. I love mma, just dont like when fighters lie.

        • toom

          it’s. called a game plan buddy

    • barnettoo

      Yeah…why would JDS risk getting caught? Hunt has the KO ability and losing to Hunt means a huge setback for Junior.

      We’ll see JDS’s ground game.