Junior Dos Santos Still Looking for a Knockout Against Frank Mir at UFC 146

April 22, 2012
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UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos will still defend his title at UFC 146, but he will be facing a much different opponent that originally scheduled.

Dos Santos was slated to face Alistair Overeem with the belt on the line, but the former K-1 Grand Prix champion had a drug test returned with elevated levels of testosterone that could put his place in the fight in jeopardy.

With pay-per-view deadlines looming in regards to tickets and marketing, the UFC opted to pull Overeem from the fight and replace him with former champion Frank Mir.

While the change is somewhat drastic in terms of going from a Dutch kickboxer to a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt who also happens to be a southpaw, Dos Santos is still ready for whatever challenge lies ahead for him at UFC 146.

“I have to change a little bit my camp, but that’s it, I’m a fighter. I will be looking for the knockout. Doesn’t matter who my opponent is,” Dos Santos said.

Check out the full video below to hear what Junior Dos Santos had to say about the change of opponents for UFC 146:

  • LongDongSilver

    Easy KO, Mir has zero chance of getting this to the ground. How this guy got the fight I don’t know, ko’d by sluggers. Hendo the middleweight and light heavyweight contender stood a better chance but very non deserving too

    • Kevin

      Thats an ignorant statement, Mir is an elite fighter. If he was a better wrestler he would be the best. To say he’s not deserving is absurd.

      • LongDongSilver

        True his bjj is top notch, hes got three big wins but other than the tko win over nog he’s got dummied by the heavy hitters. I can’t see him flooring jds or taking him down.

      • Lesnardo

        “Mir is an elite fighter.”

        That’s a dumb statement.

        Kevin, I will make sure to laugh at you when Mir goes down in the first 2 rounds.

        Mir needs better wrestling and better chin.

  • Murrr by heel hook

    • Lesnardo

      Honestly, that’s Mir’s only chance. But unlike Nog’s punches (which btw rocked/dropped Mir), JDS’s punches will put Mir to sleep.

  • D-rail

    As if Brock & Carwin’s stoppage weren’t convincing enough, people want to see JDS solidify Mir’s place in the heavyweight division by a punishing KO. I like Mir as a person, and he’s in it to win it, but he’s taking on a very dangerous man. Hats off to him and i hope he pulls it off.

  • Towers66

    JDS second round KO. Maybe Mir will twist him up on the ground but I think he’ll try to bang for a while and regret it. I’d love to see another broken limb but I just don’t see JDS letting that happen.

  • KBEsq

    I do think Mir “deserved” the fight more than any other HW, but I really wanted to see Velasquez get the rematch. I really don’t think Mir has done anything to make us fans believe he can win this fight. At least with Velasquez, there’s a feeling amongst fans that the first fight could have gone another way.

    Still a great card, and I’ll be watching for sure.

  • matty

    This fight sucks! Bottom line is Mir will get ko’d. Carwin destroyed Mir and JDS destroyed Carwin. JDS is harder to take down then Carwin and that is the only place Mir has any chance. Overeem ruined this main event. I will buy ppv either way. I am just pissed how this turned out.

    • maddawgmar

      You are right, Carwin did beat Mir, and JDS did Carwin, but that means jack sh*t. And Carwin is a wrestler, his wrestling is better than JDS. Plus he is stronger than JDS. So to say JDS is harder to take down is ludicrous. Mir won’t try to take JDS down, he will use his improved boxing to try and get in a clinch. If he can get the clinch without getting KOd he will pull guard and try to break something. So the ways I see it happening is, Mir stalking using head movement clinching and pulling guard and going for the submission. If Mir cant pull guard and it goes five JDS will win. Or the most popular scenario JDS KOs. But it can go either way.

      • Lesnardo

        It can go either way but I think it is fair to assume that there is 90% chance that Mir will get destroyed in one way or another.

        Mir knows he can’t beat Cain. But Mir somehow thinks that he has a shot against JDS.

        If Mir gets KTFO again, then what does he do from there???? Retire??????

  • sgtmajh

    Well here we go yet another title shot for Mir! This is starting to look a lot like Silvia a few years ago. I am really tired of watching him blow it and get another title shot. Is the UFC heavyweight division so thin that they have to keep trotting out this big mouth for another title shot? I mean come on! Enough of him. Are there no other deserving heavyweights? Very disappointing!

    • phrankthetank

      No, there are no other deserving heavyweights.

      • Lesnardo

        the correct term is “suitable” and not “deserving”

    • Lesnardo

      Well, sgtmajh…here is the thing.

      This is the UFC HW ranking. It shows you why Mir is getting the title shot.
      2. OVereem <–steroids
      3. Cain <—already fought last time
      4. Brock <–retired
      5. Carwin <–injured
      6. Mir
      7. Werdum <–already booked

      So it's only by default that Mir is getting the title shot. But the UFC HW is very stacked now. Bring Barnett and Sergei over to the UFC!!!

      Just sit back and watch Mir talk crap about JDS's lack of ground game during pre-fight interviews, then see Mir get destroyed and laughed at.

      Post-fight Mir will say, "well, JDS is a good fighter. I just forgot to adjust my game to his stand up because I am used to training with high level juijitsu fighters. And I just gotta make some improvements for the youth of our generation. I am a martial artist. And I am gonna come back to make positive statements." <–some cheezy garbage he spews all the time.

  • LongDongSilver

    He got a title shot, not other suitable replacement, but hes going to get dummied again!

  • bajafox

    I see Mir going the Florian route after this fight and dropping weight…lol

  • somecokehead

    lol… kenflo became 1. an anorexic or 2. a coke or speed user… 185 to 145? Come on man.
    Mir can win this fight, odds are against him but if he loses what does he do next? He has taken some hard shots. A loss in this fight would very likely mean another brutal knock out. How many can one man take?

    • phrankthetank

      Florian was never a true 185er. He just did that to get on TUF.

    • Lesnardo

      Well, this means the beginning of the end of Mir’s career in the UFC. Mir will most likely try to cash out by going the Sylvia route and fighting Fedor in Japan for $800k.

  • maddawgmar

    Mir is the top contender right now, he has beat top guys to get there, Cheik was considered to be the up and comer when Mir dominated him. Same with Nelson, plus beating Nog was a huge lift, not because he won, but because he won by technical submission against a very high level BJJ black belt who has never been subbed.

    I say let sleeping dogs lie, and lets hope for an exciting fight.

    • Lesnardo

      Dude, enough with the Mir nuthugging man.

      Since when does beating Kongo, past-prime Cro Cop, Fat Nelson, and almost getting dropped by past-prime Nog get you a title shot????

      JDS had to beat Carwin to get the title shot.

      Mir is fighting JDS because there are no other suitable opponent. Not because he is #2 in the world.