Junior dos Santos Predicts Finish Before 3rd Round (Video)

November 10, 2011
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LOS ANGELES – Junior dos Santos is preparing himself for the biggest fight of his career as he readies for a UFC on Fox main event against heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

The Brazilian heavyweight says he credits his idol, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, for a lot and hopes to apply what he’s learned when he fights Velasquez in the main event. MMAWeekly.com caught up with the No. 1 contender at the UFC on Fox open workouts where he shared his thoughts about the upcoming fight.

The Brazilian heavyweight is also not a fan of fights with the big guys going five rounds and calls them ‘boring’, so he plans on putting Cain Velasquez away before the third round.

Check out what top UFC contender Junior dos Santos had to say just 48 hours away from his battle with UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez

  • I predict a knockout too, but it is Velasquez’s heavy hands that will be delivering it

    • wonggfan

      Hmm…Cain is a strong dude but not a knockout artist. If you look at all his fights, except for the Nog fight (Nog is punch drunk as you know), Cain wins by TKO or submission via strikes.

      JDS on the other hand wins by crisp one punch KOs.

      I don’t think Cain could KO JDS. I don’t think JDS could do what he did to Carwin to Cain.

      This is probably the best HW fight ever, in terms of skill level of the fighters. Both guys, IMO, could beat prime Fedor.

      • bajafox

        This is the second time I agree with everything you said.

        However, I do think that Cain does have one punch power, it just hasn’t been displayed very well. Wasn’t Cain on a show on Spike where they measured the power of his punch and it was pretty devastating? (I could be wrong…)

  • bajafox

    I like your prediction uncanny