Junior dos Santos on Mark Hunt: “I’m Going to Knock This Guy Out” (UFC 160 Video)

02-Junior-dos-Santos-UFC-155-weigh-478x270Former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos faces Mark Hunt in the co-main event of UFC 160: Velasquez vs. Bigfoot 2 on May 25 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

With a title shot on the line if he wins, dos Santos says, “I’m going to knock this guy out.”

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  1. Mark Hunt fans are gasping with joy right now.

  2. Not if he can’t get here to fight you won’t.

  3. A very bad match up for Junior, I don’t see a knockout win for him here.

    • You sound like a dude that will start jealously hugging JDS’s nuts after JDS KOs Hunt.

      Not a bad match up AT ALL. Just interesting match up.

      • Right. JDS knocked the hell out of Big Country so he is going to knock the hell out Mark Hunt…wait…oh yeah he didn’t. Big Country is the less durable version of Hunt and Big Country is EXTREMELY durable. You understand?

        • People seem to not understand that textbook striking skill is not everything even in K-1.

          The advantage in size, stamina, athleticism, reach, physical strength, speed, and youth all point to JDS.

  4. Hunt is one of the few guys left from the pride days. Your chin doesn’t remain like granite forever though.. JDS has a very good chance at knocking out Hunt. Hunt has also a very good chance of knocking out JDS, but lets not forget JDS ain’t no Struve. Struve was begging to get knocked out by Hunt. JDS takes this one referee stoppage with ground and pound.

    • you hit the nail on the head my friend

    • Struve, Rothwell, and Kongo are not JDS.

  5. Maybe if Dos Santos takes him down he can use some gnp for a tko, but standing I give the edge to Hunt.

  6. God I hope he stands with Hunt, that will be a great fight. Hunt has taken head kicks from CroCop, he has a steel chin. We only need look at a recent Xray to see his power.

    • Against Stefan Struve….not exactly a top caliber fighter.

      There is a reason why Mark Hunt, despite his nonexistent wrestling ability, has been able to knock dudes out in the UFC. The guys that he has been fighting are B level fighters.

      Hunt would have troubles with Mir, Nog, Werdum, or even Roy Nelson.

      So I don’t think Hunt will beat JDS.

      • Completely agree. I think Nelson would knock out Hunt. JDS will completely smash Hunt. Hunt has a fairly hard punch..not as hard as Big Country’s, and Big Country could not knock out JDS. Hunt’s striking is nowhere near the same level as JDS…if Struve would have fought smart it would have been an easy victory for him, instead of practically inviting Hunt to knock him out.

        • I would disagree.

          Big Country and Hunt both have heavy hands. I don’t know who punches harder. Hunt is a better overall striker but Nelson is a better overall MMA fighter.

          Struve, Kongo, Ben Rothwell, Chris Tucherer, Pee Wee Herman, Pat Barry, Matt Mitrione, and other bottom tier MMA fighters will never beat guys like Hunt or Nelson who are not top fighters but nonetheless well-regarded.

          Easy victory for Struve had he fought right???? Umm…I am not sure what you mean. Fujita could have beaten Fedor had he fought smart. Chael Sonnen could have beaten Anderson had he fought smart. Bigfoot could have beaten can had he fought smart.

          I have no idea what you mean by “fighting smart.” Struve was fighting smart. That was his limit.

          • Did you watch the fight?? Struve was winning. Then he decided to flat out brawl. That’s what cost him the fight…and i do not consider Hunt a top tier fighter…he is extremely one dimensional…no submission defense at all. He has a shot to beat anyone if they just want to trade punches. JDS is too fast and technical, with just as much power…plus he could also win via g&p, submission, etc, I do not agree that Bigfoot could have beaten Cain, even with the best game plan. Overeem vs. Bigfoot is a good example of fighting stupid. Overeem basically toyed with Bigfoot the whole fight instead of putting him away, thus giving Bigfoot the chance to knock him out.

          • Struve wasn’t winning at any point of the fight.

            He was hanging in there…but he was out pointed both in rounds 1 and 2.

            Go ask anyone.

          • No, Struve won the first two rounds , achieving full mount both rounds, utilizing ground and pound and working for submissions…check the fight stats

          • Sry Dude but Hunt won first two rounds !

          • yeah…I have a feeling huntisoverrated is new to MMA.

            Struve got mount and did nothing. Hunt beat him in standup in both rounds 1 and 2.

          • You are clueless dude… I have seen all UFC’s since before it was cool, you seem like an armchair athlete

          • look whos talkin ! NOOB !

          • I have to interject. You are both wrong. Two judges scored round one for Struve and one scored it a draw. No judge scored round 1 for Hunt. Check your facts. What fight did you two watch?

            TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Struve
            Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Struve
            Mike Whitman scores the round 10-10

          • Hunt won round 1&2, I don’t need any score cards to know what i saw !
            I don’t have much respect for opinion of these judges any way !

          • I don’t see how based on past fights anyone can say Hunt hits harder than Big Country..obviously these are Hunt bandwagon fans….Hunt has 6 knockouts…period…Big Country has 12 ko’s against much better competition….look at who each has ko’d and you will agree…only one way to settle this…we need to see them fight!

          • Are You new to this sport or something ?

            “I don’t see how based on past fights anyone can say Hunt hits harder than Big Country”

            I don’t see how anyone can compare the striking of an over weight over the hill garage fighter to that of a guy who has competed and won multiple tittle against some of the most elite strikers of the last twenty years !

            WKBF Australian Champion

            K-1 Oceania Grand Prix 2000 Champion

            K-1 Oceania Grand Prix 2001 Champion

            K-1 World Grand Prix 2001 in Fukuoka Champion

            K-1 World Grand Prix 2001 Champion

            Mark Hunt is a K-1 legend, Roy nelson is a gate keeper !

            BTW Hunt has 16 KO’s not 6,
            10 of them in K-1 against much, much better strikers than anyone Nelson has ever fought !

          • Exactly ! He must have missed the fact that Hunt escaped the mount both times finished both those round on top blast Struve with huge shots, and was alson the one who took the fight to the ground in the second !

          • umm…no dude.

          • https://twitter.com/rcdaut/status/308617054062260225

            here is judges score card..

            20-18 for two judges and 19-19 for the third judge. All in favor of Hunt.

            You are doomb.

        • lol Big Country was a punching bag in that fight, sorry bud this wont go the same way with Hunt, there is a bit of a difference there. anyways guess will see.

        • Hunt has far more power Than Fat Country and is a Hundred times better striker !

          Good luck getting anyone to take you seriously after making a stupid statement like that !

  7. dos santos gonna out boxing him like he does to Carwin , use his speed and finish de fight or win a decision for sure

    • Carwin’s a power puncher like Hunt, but he doesn’t have the striking ability or brutal leg kicks Hunt does. Hunt’s not going to be reduced to a punching bag by JDS – he’ll chop his legs out from under him before that happens.

  8. See? That is how you should say it. Not “I think I can beat knock him out.” I’m going to knock him out.

    • Unless Dos Santos has a crystal ball that statement means nothing. He said the same thing the last time he fought and we know how that went for him. One thing is true…..Hunt can beat JDS. JDS can beat Hunt. We’ll find out which one prevails soon enough. Going to be an interesting fight. I like both fighters.

      • JDS has beens saying “I am going to knock him OUUUT!!” for the last several years.

        For him, it’s like saying “hello” or “hi.”

        • Hahahahahahahahahaha

    • Language Police = boring.

  9. Hunt’s chin (like all chins, lol) isn’t invincible…ask Melvin Manhoef. Although many would consider Dos Santos the better boxer, I believe Hunt is the better striker, and their power is pretty much equal, too…

    I think Junior is better off going for a submission. Don’t trade shots with Mark Hunt. That’s a bad idea. Even for JDS.

    • “and their power is pretty much equal, too…”
      I would say Hunt has a significant power advantage !

      • I would disagree.

        JDS is physically stronger.

        • He’s obviously referring to KO power – not raw physical strength. And no, the two are not necessarily mutually inclusive. Like a pitcher who doesn’t need to look like Arnold to throw a 90MPH fastball, you don’t need muscle over muscle to have a power advantage in the striking. Hunt’s KO power is notch above JDS in my opinion as well.

          • KO power =/= win.

            Go look at Carwin.

          • Right. Just like Hunt =/= Carwin.

      • i agree he knocks ppl put with boxing gloves out cold you imagine what mma glovees willll do!!! alot of ppl dont know hunts history at all!

      • I was trying to be fair….lol

  10. i have junior by decision or tko

  11. anyone who knows mark hunt knows that hunt has a better chance in knocking out jds!

    • That’s Just it none of these UFC band wagon fans don’t seem to know Hunt at all !
      Hunt has the advantage in every aspect of the striking game !

  12. lets remind everybody struves jaw was busted in the 3rd round when hunt was tired! just shows how much power he really has! anyone who is hating on hunt prolly just started watching fighting!

  13. Carwin had the most powerful punches in MMA, imo, and if he could not knock out JDS, no way Hunt does. Hunt has been knocked out….how many times has JDS? Answer 0. JDS is a better striker, better all around MMA, and has a better chin.

    • Well,sorry to burst your bubble but Carwin was a “wrestler” 13 years ago,and came to MMA as a part-time job. He was nowhere near as technical as Hunt.

      • I said that JDS hits harder than Hunt, and probably anyone for that matter. And his record is a hell of a lot better than Hunt’s as well. But if we’re talking technical, Hunt is nowhere near as technical as JDS regardless of his K1 background.

        • You can say Hunt is nowhere near as athletic or conditioned as JDS,but not technically inferior.

          Nowadays Hunt doesn’t really kick anymore,but he kicks much better than Cigano and has more power.
          On the other hand Cigano is much more elusive,with awesome footwork and conditioning.
          I’m cheering for JDS,but this fight won’t be similar to the JDSvsCarwin one in a bit.

          • I just really want to see JDS vs Velasquez 3, it will be epic. Other than those two, I don’t see much depth in the heavyweight division. Cormier was incredibly boring in his fight with Mir, and I see Cain handing Bigfoot his ass again.

  14. it’s a good mentality for JDS to have, but if he TRULY expects to KO Hunt, then he may get KO’ed himself.

    JDS needs to be focusing on his CARDIO.