Junior dos Santos May Want to Fight Alistair Overeem, but He’s Got Cain Velasquez First

September 25, 2012

Cain Velasquez UFC 146There has not been a press release, poster, or press conference to announce the UFC heavyweight championship bout between titleholder Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez, but as far as the challenger is concerned it is a done deal.

“Not officially, but we’re looking to fight that day,” Velasquez told Inside MMA’s Ron Kruck when asked if the fight was official for UFC 155.

Ever since Velasquez defeated Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva at UFC 146 and dos Santos defended his belt against Frank Mir, the two have been expected to fight a rematch of their November 2011 bout.

There was some questioning of that when a war of words between dos Santos and Alistair Overeem escalated, especially since they were the two originally slated to headline UFC 146. Overeem, however, is currently sitting out until the end of the year on a de facto suspension in relation to a surprise drug test earlier this year.

Does dos Santos want to fight Overeem? Yes. But is that going to happen? No. At least, not before he rematches Velasquez.

“I think he would want to fight (Overeem) more, just because of the words (thrown) back and forth, but he has to fight me first,” declared Velasquez.

“Right now, I’m preparing for the rematch to happen. If the UFC tells me something different, then a I gotta prepare for something else, but right now I think it’s a for sure thing that I’m going to be fighting dos Santos on Dec. 29.”

Check out Cain Velasquez’s full interview with Ron Kruck below…


  1. I think this fight will end in simuilar fashion to the first one.

    • Yeah, you might be right. We saw from the Kongo fight and the dos Santos fight that Cain does not have the best of chins. If he can’t take Junior down, then it’ll be another flash knockdown followed by a swarming Junior raining down a flurry of punches.

  2. Agreed, unless Cain can hold JDS down for five rounds, he is going to get caught and the result will be the same as their last fight. But it should still be a good fight. JDS vs Overeem will be the fight everyone wants to see.

  3. Agreed, unless Cain can hold JDS down for five rounds, he is going to get caught and the result will be the same as their last fight. But it should still be a good fight. JDS vs Overeem will be the fight everyone wants to see.


  4. Cain gets a rematch because he won one fight after getting destroyed by dos santos in less than a minute. Vitor wasn’t even close to a title shot with anderson because he got knocked out. Vitor won 2 fights after that in first round and dana white saying its because anderson knocked him out.

    • Yeah and a fight against BigFoot Silva…who wasn’t even in the same universe as a HW contender. I think he needed to fight a more worthy contender to earn another title shot instead of the sacrificial lamb, Silva.

      I have never enjoyed any of Cain’s fight, and im not looking forward to this one either. Hopefully they stack a couple more good fights on there or its on free TV…

  5. I’m actually just as interested in this fight as I was the first time. Maybe even more interested because both guys have dominated since. I realize Valesquez was only in one fight, but he pretty much rag dolled Silva.

    I’m not saying I know who will win, but I’m surprised people think we will get the same result. I think that’s highly doubtful. Cain got caught. It happens. JDS may win again, but I think it will be a much more competitive fight this time, and I’m looking forward to it.

  6. This could be a real bad deal for Cain if he loses and dos santos has a decently long run as champ. He’s not in the middle of weight classes like Franklin, penn, and sonnen are. He won’t really have anywhere to go.

    • I’ve always thought there should be a 235lb class…guys like Cain, Schwaub, Kongo etc would be perfect for that division.

  7. Cain will have a long way back to a title shot if he losses again, especially with Cormier coming over soon. Cain at LHW?

    • I agree, Cain, if he loses, he will have to fight through Overeem, Cormier, and Carwin, Who if is heathy, and added cardio to his game might be a force too if he gets his aggression back. He did take everything JDS threw at him, looked beat up but took it. but looked reluctant to pull the trigger. Just saying its gonna be a long rough climb to the top.

    • You really think Cormier can hang with the UFC HW’s? I think he is way to undersized to hang with the big boys in the UFC. I think he is going to have a VERY tough time, I could see him dropping to LHW was easier than Cain.

      • Cormier has what Fedor had in that he’s (unassumingly) fast, athletic, and always pushing the pace. he overwhelms opponents who can’t deal with/aren’t used to facing speed and pace.

        that said, i don’t believe that his “style” is sustainable in the long run as a HW.

      • I think your pretty foolish to think that Cormier is to small for UFC HW’s. JDS is about the only HW out there that may be better than Cormier. I would easily says Cormier is #2 HW in the world and he will prove it givin the chance !

  8. I am a huge Cain fan. The second he lost my heart wanted an instant rematch, but now that I’ve come to my senses I honestly think that Cain should fight one more contender before getting another crack at JDS.

    If he loses again it will be a long long road back to getting a title fight. My biggest fear is that Cain becomes a gate keeper, I’d prefer a more well rounded and prepared Cain to fight JDS than one who just came off of beating Bigfoot to a pulp.

  9. Everyone picked cain the first time around and i honestly saw a JDS ko coming a mile away, I cant see anything that would indicate anything will be dif this time around.